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Total War

Total War

Published on 3 months ago

#TotalWar #Troy #TotalWarTroy

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Comments :

Total War

Total War . 3 months ago

What am I? Tell us here: https://discord.gg/totalwar

Dyfrig Shandy

Dyfrig Shandy . 2 months ago


Neil Bugeja

Neil Bugeja . 3 months ago

Anyone knows that track used for this?


Björne . 3 months ago

Yeah, so how about that Warhammer 3 release date?


Boris . 3 months ago

Titan Quest Total War

Cyber Man

Cyber Man . 3 months ago

Alone in body, with audience in tow. -One body with many heads Obviously the Lernean Hydra.


Boyar . 3 months ago

Medieval 3 confirmed


Nadz203 . 3 months ago

I see CA is still failing to recognize their dwindling historical fan base... such a shame :(


Bloodmix-เลือดผสม . 3 months ago

Dlc? Can someone please answer me.


stekiz . 3 months ago

Hydra - Λερναία Ύδρα

manos manolo

manos manolo . 3 months ago

Lernaean hydra


FridayNightPlayer21 . 3 months ago

Yooooo Sharkmen of Sartosa, Let's GOOOOO


Yaboku . 3 months ago

Its the Sphinx guys. bc it gives riddles.

Cameron Watson

Cameron Watson . 3 months ago

aaaaaaaaaaaand that's a hydra

Nikola Vuletic

Nikola Vuletic . 3 months ago

Looking at the thumbnail I thought it was Tarriff

Faizal Hitobeli

Faizal Hitobeli . 3 months ago

CA please connect my Epic account and Steam, bring Troy freely to Steam for those who has redeemed it :pray

sca rab

sca rab . 3 months ago

I really hope you can get true mythological unit and not just human with animal body

Sean B

Sean B . 3 months ago

I know it'll be unpopular but I think they should ditch Troy and go full mythology. Love the idea of them using historical stories and settings with myth units but they should go bigger than what Troy allows. I want to see mythology from all over the world, I think that would be amazing. Lot of people say it'll compete with Warhammer but I disagree, it's not as tied down to a fantasy world or army book. I think a lot of people would love seeing real historical units/armies along side myth units. Could have a global map and show off the cool mythologies from various cultures. Probably won't happen but I think CA should really consider going heavy in that route in the future. Could be a ton of fun.

Trivial thinking

Trivial thinking . 3 months ago

Oh yeah my body is ready

Дмитрий Мещеряков

Дмитрий Мещеряков . 3 months ago

hydra of coursre

Space Pope

Space Pope . 3 months ago


Eddy Price Midgley

Eddy Price Midgley . 3 months ago

Medieval 3 when

Mason Johnson

Mason Johnson . 3 months ago

When total war sees major success in warhammer now days only and so just shits on its ( historic games ) by adding fantasy

Lorenzo Gabriel Tan

Lorenzo Gabriel Tan . 3 months ago

They gonna go full age of mythology

Spencer M

Spencer M . 3 months ago

I'm calling it now... Attila 2

Sebbe Luring

Sebbe Luring . 3 months ago

Lernaean Hydra?

Birk Albert

Birk Albert . 3 months ago

No chance no way I won’t say it no no

Jose Abanto

Jose Abanto . 3 months ago

Are we going pre helenics?

Clint Westwood

Clint Westwood . 3 months ago

Will CA introduce Monster in Troy? Good idea but that is unnecessary because of Warhammer.

Hms Sheffield

Hms Sheffield . 3 months ago

Oh boy skaven

rusty silver

rusty silver . 3 months ago

Thanquol DLC confirmed

The Ash Heritor

The Ash Heritor . 3 months ago

Praise be, skaven confirmed!

Beskar 66

Beskar 66 . 3 months ago

Hydra so Hercules

Twelfth Nazgul

Twelfth Nazgul . 3 months ago

Aquatic Skaven! I knew it all along!

B. Nikolai

B. Nikolai . 3 months ago

When for steam?

Erdem Dincer

Erdem Dincer . 3 months ago

You guys should decide if you are going to continue with Warhammer style full mythical stuff (yes please) or not. Come on, give us lightnings of Zeus, winds of Poseidon, flames of Hades, Chimaeras, Hydras, Harpies, Cerberus, Cyclops etc. Greek and Trojan lore has a great potential to expand the storyline on that kind of stuff.

BRiiTASH Gaming

BRiiTASH Gaming . 3 months ago

Expect a Single large Hero Unit which is just a really big buff guy with a bunch of skulls on spikes protruding from the backplate of his armour above his head to represent the Hydra and its many heads.


d3willow . 3 months ago

Surely the story of Perseus... so it will be the Medusa and Cetus

Ricardo Mora

Ricardo Mora . 3 months ago

This is killing me, I want to see what is coming.

Dalton Taylor

Dalton Taylor . 3 months ago

What does it what does It mean 🤔

Silent Reflection

Silent Reflection . 3 months ago

With all the riddles, probably a Sphinx


inswarlock09 . 3 months ago

Release the Karen


unqualified . 3 months ago

It would actually make a lot of sense if they just went mythological. They listened to community feedback, the feedback hated the admittedly creative but honestly blue-balling pseudo-mythology of Troy (along with other gameplay problems), and now they’re going to fix it by just adding what people want to the game. If they don’t, then the game will just be a failure. Probably.

Kc Canales

Kc Canales . 3 months ago

I once again thought I was getting TWWIII teasers...


PartisanGamer . 3 months ago

Man the artwork in these trailers is abysmal ... really shows what a deal with EPIC brings you ... got all you wanted out of it (money up front) and now its mediocrity all the way down.


5chr4pn3ll . 3 months ago

Murloc DLC!


Nyaghtmare . 3 months ago

So is that a tease for Heracles?


Necreon021 . 3 months ago

Troy becomes irrelevant if Epic game owners don't get their copy on Steam at Steam release.

Ricardo Cueto

Ricardo Cueto . 3 months ago

Hydra of Lerna

Mark Hoelscher

Mark Hoelscher . 3 months ago

Alligator s never stop growing. That fits the swamp motif.

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