Shila Amzah Shilalaschina

Shila Amzah Shilalaschina

Published on 5 years ago

Shila Amzah
"I will always love you"
Meng Xiang Xing Da Dang 梦想星搭档 Episode 6

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Firmam Suryaman

Firmam Suryaman . 1 day ago


Mr Lee

Mr Lee . 6 days ago

let whitney hear this. she must be proud of shila

Adam Meoradam

Adam Meoradam . 1 week ago

Bagus nye orang melayu ini dah lah cantik suara merdu fasih china 0rang puteh ..bahasa indonesia itu ngak perlu di perlajari ngak penting aja ..

Syafiq Jalil

Syafiq Jalil . 2 weeks ago

Terbaik shila hamzah.. Patut dapat gelaran dato’ macam tokti dah. Terbaik sangat 👍👍👍

Hanifah Namatovu

Hanifah Namatovu . 2 weeks ago

You inspire so many Muslims galz Big up dear

Remember Silas

Remember Silas . 2 weeks ago

Sheila g it an angelic voice 🤗..i swear this is my fav song and I cried through out 😭..i love your voice❤

Mohd Bryan

Mohd Bryan . 3 weeks ago

Ini baru betul2 penyanyi yg berbakat

sangha talo

sangha talo . 3 weeks ago

Better then original

Azlan Culter

Azlan Culter . 4 weeks ago

he was originally from Malaysia

Mun Suri

Mun Suri . 4 weeks ago

Masaallah gorgeous voice hijab Queen

Wan Mekong

Wan Mekong . 1 month ago

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! Am i the only one keep repeating at 6:47?? Powerful vocal prowess, amazing control and variable pitch and notes throughout the song. Not that Shila Amzah is a stranger, just that i listened back to this song again really find her vocal ability is really really world class!! Thumbs up!👍👍👍

meidy meiz

meidy meiz . 1 month ago

i will always love u shila

Ai Hanah

Ai Hanah . 1 month ago

Subhanallah sudah cantik,pintar dan punya suara merdu lg😍😍😌💕

Anne Corey

Anne Corey . 1 month ago

Shila Amzah is very beautiful healthy lady she is very good singer beautiful lady she good thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your voice thanks

Wan Zahari

Wan Zahari . 1 month ago

proud to be malaysian. malaysia have such a talent love you shila hamzah❤

munyet luffy

munyet luffy . 1 month ago

I will always love you

nur Naqiyyah

nur Naqiyyah . 2 months ago

Layak dapat gelaran "DATUK" suda ney sbb mgharumkan nama malaysia

Revi Ramdani

Revi Ramdani . 2 months ago

Sedih banget dengerinnya... ....................Tapi....Aku enggak ngerti ngomong apa dia

Zayyim Music

Zayyim Music . 2 months ago

She is from Indonesia

jungkook aegyo

jungkook aegyo . 2 months ago

Her face looks like yuju from gfriend and both them were a good singer

ajieeb bro

ajieeb bro . 2 months ago

kecantikan bak bunga2 yang mekar di hati..hehe..greeting from malaysian..

DaPa 888

DaPa 888 . 2 months ago

Oh damn sis😍i was today years old when i discovered you like where have you been hiding? And why aren't you on billboards worldwide or whatever? Just WOW❤Sending love from Australia

zanzillah saruji

zanzillah saruji . 2 months ago

Standing Applause and outstanding voice vibrator at the end of the song. Well done Shila Amzah and her friend's..😂👏❤👍

Rosnahwati Abdul latip

Rosnahwati Abdul latip . 2 months ago

Malaysia Boleh..❤️🇲🇾👍

Kamariah Mahmud

Kamariah Mahmud . 2 months ago


Hiệp Nguyễn

Hiệp Nguyễn . 2 months ago

You’re adorable and your voice’s amazing ! Love you from Viet Nam <3

FerryHugo M2000

FerryHugo M2000 . 2 months ago

I am from Indonesia

Mamaina Mamaina

Mamaina Mamaina . 3 months ago

Amazing voice

Anne Corey

Anne Corey . 3 months ago

She is beautiful lady love her eyes is beautiful she is very good friendly lady she sing like an angel she is very good sweet young lady thank you for sharing your beautiful video Love you

Jessie Chia

Jessie Chia . 3 months ago

I do love your voice compared a kuching girl from a church. Besides, your hardworking and humble really made me felt like this lady is different. Wish you have a bright future.

Mrs Takahasi

Mrs Takahasi . 3 months ago

Pinay yan si Shila kaya magaling kumanta kasi atin ang Sabah eh. Nahiwalay sila sa atin.

Charty Wulla

Charty Wulla . 3 months ago

Love from me in the smilling coast of Africa the GAMBIA. this competition reminding me my days in China

Rozibay Ilashbekov

Rozibay Ilashbekov . 3 months ago


seni malaysia

seni malaysia . 3 months ago

im proud of you shila ..

anewar ali

anewar ali . 3 months ago


Fatma Liliansi Nora

Fatma Liliansi Nora . 3 months ago


Haslinda Afina

Haslinda Afina . 4 months ago

Moga brjaya selamanya shila amzah..bngga dgn keayuanmu


DERIS G . 4 months ago


Ell Sarah

Ell Sarah . 4 months ago


E.T. Chin

E.T. Chin . 4 months ago

Shila is not only beautiful inside and out but blessed with a gifted angelical voice. I honestly can listen to her sing over and over again!

korik kayo

korik kayo . 4 months ago


korik kayo

korik kayo . 4 months ago


New Malaysia 78

New Malaysia 78 . 4 months ago

Well done Malaysian girl ❤️💕

Helen S.m

Helen S.m . 4 months ago

Where is she from ? Is she arab???


Rosannasfriend . 4 months ago

She has such a strong self-assured head voice, she couldn't reach just about any note with it. No matter how high. I love that she sang it in her own style.

iBeaute Lourdes

iBeaute Lourdes . 4 months ago

O my I got goosebumps. Just saw this video. Well done Sheila. Very proud of you.

al malik

al malik . 4 months ago

boleh bagi gelaran dato kat shila harumkan nama malaysia

Arrum Yoanita

Arrum Yoanita . 4 months ago

OMG! She's even better than Agnez Mo

Rasuane zone

Rasuane zone . 4 months ago

Keren super duper.. semoga konsisten selalu dengan hijabnya.

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