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A&B Things

A&B Things

Published on 3 days ago

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Comments :

fatima aguilera

fatima aguilera . -5 seconds ago

Congrats to you guys 🥺💙 and I know after like 3 days being in the nicu you start to hate it. My baby boy had to stay in the nicu for a month and a half 🥺💔but thank god he’s home and thank god your baby is finally home too 💙💙💙

Gianna Hubbard

Gianna Hubbard . 34 minutes ago

Hoping your home and safe❤️❤️❤️

Rylee Motley

Rylee Motley . 41 minutes ago

Ayeee my birthday is June 29th 😂💯


Xiomara . 1 hour ago

You guys are the cutest parents everrrr


Suhana✨🦋 . 2 hours ago

When’s your next video coming out I can’t wait any longer

Turner ReMine

Turner ReMine . 3 hours ago

Who tf disliked this video they have no soul

Savannah Yeah

Savannah Yeah . 3 hours ago

Hi little baby boy


lIllIllIll . 3 hours ago

how tf he break his leg ?


edits_anime . 3 hours ago

Be strong he will be healthy and strong. We all praying for baby varges I been through that my sisters had to stay in the hospital for 2 months

Savannah vlog

Savannah vlog . 3 hours ago

I got so scared when his head dropped

Princess Queen💜💜

Princess Queen💜💜 . 3 hours ago

My prayers to y’all 💙

Rivers Julymar

Rivers Julymar . 3 hours ago


Karina Fernandez

Karina Fernandez . 4 hours ago

my heart dropped when he didnt hold his head omg im surprised they left that in.

Noemi Zambrano Kery

Noemi Zambrano Kery . 4 hours ago

Is it a boy or a girl

Renee Kidd

Renee Kidd . 4 hours ago

I can't believe they had a baby!! There parents now. HI baby vargas!!


xxDoraplayzxx . 4 hours ago


Lucy Marie

Lucy Marie . 4 hours ago

My baby was 4lbs 11oz when he was born and he went home with me ... what’s wrong with him ? Praying for you guys . 🙏🏼🥺🥲


laynamon . 5 hours ago

i clicked this video because she looked like azzyland

Brittany BabyCarter

Brittany BabyCarter . 5 hours ago

They took my son right after he came out to the NICU I didn't even get to hold him for two days it hard and it only gets better

Brittany BabyCarter

Brittany BabyCarter . 5 hours ago

I had my son at 30 weeks I went through the same thing he was in the NICU for 75 days it was the hardest thing ever but I know what you went through your so strong and it ok to be sad everything works out in the end 💙💙💙


TheNayWays . 5 hours ago

They won’t let you guys stay in his room while he’s in the nicu? I would lose my mind, you guys are so so strong! ❤️❤️❤️


Sushi6946 . 6 hours ago

BroOOO that scared me when Anthony was holding the baby and the baby’s head tilted😓but awww congratulations 🥳💕💕💕

Wendell Grant

Wendell Grant . 6 hours ago


Cheeky Cow

Cheeky Cow . 6 hours ago

He's so young and a first time dad so he wouldn't know he had to hold his head and the nurse didn't even tell him just in case he wasn't aware so don't bitch at him for it

Debz Jones

Debz Jones . 6 hours ago

OMG, I feel you pain. When I had my daughter she was in nicu for 14 days. So I know the feeling. Anthony, please be sure to always support the baby's head.

Sh'kyira Kyles

Sh'kyira Kyles . 7 hours ago

She had the baby on my birthday

ancient troll

ancient troll . 7 hours ago



Umph . 8 hours ago

Why is this on my recommended. Who the fuck are you? I don't want to see a stranger give birth. The fuck is youtube that they would ever recommend this? I came here from a fucking dunkey video.

Mikka Botla

Mikka Botla . 9 hours ago

I was like u when I gave birth to my first born..he had to be in the nicu for 2 weeks since he was too yellow..so I know how hard it is to leave ur baby behind but everything will be okay..he’s in good hand and prayers for h both Nd esp.baby

Bill Cypher

Bill Cypher . 9 hours ago

You guys say like allot

Valerie Ramirez

Valerie Ramirez . 9 hours ago

The same thing happened to my baby but my baby boy was in the nicu for about 4 days for his sugars 😥 but prayers to your baby boy and y’all!!! 💙💙💙

Millaray Morales

Millaray Morales . 9 hours ago

He’ll be alright I’m hoping, as soon as he’s strong enough he can go home with you guys so stay strong! 梁❤️

Evan Urbin

Evan Urbin . 9 hours ago

I was born on June 29

Evelyn Ortiz

Evelyn Ortiz . 10 hours ago

How y’all laughing at the fact Anthony didn’t hold the baby head and how his head dropped 🤨


kyokonkyochin . 10 hours ago

The world doesn't need another one of these :rolling eyes:

Maria Zavala

Maria Zavala . 10 hours ago

Turned on post notifications!! I am so glad you guys now get to be with your guys baby safe and at home I wish you guys the best!!!

Tritioa Tania

Tritioa Tania . 10 hours ago

That is time for everything

Victoria Guzman

Victoria Guzman . 11 hours ago

Aww she just wants her baby. Super sad watching Bella cry. I hope you guys get baby boy soon😔🤧🥺

Sophia Tichy

Sophia Tichy . 11 hours ago

He is so beautiful and he with be safe he is so pretty like he’s mama your so strong

Kimberly Velasquez

Kimberly Velasquez . 11 hours ago

Omg my heart dropped when his head went to the side lol

Leah Carswell

Leah Carswell . 11 hours ago

What about the other one?

Hailey Dunn

Hailey Dunn . 11 hours ago

I would be in that position too if I was a mom, just stay strong for the baby, he's safe and he will be okay. he will be home soon try not to think about it. were all praying for you guys and the baby, but he's safe and it won't be long till you see him. 🥺🥰❤️


P K . 12 hours ago

I hope Karma gets you


Leyah . 12 hours ago

Bro this is the first time I’ve ever smiled so hard at my phone 🥺🥰 I love y’all and stay safe❤️

Juan Salazar

Juan Salazar . 12 hours ago

I'm so happy for y'all but y'all should have named him something that starts with c so it could be A,B&C things

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