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The ACE Family

The ACE Family

Published on 4 days ago


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Comments :

The ACE Family

The ACE Family . 4 days ago

Hi guys!!! Here now reading you comments!! Thank you for the love! I was so eager to share this experience and sorry if I missed a couple points in the video!! I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells when talking about certain things.. Love you all and everyone is sooo beautiful as YOU are.

Rosamari 💗

Rosamari 💗 . 19 minutes ago

Y’all some hating ass mfs in these comments. Miserable ass ppl 🤣💀

Madeline L

Madeline L . 34 minutes ago

It bothers me that she talks about all this shit like it’s so normal to have all this surgical work done. “I love my body” but also “I’m going to go have a surgical reconstruction makeover on my entire body.” Having multiple boob jobs, face work, lipo, air sculpt, mommy makeover, etc. is not relatable at all to the majority of women.

Youtube User

Youtube User . 44 minutes ago

I respect the fact that Catherine is honest and open and it's honestly none of my business what she does with her body but what bothers me more is that this video feels like she's justifying what she did. You do you, there's no need to justify it. And to all the moms out there, you can wear and believe in all kinds of fashion even if you have a mommy pouch. You don't need to get it surgically removed. As long as you are healthy and fit, all's good. There's no shame in modifying yourself if that's what you want, but just because your fav influencers are doing it doesn't mean that natural curves or thick arms aren't sexy. Be proud :)


Liz . 53 minutes ago

I want to do my arms and stomach too!!! Maldita pobreza 😢😂

cyn Mndz

cyn Mndz . 60 minutes ago

So I’m assuming this means no more kids. I hope she she finds the confidence she looking for


R.S . 1 hour ago

Wish you a speedy recovery... But seriously your arms and tummy are in proportion . They look well balanced when we see u as a complete person. And expressing yourself in terms of fashion ,first comes with accepting your body. No body sculpt is permanent A healthy exercise diet and lifestyle is important. You can wear so many different clothes without a need to do all these..😬


SimplyyPris . 2 hours ago

I honestly needed to hear everything you said towards the end literally in tears everything you said is facts!!!


rosemaryc1 . 2 hours ago

I pray every hateful negative person on this page finds Jesus and finds a purpose in their life. I pray for more uplifting people and for Jesus to show you a path of love and happiness. Jesus bless these people

x Castro1

x Castro1 . 2 hours ago

That was all just unnecessary fat you could easily get rid of through a meal plan and hard work. Could’ve been done. Don’t blame it on genetics. 😅 There’s such thing as body fat %’s and being able to manipulate body fat & lose it with a modified meal plan & training routine for you personally..

Gabriella Del Castillo

Gabriella Del Castillo . 2 hours ago

Bitch said “fluffy arms is a Laguna thing” oh hell naaah

Cierra Hernandez

Cierra Hernandez . 2 hours ago

To me her body was already beautiful she didn't have to change anything ❤️


JO . 2 hours ago

She’s a REAL influencer, someone who shows and hides nothing, a girl who REALLY inspires!

chelsea sandoval

chelsea sandoval . 3 hours ago

To be honest I always loved Catherine’s arms, like they were one of my fav things about her I was always jealous of them but her arms look great now too

Crystal 227

Crystal 227 . 3 hours ago

Distraction from. The lambo situation

Samantha Phillips

Samantha Phillips . 3 hours ago

Me: hell yeah! imma get a boob lift and feel my best!! (Looks up prices)...haha just kidding I'm too broke to be my best..🤣 you look great gurl<3

Sheyla Granado

Sheyla Granado . 3 hours ago

wait did she say 70 pounds? girlll i would’ve never thought it was that much ( you looked so good and beautiful tho ) ❤️❤️


-Raquel- . 4 hours ago

People just click on the video to leave negative comments..

Jessica Leen

Jessica Leen . 5 hours ago

why was i crying with you!!!! omg 🥺💗

Jimena Bakes

Jimena Bakes . 5 hours ago

I love when Catherine talks I feel like I am on FaceTime with her love her so much ❤️

abigail plante

abigail plante . 6 hours ago

omg catherine i just want to hug you, i love your little speech about how life goes by so fast and do what you want to make YOU happy and to not care what other think or will think abt you. i love you so much ❤️❤️

Sophia Belyansky

Sophia Belyansky . 6 hours ago

Catherine needs her own channel LIKE ASAP :)

Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert . 6 hours ago

You are freaking amazing ❤️

Royalty Stoute

Royalty Stoute . 6 hours ago

We not gonna recanate his son is gonna come bk. We have another life those who accept Christ. Your right no one is perfect. You pretty mo matter what.

Na nasi

Na nasi . 6 hours ago

Watching Shayla's video then coming onto here like 👀

Eman Elmir

Eman Elmir . 7 hours ago

Catherine needs her own podcast 😆

Georgia Garcia

Georgia Garcia . 7 hours ago

She did not just say it’s a “latiña thing” 😒

Kimmy Jay

Kimmy Jay . 8 hours ago

Guys I think yhat Austin is very inspirational to me like if you agree


tokki . 8 hours ago

you guys suck

Nad Gaming

Nad Gaming . 8 hours ago

Low self asteem

Leanne Talbot

Leanne Talbot . 8 hours ago

Why did she used to say "I NEVER had anything done, it's all natural" to now admitting she has implants?? Nothing wrong with doing what you want for your body, but why lie about it for years and then just throw that into this video??

Hanna from Everywhere 93

Hanna from Everywhere 93 . 8 hours ago



Bella . 9 hours ago

God is king and is coming back get right with him before it’s too late Jesus died for us and came back 3 days later so spread his word they are coming back sooner then you think

Zy&Ky !

Zy&Ky ! . 9 hours ago

So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the surgeon said “good to see you BACK” 😬

melik cuffee

melik cuffee . 9 hours ago

what happness do you get watching these people

Marie Micha

Marie Micha . 9 hours ago

Worst family on YouTube.

misolou fout

misolou fout . 9 hours ago

separate channel, like her own channel she always talk about making.. for a more mature audience. This family is toxic and delusional.

Alicia Colon

Alicia Colon . 10 hours ago

Catherine is so beautiful, and I hope only the best for you and your family. God is always good. Haters are always gonna hate. But I love how you and your family don't let the negativity get to you guys. You guys will continue too grow. And make a bigger empire.❣️

aldana sanchez

aldana sanchez . 10 hours ago

Thank you Catherine you really are amazing we love you please make your channel I can’t wait I literally get so emotional because it makes me sooo sad how much people take a toll on your personal life and your family. Like seriously you guys are so amazing fuck what anyone says I really believe you guys are really inspiring! watching your videos always alwaysssss makes my day!

Minimum Wager

Minimum Wager . 10 hours ago

Man , she could talk. 😪 but glad you’re happy

Kirsten P

Kirsten P . 10 hours ago


Lynettes TV

Lynettes TV . 10 hours ago

She's talking and encouraging people to do what feels right to them and their bodies but what if u broke like me and have to deal with what u have🤔

Xerneas 23

Xerneas 23 . 10 hours ago

whenever Catherine speaks like this in videos,i cry....

Capria Jones

Capria Jones . 10 hours ago

Love you Catharine , I learned so much about my self just watching this video ...thank youuu I really appreciate your words of courage ...you actually help me ❤

Irais Vargas Perez

Irais Vargas Perez . 10 hours ago

Who was holding ur hand? What’s that chantel🥺?

Last Chance

Last Chance . 10 hours ago

So I'm here because of all the lawsuits against you trying to figure out how you losing fat with surgery versus not stuffing your face is more important than all the people you ripped off???????

Ambuh Pugz

Ambuh Pugz . 10 hours ago

Imagine liking this family? Note how now that everyone hates Austin Catherine is doing the videos. Classic bait and switch. These people are vile they would piss on you and tell you it’s raining and probably charge you for the “shower”

Marta Virgen

Marta Virgen . 10 hours ago

You still fea

Mya Jacome

Mya Jacome . 11 hours ago

I hate

Lakeisha Jeffery

Lakeisha Jeffery . 11 hours ago

So did she really get this surgery for free ?

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