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Cody & Ko

Cody & Ko

Published on 3 days ago


Moment house show: http://momenthouse.com/tinymeatgang

Edited by: https://twitter.com/ThomasBeFilming

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Cody & Ko

Cody & Ko . 3 days ago

Thanks again to Noom for sponsoring this video! Click here http://bit.ly/noom_codyko to take your free Noom Evaluation.

King_ East20

King_ East20 . 26 minutes ago

It’s his job. It’s how he gets money I mean why wouldn’t he do it?

Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna . 34 minutes ago

Way to many ads on the podcast fs

jessipessi94 - Jessica O.

jessipessi94 - Jessica O. . 59 minutes ago

At outside lands in 2019 I saw you and Kelsey eating a bunch of cheeses and I wanted to go up to you guys but you were eating and walking at the same time so I was like nah i don’t wanna interrupt 😂😂


Amelia . 1 hour ago

what happened at like 10:16 I feel like im going crazy


L P . 1 hour ago

Bro give me 500 dolars and I'm fine with it, thats like 2.5k in Brazilian curency, wich is 2.5 times a month worth of salary

Parx Films

Parx Films . 2 hours ago

Let him make money?????? You would !!!


Belsnickel . 2 hours ago

Y’all act like y’all wouldn’t take every sponsorship you were offered. I’d get naked for a sponsorship for the right price lol

Basquetball 4 Life

Basquetball 4 Life . 2 hours ago

You could tell he didnt enjoy recording this one, all the sellout comments

raven day

raven day . 2 hours ago

I love these vids. I just feel like im hangin out with Cody. Happy for you, you've been consistently killing the YouTube/podcast/music grind for years. accept those ads, we love you mr Kolodziejzyk

Nicholas Mena

Nicholas Mena . 2 hours ago

This is his business

zack denton

zack denton . 3 hours ago

you should do a drunk QnA

Cassie Wells

Cassie Wells . 4 hours ago

Why do people feel that they are entitled to watching your content without a 30 second sponsorship that they can skip past.

Rachel Frumkin

Rachel Frumkin . 4 hours ago

People can be such wads. I know you have other income but sponsorships are literally part of your job. You are not selling out bud.

Logan Scott

Logan Scott . 4 hours ago

You are but its ok


domwillban . 4 hours ago

He mentioned tren. MPMD has entered the chat

Chris Palato

Chris Palato . 5 hours ago

Yes you sell random merch like every month

Mykka M

Mykka M . 5 hours ago

Yes sellout but used to be cool


Andy . 6 hours ago

for gods sake YOU CAN SKIP ADDS


Andy . 6 hours ago

Cody is so funny his add for Noom made me die laughing and the joke was purposely unfunny LMAOOO

Monte Samuels

Monte Samuels . 6 hours ago

Easy answer no wtf gotta get the $ tfff

ole matson

ole matson . 6 hours ago

Get your bag! The way you do sponsorships is still entertaining and not grabby. Just don't promote fucking mobile games lol


Hi . 6 hours ago

Ppl hating on you’re ads clearly just don’t get it and I have a lilll secret for themmm … u can always skip the add reads 🤫🙃 duhhhhhdoiiii


Hi . 6 hours ago

I meannnn just gotta say, I actually know a few ppl who really like it… don’t be ashamed king

Kessa T

Kessa T . 6 hours ago

Y’all mad cuz he’s in his bag, put in as many sponsors as you want my man. Content is worth it every time ☺️☺️

Bella Forster

Bella Forster . 7 hours ago

okay but anyone who gets upset at the sponsorships cant even argue about it anymore because name one other successful LA youtuber that would be so open about it like he was


Kuro-san . 7 hours ago

If you’re complaining about TMG’s use of sponsorships, whilst watching their FREE content, grow the fuck up. “B-bbut the ad revenue-” Adsense pays way less than it did in its inception, and Youtubers still get heavily demonitized or copyright strikes. Social blade isn’t accurate estimate ffs. These people have employees, are starting families, and giving you everything for free. All you have to do is skip forward 60 seconds if you don’t wanna hear it, or just pay for the content you pigs. If you really enjoy the content, and want to see TMG win, then you’d be elated to see them securing their well-deserved bag.

amber o

amber o . 7 hours ago

go get your bag. we can just fast forward through the ads its not that deep

Made Ulook

Made Ulook . 10 hours ago

im not paid ~~~im an investor~~~

BR Maaouia

BR Maaouia . 10 hours ago

I just love your background. Its so satisfying ♥️

Mark C

Mark C . 10 hours ago

Yo did anyone else hear the Harry Mack music in his noom thing at the beginning?

Dumbo Berry

Dumbo Berry . 12 hours ago

I had to double take when I heard dragostea din tei in the intro. Feels so nice when people make small refrences to romania and stuff, I'm happy :)

Caleb V.

Caleb V. . 12 hours ago

I’m American Romanian and u sang that song pretty well

Stanciu Mara

Stanciu Mara . 12 hours ago

Hearing how Americans sing a Romanian song such as “numa nu mă iei” it’s sooo funny 🤣


itsStas . 13 hours ago

my mans said Dumpy wtfff 😂😂😂

vnsadjf d

vnsadjf d . 14 hours ago

Love Cody and absolutely get that bag but i truly do not recommend noom!!! Told me to eat 1200 cal a day and weigh myself every morning…

Adriana Romo

Adriana Romo . 14 hours ago

Get ur bag who cares it’s ur channel

Pika Pika

Pika Pika . 15 hours ago

Is all good


GiantHippo444 . 16 hours ago

listen i don’t mind ads but many many health specialists have come out to say noom promotes disordered eating and toxic diet culture (but hides it using “wellness culture” buzzwords). i think sponsorships are just part of the job, but im genuinely disappointed in this one. i don’t think they’re a good company to promote to your audience :/

Michael Gralnick

Michael Gralnick . 16 hours ago

What was the video he referenced a couple times in this one

Joshua Propp

Joshua Propp . 16 hours ago

Take your brand deals and make your bank.


Annelies . 16 hours ago

It's almost like... this is your job, and a job is supposed to make you money? Woahhhh...Super weird right? I mean I get it when it feels like the video is more sponsors than content, but at the same time people will get mad at one sponsor in a 20 minute video, but if you had to work another job to pay your bills instead and couldn't make as many videos, people would still get mad that you werent making as much content. idk but I just hope you're putting that sponsorship cash into a 401K at the very least

Nadja Bela

Nadja Bela . 16 hours ago

bae no one thinks ur a sellout also on the real pls bring cameos back my bday is july 25th i want a damn cameo 😐😐😐

Lucien Lachance

Lucien Lachance . 17 hours ago

Sell Out by Reel Big Fish

Emma Massey

Emma Massey . 17 hours ago


Lizz Booker

Lizz Booker . 18 hours ago

The ads are lit.. we're all here for it

Josiah Sugai

Josiah Sugai . 18 hours ago

Still waiting for the song and video to drop…. I get you are busy but I NeEd EnTeRtAiNmEnT nOw cus there is NOTHING GOOD ON THE INTERWEB


Bubbijs . 18 hours ago

I remember how mad people used to get when YouTubers started doing ads. It was all the comments on that video. And now it’s just accepted as part of a video or stream! It’s your full time job and you’re doing great!

soccer mommy

soccer mommy . 19 hours ago

I can’t believe sellouts still get sponsors 🤪

Ian McPherson

Ian McPherson . 19 hours ago

I can’t say anything about the ads because I would do the same thing, prob way worse lmao. I think most of the critics would fold if they saw the check that a 5 million sub YouTuber got pushed by these major brands.

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