Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to the Los Angeles Lakers win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Hear what Skip and Shannon think about the performances of LeBron James and Zion Williamson, and why Shannon believes LeBron is still the King.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Zion played unbelievable, but LeBron showed this is his stage — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Comments :

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED . 1 month ago

Who performed better last night: LeBron or Zion?

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez . 4 weeks ago

Ol Goat he was Great Again 🤣🤣🤣😂😂💪💪💯


KimfromSoCal . 1 month ago

it's not a debate, LeBron clearly had a better game

vh s

vh s . 1 month ago


terry sperman

terry sperman . 1 month ago

Nice Satanic symbolism with that goat head! The Goat acronym is improper, the word "of" isn't suppose to have it's own letter in an acronym. They forced the Goat acronym! United States of America (USA) <----- this is a proper acronym. Everytime anyone uses the Goat acronym, they are revealing their ignorance. How is everyone this uneducated? Is it a coincidence that people idolize Brady like a Satanist idolizes Baphomet? Both are referred to as "The Goat." I don't go to church by the way, I'm not even that religious, but I can't deny symbolism when I see it. My grandfather was a Cryptic Mason and they created a coded language using symbols.

Jeritt Taylor

Jeritt Taylor . 1 month ago

Let’s not talk about Zion 2 turnovers at end of game 😂


bigsgg . 1 month ago

Shannon Sharpe is the reason why I watched this show 😂😂.


Travis . 1 month ago

Shannon is so loud and confrontational but the difference between him and Stephen A. Smith: Shannon is likeable.. 😂


Jose982142 . 1 month ago

5:30 I'm at a loss for words.....skip literally is the biggest LeBron hater lmao


GameolioDan . 1 month ago

Goat mask on? Views: 📈

Michael Freitag

Michael Freitag . 1 month ago

I'm Starting to think Club Shay Shay is not even a real nightclub!🙏😂😭

Elwood Riley

Elwood Riley . 1 month ago

Grandpa James it's a team game not a one man show


Idontlikethatshit . 1 month ago

Club Shay Shay is officially open

mikin lirou

mikin lirou . 1 month ago

How is Stephen a Smith making more money that uncle shayshay? Triple his salary now!!!

xu tim

xu tim . 1 month ago

zion worked at blaze pizza for 10 years when he was 35.

Lorenzo Haynes

Lorenzo Haynes . 1 month ago

It’s difficult to accept that Zion is only 19. It’s like if this kid stays healthy and continues to improve his game. How good could he be?

hen ko

hen ko . 1 month ago

Mama I'm snitching on LBJ Mama what happen Shannon: He is playing with matches again Starting fire!😀😀😀

Petros Christofides

Petros Christofides . 1 month ago

Skip needs to start appreciating lebron before he's gone

Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill . 1 month ago

Mama Lebron playing with matches again Good Ole Uncle Shay


Harkins . 1 month ago

I give Skip props on one thing. He's an unashamed hater of Lebron. It's so open and blatant but he doesn't give AF.

red dogg

red dogg . 1 month ago

That's the nicest thing I heard skip say in a long time about LeBron James 😂😂😂

Jânio Alvim

Jânio Alvim . 1 month ago

The only motive why I see this show is because of Shannon, not because he stans for LeBron but his personality...

Future Prediction

Future Prediction . 1 month ago

We need First take vs Undisputed in a debate

Future Prediction

Future Prediction . 1 month ago

I hate Skip

Patrick Otaweke

Patrick Otaweke . 1 month ago

Love jenny

Patrick Otaweke

Patrick Otaweke . 1 month ago

Uncle shay shay is the goat of sport television. .."ole goat james"

Ptao Tom

Ptao Tom . 1 month ago

Shannon: “Momma Lebron playing with matches again” Me: dead

Karim Amin

Karim Amin . 1 month ago

Nurkic still hasn't returned


MOTIV-8-U . 1 month ago

Untill he has at least the same number of rings as he does finals losses... No goat. Period.

Andy Pelayo

Andy Pelayo . 1 month ago

SHANON please go spend a couple thousand on a goat mask. The knee you have sucks.


InfusedSediment . 1 month ago

Love it

June Alexis

June Alexis . 1 month ago

Someone please call 911....lmao


YM NMG . 1 month ago

Go crazy Zion if he stay Healthy n tone up a lil more he gone be unstoppable 🐐🥊🤑⛽️💯😯

Jimmy Henchman

Jimmy Henchman . 1 month ago

labronze is a loser!

simon bagnall

simon bagnall . 1 month ago

I was always a first take fan. Then skip left and went to undisputed with shannon sharpe. Max kellerman came to first take which excited me because I am a massove boxxing fan and have always enjoyed his insights. I though first take was going to go to the next level. But.... What I have learnt from an entertainment point of view is that skip bayless works better with other people than stephen A does. The analysis on first take is better but these two are more entertaining. Shannon and skip really work well together and seem to have a great relationship. Stephen a smith and max kellerman dont gel the same way.

rah holman

rah holman . 1 month ago

Goat mask =click

Mr. Keep it Real

Mr. Keep it Real . 1 month ago

ZION is overweight and if he doesn't get a handle on his weight soon, his career will end early.

Charming nowhere to hide

Charming nowhere to hide . 1 month ago

Only skip can always find a way to criticize a lebrons virtuoso performance last night


尺乇乇乙ㄚㄚ尺几 . 1 month ago

Lebron- dunks from the free throw line. Skip- tHaTs DeClInIng LeBroN

King Shamalama

King Shamalama . 1 month ago

I’m just gonna say this ... Skip is paid by MJ and is not gonna give LeBron his flowers until the contract is over 😂😂😂 I’m convinced

Ivan Fuertes

Ivan Fuertes . 1 month ago

Skip Bayless is the reflection of every GSW bandwagon fans 😂

Khaleah Scott

Khaleah Scott . 1 month ago

If Lebron score a 100 pts Skip will say it don’t count😂😂😂

OG Marty

OG Marty . 1 month ago

Didn’t Skip say it only matters after Christmas? Isn’t February after Christmas?


JordanRA . 1 month ago

Skip "LeBron hater" Bayless

blue gravity

blue gravity . 1 month ago

Oh God, put the mask back on please.

Kendall Max

Kendall Max . 1 month ago

Y’all act like it’s against the law to give LeBron props lol get that hate out y’all heart

Chrisnt Bryant

Chrisnt Bryant . 1 month ago

Yup and now his groin is jacked up. Zion..

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas . 1 month ago

I have to say I agree with Skip. Who was Lebron playing? One of the worst, and youngest NBA teams in the league (until Zion came to town). Who was Zion Playing? a super team with two of the best five players from last year on the same team, and two previous all-stars to boot. (just happens to be the tallest team in the NBA.) Lebron outscores Zion by 11 pts for a season high!!!!! Zion has only played 13 games, and we are impressed with Lebron's season high game that only outscored Zion by 11? Yeah, I'm way more impressed with the 19 year old.

TakingFlight Sports

TakingFlight Sports . 1 month ago

lebron went off this game. watch his crazy dunks on our channel

Emmanuel Buloran

Emmanuel Buloran . 1 month ago

Bi bi bi

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