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LaMelo Ball Gets Fed UP Isn't Taking Any Sh*t From Opponents


Published on 2 years ago

LaMelo Ball wasnt taking any crap from Compton Magic! His team even extended this game to Double Overtime. Do You think this is the game that got the Big Ballers and LaMelo Ball to grow up and stand up to any team on the Adidas Circuit. This is from June and next highlights will be from 2 more tournaments in July. Thank you guys for liking and subscribing!

Comments :


EvilJagan . 2 years ago

I like how Narv stood up for Melo after he got pushed by that 25 year* old dude from shadow mountain. He has my respect.

Brad Hamilton

Brad Hamilton . 2 months ago

This was the best melo

Drop Trooper

Drop Trooper . 4 months ago

bro they fr copyrighted this, come on


TouchDownZone . 4 months ago

They laughing at BBB lmao

Mooing Sage

Mooing Sage . 4 months ago

Compton Magic wouldn't stand a chance against Chino Hills


SuperJesus19 . 5 months ago

Did you get copyrighted for the music

Michael Green

Michael Green . 5 months ago

Melo and Big O talking shit to each other. That’s how it be when yo homies on the opposite team 😂💪🏾

ball dontlie

ball dontlie . 5 months ago

Qwik you should re upload this fck that copyright

ToXc Eclipzz

ToXc Eclipzz . 6 months ago

Does anyone know all the songs??

ToXc Eclipzz

ToXc Eclipzz . 6 months ago

Wat are all the songs that was played in this video?

dummy DOPE

dummy DOPE . 6 months ago

This video lit with this music 🤷‍♂️


wtownes2 . 6 months ago

I do not like LBs hair like that😬

lil zezey

lil zezey . 6 months ago

Why the background music is changed??

Robert Mineo

Robert Mineo . 6 months ago

Like if u agree

Robert Mineo

Robert Mineo . 6 months ago

Why did u change the music

Jacques Carter

Jacques Carter . 6 months ago

my guy all i here is the vid music and not the game

King squad Cousin

King squad Cousin . 6 months ago

I tought melon was giving it to the reff

Artistically Kaylee

Artistically Kaylee . 6 months ago

I wish they would play music at bowling tournaments :(

S o b a C o o l

S o b a C o o l . 6 months ago

What was the song in 0:43

Cristian Alvarez

Cristian Alvarez . 6 months ago

Lamelo slaps him @6:52😂😂

I vDraco I

I vDraco I . 6 months ago

2019 anyone

OMAR Rehman

OMAR Rehman . 6 months ago

Miss the chino hill days

thatidiotdude boi

thatidiotdude boi . 6 months ago

Shouldn't the refs take control about the music in the background I mean it's kinda distracting but more so that most professional basketball referees would take control about the music in the background and feel like these types of refs aren't really actual referees

Scotty MSU

Scotty MSU . 7 months ago

Nike won't offer Gonzo ball anything.. why should they? We got Zion, and Zion is going to be a legit superstar. Laker should Wave this Gonzo Ball Already. Make room and save money for ligit players that can make LA great again. Just waive Ball no one will want him anyhow. He and Daddy are nothing more than an old time snake oil salesman infecting the public and team with horrible rap video and pathetic shoes. How can a players hurts his ankle 3 times in one season and sit out more than he even played games. Oh I know the issue for all them Ankle issue.. its BB shoes make by sketchers..

Ninj a

Ninj a . 7 months ago

Bronny =like

Pogo 2025

Pogo 2025 . 7 months ago

0:44 song name

Le Brow

Le Brow . 7 months ago

Melo the 🐐

Young Buck

Young Buck . 7 months ago

Love watching DC get hype and aggressive against this team full of pussy niggas

Logan Chapman

Logan Chapman . 7 months ago

What is in lamelos ear

Fortnite is lif3

Fortnite is lif3 . 7 months ago

Why’d it look like he was wearing AirPods lol

BuckeyeNation 2015

BuckeyeNation 2015 . 7 months ago

What is the name of the song at 0:41 I forgot

Wes Lorish

Wes Lorish . 7 months ago

This might be the worst game of basketball I’ve ever seen.

crossedcentral 00

crossedcentral 00 . 7 months ago

They whole offense is based off melo u see how they won’t shoot they’ll pass half of the time

Jayes Khodiar

Jayes Khodiar . 8 months ago


marvis okafor

marvis okafor . 8 months ago

Definitely making the NBA

Kyle Balidio

Kyle Balidio . 8 months ago

I love a good wrestling match

Fortnite Cool Playz

Fortnite Cool Playz . 8 months ago

anyone know the song at 1:30

Nick Williams

Nick Williams . 8 months ago

i miss when melo shot a lot

Anthony Harper

Anthony Harper . 8 months ago

Lamelo the next KD

Jackoby Williams

Jackoby Williams . 8 months ago

Ok that's cool I wish I could have airpods on while I play ,I don't even have airpods BTW

Jackoby Williams

Jackoby Williams . 8 months ago

His earings are weird🤔

A Breezo

A Breezo . 8 months ago

Who knew gup was in the vid


Curlyykid_ . 8 months ago

Song ? 0:31

Lil BroccoliPussy

Lil BroccoliPussy . 9 months ago

8:24 Did he jump in his freethrow?

Draco Gaming

Draco Gaming . 9 months ago

Great video Really enjoyed and loved it New supporter

ToxicPotato 1

ToxicPotato 1 . 9 months ago

Other team was trash aswell 😂😂😂

Henrik Gullikstad

Henrik Gullikstad . 9 months ago

Why are those bastards putting on music while they are playing?????? I’d be so frustrated If i was them


gamer136 . 9 months ago

Whats the song at 40?

Carson Tracy

Carson Tracy . 9 months ago

is there any way to listen to this playlist thing they playing?

Was Poppin mates

Was Poppin mates . 9 months ago

0:22 is he wearing AirPods mid game 😂😂😂 edit: Ik they aren’t it just looked like it

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