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Top 10 SCARIEST Rides - Fear of Heights
Theme Park Crazy

Theme Park Crazy

Published on 4 months ago

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If you have a fear of heights, watch this video with caution. We're taking a look at some of the scariest rides out there.

Per request:
Giant Canyon Swing Footage:

You can find more work from Joel Rogers at: http://www.coastergallery.com/

SCAD Footage by Brian Ortner: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/ApimlEv5V08

Various Footage by Coaster Studios:


Comments :

Nate Boone

Nate Boone . 7 hours ago

I went on Falcons Fury!

Olivia Huang

Olivia Huang . 8 hours ago


Alison Kochinski Alves

Alison Kochinski Alves . 16 hours ago

I went to the Strat last week, and it was the best experience on my whole life

Ryan Leg strong

Ryan Leg strong . 1 day ago

When I went to the Royal Gorge, that exact zip line had a guy stuck on it and was dangling over gorge😯😶

Hazuki gamez

Hazuki gamez . 1 day ago

I’m scared of heights!!!


Aphelion . 1 day ago

The Stratosphere is a whole bowl of nope and fuck that rolled into a complete oh hell no!

I just got Married

I just got Married . 2 days ago

He my state Las Vegas it’s so scary

Freddie Keeling

Freddie Keeling . 2 days ago

Ive done all of the last three


Memes801 . 2 days ago

Yo I have been on falcon’s fury before holy oof it’s scary


Mehitabel . 2 days ago

Funny.. I have no probs with any of the rides where it's just you, or two of you, and open nature and the seat and the drop. But I simply couldn't handle the rides where you're strapped into a big car with lots of other people..

David Archyboy35

David Archyboy35 . 3 days ago


Koala Arts

Koala Arts . 3 days ago

4:03 fun fact that ride one time hit the fence and one of the seat things came off flying on to the ground and people got seriously injured maybe it’s this ride or a different one but I remember seeing a video of it and it was horrible


isabella.w . 3 days ago

i got a minor heart attack of that coaster nearly going off the vegas casino 😭


Eleiem . 4 days ago

I wasn't scared of heights until I got in Insanity in Las Vegas, thought I was gonna die. And oh men, Falcons Fury, I felt like crying just seeing it, I could muster the strength to get in, it's the only ride I've ever refused to try, of course that was a few months later after my experience in las Vegas lol

The awesome kid Chris M

The awesome kid Chris M . 4 days ago

I've been on falcons ferry, and I have a fear of heights!

Mya Montiel

Mya Montiel . 4 days ago



Taylorplayz56 . 4 days ago

6yaa we made it to the 2ed place its scary

Gamerwarriors 4life

Gamerwarriors 4life . 4 days ago

I have a fear of heights which is incredibly bad and I only go on kiddy rides because of it once my mom convinced me to go on one of the really high up rides that shoot you up and then make you go back down so she said it only went half way up the height of the ride was like one of the video ones and she lied to me it went all the way up and she took a video and posted it on Facebook it was basically a video of me screaming and trying to escape the ride 👌🏽


Music_Topic . 4 days ago

I low-key would wanna try all of this. I mean I went parachuting twice

Daphne Scott

Daphne Scott . 4 days ago


Astro - noot

Astro - noot . 5 days ago

The Star Flyer in Elitch Gardens is also terrifying


mr.kitloin . 5 days ago

I enjoy fall rides dont get me wrong but i always have just the tensest face during the whole ordeal


mr.kitloin . 5 days ago

Falcons fury in busch gardens tampa has you face down while in the drop tower

Places in the world of football Alidu

Places in the world of football Alidu . 5 days ago

Make sure you don't die ... dudes 😎😎😎

Supa! Entertainment

Supa! Entertainment . 5 days ago


Green Eater

Green Eater . 5 days ago

I saw 1

Vinnie Pollock

Vinnie Pollock . 5 days ago

11:44 testing for fall damage be like:

Marila Maisie

Marila Maisie . 5 days ago

I'm going to make my own rides and I use broken materials to make it even more scarier😏

Azhar Nabiel

Azhar Nabiel . 5 days ago

I think terror dactyl is the scariest one

X Seleviathan X

X Seleviathan X . 6 days ago

Orlando towers looked fucked there were holes in that net what if you fall


sarahmaff . 6 days ago

I really think Velocity 2 at Zipworld in Wales should be on this list. World’s fastest zip line. Suspended over a quarry where your arms are tied behind your back. Fear of falling is even worse because if you did (not that you would) you wouldn’t be able to put your arms out and you’d fall face first into a deep, water-filled quarry in a straight jacket! 😱😟😭


Hulk181fan . 6 days ago


James Morris

James Morris . 6 days ago


Addison DeJarneatt

Addison DeJarneatt . 6 days ago

He said in today’s world totally lit me who says that


Alex . 7 days ago

No, thanks

Morgan Brainy Smurf Fan girl

Morgan Brainy Smurf Fan girl . 7 days ago

I think the Infinity [ Fair Ride] ride should’ve been The Cranium Shaker in the Diary of a Wimpy kid : Dog Days movie.

Morgan Brainy Smurf Fan girl

Morgan Brainy Smurf Fan girl . 7 days ago

I think the Infinity [Fair Ride] should’ve been the Cranium Shaker in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Movie.

Swissy. Chris

Swissy. Chris . 7 days ago

Hell no


intothekey . 7 days ago

Just watching this made me have cold sweets. It gives me flash backs to when it all of a sudden started pouring when I was on the lasso of truth. I can't believe my gf at the time talked me on to getting on that thing.

Kate Reacts101

Kate Reacts101 . 1 week ago

8:33 is on brain games

Kate Reacts101

Kate Reacts101 . 1 week ago

8:33 is on brain games

Kate Reacts101

Kate Reacts101 . 1 week ago

8:02 “Ever wanted to jump off a cliff without dying”

Kate Reacts101

Kate Reacts101 . 1 week ago

My sister did the swing in Colorado

Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson . 1 week ago

hellllllll nooooo, cant do it period😱💀

Nate Seed

Nate Seed . 1 week ago

I went on falcons peak I legit shit my pants worst experience I’m my life

lovely dhingra

lovely dhingra . 1 week ago

I am not scared of heights but I will definitely vomit 😷😷

Gamer Boy

Gamer Boy . 1 week ago

I’m scared of heights so just looking scares me

Maximus Roussel

Maximus Roussel . 1 week ago

Falcons fury was great ngl


TJJ Art . 1 week ago

I’ve been on something similar to Infinity but it was called Adrenaline locates in Old Orchard Beach

BlackPanther bp

BlackPanther bp . 1 week ago

I really want to go to Orlando but I live in Poland tickets for the plane are way to expensive

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