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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review
Android Authority

Android Authority

Published on 6 years ago

It's the phone that needs no introduction - but it does need a thorough review. Josh is here with one of the most anticipated releases of the year - the Samsung Galaxy S4
Article: http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s4-review-194534/

Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Unlocked
- http://amzn.to/11HrjCh (Black)
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Samsung Galaxy S4 4G (Sprint)
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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon)
- http://amzn.to/18D52bJ (Black)
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Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T)
- http://amzn.to/17EwjL7 (Black)
- http://amzn.to/ZiYWrq (White)

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Comments :

Kozmik 1234

Kozmik 1234 . 4 days ago


Abdullah khan

Abdullah khan . 5 days ago

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PusheenDonut YT

PusheenDonut YT . 1 week ago

WhO's waTchiNg thIs in 2019 WhEn the s10 cAme Out

Luke Luke

Luke Luke . 2 weeks ago

Can't wait to get this phone

Mr Topnotch

Mr Topnotch . 2 weeks ago

just got the s4 today, it's so great. . .

long chin man

long chin man . 4 weeks ago

wow lol the new s4 looks radical. cant wait to get enough cash to buy one in the great year of 2013

The Girrafe

The Girrafe . 1 month ago

Anyone watching this with s10 or s10+😂😂(me)

becky humphreys

becky humphreys . 1 month ago

Who's watching this on their Samsung note 9

Binkey Morales

Binkey Morales . 1 month ago

Watching in 2019 😁

Ridwan Nur Hakim

Ridwan Nur Hakim . 1 month ago

smartphone 2013: samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5s

Alexander Gomes

Alexander Gomes . 1 month ago

Watching on my Note 9 in 2019 :')

48 68

48 68 . 1 month ago


Eric Ding

Eric Ding . 2 months ago

Still the best selling Android phone with 80 million units sold worldwide 👏. Glad I was one of them


Alaa . 2 months ago

Why are you watching this?

Adnan pervaiz

Adnan pervaiz . 2 months ago

I have a a S4 cover that makes it look big 😀

silent killer

silent killer . 3 months ago

how much GB storage is this??

Fakeha Butt

Fakeha Butt . 3 months ago

Watching in june 2019...

sherlock Holmes

sherlock Holmes . 4 months ago

Who has a galaxy s10000???

Hasnaeen Jubair

Hasnaeen Jubair . 4 months ago

I guess it is the best phone for that time interms of its technological updates,still love this on 2019

Addicted Engineer

Addicted Engineer . 4 months ago

Who else is watching this while sucking his uncle's pp?

harsh adwani

harsh adwani . 4 months ago


Chris Schuler

Chris Schuler . 5 months ago

Watching this on my custom rom s4 (not my main phone)

nate cruz

nate cruz . 5 months ago


peter titan

peter titan . 5 months ago

my S4 got destroyed at work had no issues with it at all got an A8 4 weeks ago and I miss my S4

subas thapa

subas thapa . 5 months ago

In the year of 2013 it was a hot cake and beast of a phone. But now it's like your grandmother remembering his legacy

FLA5H 6.0

FLA5H 6.0 . 5 months ago

Who else is watching this when we have the s10


7200itnoel . 5 months ago

watching this in year 2019 just to see how much more beautiful phone designs are now.

Sulistyo Cahyo

Sulistyo Cahyo . 6 months ago


Danish Zargar

Danish Zargar . 6 months ago

Am I the Only one watching this .... S4 to s10 ...Evolution ...


CodeBaron2007 . 6 months ago


Florin Preda

Florin Preda . 6 months ago

I'm watching this after the S10 was released

istian P

istian P . 6 months ago

Watching on my s10

Rishpal Singh

Rishpal Singh . 6 months ago

Rishpal Singh

Animesh Patra

Animesh Patra . 7 months ago

HOpe they make it foldable in another 5 yrs

Fiqi Ad Zikry

Fiqi Ad Zikry . 7 months ago

miss vergara opening

Maria Alexandria diaz Galang

Maria Alexandria diaz Galang . 7 months ago

My phone is galaxy s 4

Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow . 7 months ago

Anyone from 2019??

Fakeha Butt

Fakeha Butt . 7 months ago

watching in Feb 2019

K0esm43. J

K0esm43. J . 7 months ago

S 10+ VS ..


ressed/dep . 7 months ago

I have this but from sk telecom. They have shit tons of apps that i cant use and i have to disable them

Pawan Yadav

Pawan Yadav . 7 months ago

Welcome to the "old" episode of - *Why is this in my recommendation"*


KatyCat . 8 months ago

Who else is watching this now when we have S10?

John Balladear

John Balladear . 8 months ago

I have an S4, it cost me £30 preowned in 2018. A new glaze and battery, £50, brought it up to nearly new condition. Believe me, this model is excellent, super camera, great screen resolution 1080p, fast response and great battery life. My wife bought a new J6 around the same time which looks similar and is also very good for £120.

Troll Tommy

Troll Tommy . 8 months ago

Those swipes in the home screen has smoother animation than today's note 9! Those both products from the same manufacturer!

Im Officially A Greg Forever

Im Officially A Greg Forever . 8 months ago

Why are you watching this in 2019?

Mithun paul

Mithun paul . 8 months ago

Watching in 2019😀😀😁😁😂😂


LegendColgo . 8 months ago

Still with the S4, 2019!

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali . 8 months ago

watching from s9plus😅😅

Kyle Wagenaar

Kyle Wagenaar . 8 months ago

I still have my s4 and it's in mint condition and works great even after all these years of abuse.

breaking boy

breaking boy . 8 months ago

Im getting one tomorrow

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