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Essential Elements for Band

Essential Elements for Band

Published on 5 years ago

To purchase or for more info go to http://goo.gl/103yp0
Explorer Level - Grade 0.5
Correlates with Book 1, p.11

Comments :

Jisoo‘s chicken 🤍

Jisoo‘s chicken 🤍 . 1 week ago

Im a trumpet and i Play this, im in 6th grade UwU

Fire Lord Martin

Fire Lord Martin . 2 weeks ago

I play the clarinet and I love this song!(our band instructed suggested it) I also play Micky Mouse March with essential elements. I recommend listening to it.


bruh-block . 1 month ago

oh boy 5th grade flashbacks

Scott White

Scott White . 1 month ago


qiao wawa

qiao wawa . 2 months ago

Go trumpets! !! ,!,


Bananathebread . 4 months ago

6th grade. 🥲

Crxstal [RL]

Crxstal [RL] . 4 months ago

Favorite part 0:40 Btw I’m playing this in 5th grade band, I’m a trumpet player


Emma! . 5 months ago

im playing this in may, PERCUSSION RULES (just saying UnU)


KingOfHacks_2190 . 6 months ago

im playing this in a band for trumpet

RPG _RichardPakGaming

RPG _RichardPakGaming . 6 months ago

I’ve played this song as a baritone in 6th grade

Bob YumyumE

Bob YumyumE . 7 months ago

The saxophones are true gamers

Josh Kempf

Josh Kempf . 7 months ago

I play this as a French horn player in 7th grade


Da_bomb1607 . 9 months ago

French Horn

Johnny PoppyHead

Johnny PoppyHead . 10 months ago

well NOT rock & roll ...lol ,but OK

Yuvika S

Yuvika S . 11 months ago

My Daughter’s playing this as A percussionist in grade 4


nintendelia🌸 . 12 months ago

trombone, trumpet, tuba & euphonium put your hands up!

The Clash Warrior

The Clash Warrior . 12 months ago

I’m a violin and I’m doing this in 7th grade

Jesus Turrubiartes

Jesus Turrubiartes . 1 year ago

man when i did my first middle school concert

꧁ Aura

꧁ Aura . 1 year ago

I played this as a 5th grade pecussionist! :D


Vgiivgcgviyviyy . 1 year ago

I can play this song on saxophone

Alejaya Doty

Alejaya Doty . 1 year ago

I have to play this for band on the trumpet.


Tmack10k . 1 year ago

I’m am playing this a Alto saxophone Player


NicosEverythingYouTube . 2 years ago

I do percussion at school with this song

Zenaida Diza

Zenaida Diza . 2 years ago

I'm in 5th and playing clarinet!


SophisticatedTrash . 2 years ago

flutes where you at

Gianna Brinskey

Gianna Brinskey . 2 years ago

Playing this in 5th grade I play trumpet 🎺

Phoneguy Gameplayer

Phoneguy Gameplayer . 2 years ago

I'm playing this in the school too imbtrumpet player


errornotfound . 2 years ago

I’m play this and zombie stomp in 5th grade clarinet

Becca Castellon

Becca Castellon . 2 years ago

I am playing this as a 5th grade clarinet player


juno . 2 years ago

I play clarinet We playin this for a school play in 6th grade

Dom 10K

Dom 10K . 2 years ago

I play the snare drum (percussion 1) Suscribe to my channel I play song with a snare drum

River Alonso

River Alonso . 2 years ago

I played this 4 years ago when i was in 6th grade

Dizzy Cheetah

Dizzy Cheetah . 2 years ago

I’m a flute and I’m playing this.


FBI . 2 years ago

Remembering 3 years ago I was in clarient


BreezyK . 2 years ago

Playing As a 6th Grade flute!

Nader Mortaja

Nader Mortaja . 2 years ago

So play bass clarinet for this song

Crumply Banjo

Crumply Banjo . 2 years ago

Im playing this in school as a 5th grade trumpet player


Mia . 2 years ago

I am playing this in school as a grade 6 percussion player

Alex Alexander

Alex Alexander . 2 years ago

I played this as a trombone

Suga Sole

Suga Sole . 2 years ago

I play this song

Suga Sole

Suga Sole . 2 years ago

Im year 4 saxophone

aitor gk

aitor gk . 2 years ago

I play this at 7 grade I'm a baritone player


PiranhaPop . 2 years ago

I played as an alto saxophone


BaseballGod26 . 2 years ago

Im a 13 year old drummer

Xiofo XOX

Xiofo XOX . 2 years ago

I’m a squidward


redocelot . 2 years ago

playing this in school as a 6th-grade clarinet. It's bad on my cheeks

Colton Timperio

Colton Timperio . 2 years ago

played his in grade 6 but since my music teacher loved me he gave me an insane drum solos for all the drum spots FYI I'm really good at drums

ZR Flash

ZR Flash . 2 years ago

We play this song in full band class

David Ahumada

David Ahumada . 2 years ago

Im alto saxophone

Arian Kosmidis

Arian Kosmidis . 2 years ago

Imma trombone player

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