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CatchPhrase (Extra Footage)
Santagato Studios

Santagato Studios

Published on 4 years ago

Joe: @JoeSantagato
Keith: @KeithSantagato
Nick: @Ndais10
Josh: @Dirty30Dacorta
Eric: @Its_Delgado
Espo: @Espo_17
Boss: @ndevito27
Ralph: @RalphieSpamps
Davino: @AntVino

Comments :


MrMagicMushroom . 2 weeks ago

its amazing to me how they’re all from new york but still force a new york accent

Jazz Heart

Jazz Heart . 4 weeks ago

2:04 *“Retaaa-ded”*

Ian Franklin

Ian Franklin . 2 months ago

For the "Split up" part, Joe could have mentioned Scooby-Doo, because that's what they do when they're solving a mystery and Fred also says "Let's split up and look for clues".


yankeefan092 . 2 months ago

I'd love to hangout with your family.

Alex Habot

Alex Habot . 3 months ago

hey suck my asshole hahahahahahhaha


R.I.M . 6 months ago

Wtf are you s goomahs??

Emily Gemma

Emily Gemma . 6 months ago

“It’s three fucking letters” “A CHIMPANZEE”

Cassie n

Cassie n . 9 months ago

Hey such my a**hole. I'm dead

Madina A.

Madina A. . 10 months ago

This is still my favorite video I come back and watch time to time :,)


piers . 2 years ago


Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson . 2 years ago


Lil Igloo

Lil Igloo . 2 years ago

"Ew that was disgusting"

izaiah bonilla

izaiah bonilla . 2 years ago



Torin . 2 years ago


Tre Holmes

Tre Holmes . 2 years ago

All their Staten Island accents came out

Crimson Dagger

Crimson Dagger . 2 years ago

0:00 - 0:10 let your imagination guide you. close your eyes

Kalem Babar

Kalem Babar . 2 years ago

1:26. "You sound like Snoop Dogg." He actually did lmao.

Melissa Wright

Melissa Wright . 2 years ago

He's says "fucking" a LOT lol x

Emily Alicia

Emily Alicia . 2 years ago

Grand Canyon

Bleeding Green

Bleeding Green . 2 years ago

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Sammie said chipmunk when Joe was describing an ape? LOL

Sd Williams

Sd Williams . 2 years ago

This family needs to play on Celebrity Family Feud!

Mehdi X. Ismael

Mehdi X. Ismael . 2 years ago

Keith never disappoints


Primary . 2 years ago

Shannon travelled all around the table in this one lmfao I like how the accents bring out weirder and weirder descriptions of what the thing is

alexander smith

alexander smith . 2 years ago

Old southern accent


MissMinLyn . 2 years ago

I wish I was part of your family. This is gold.


Jymi . 2 years ago

Coming back to this video, nobody really pays attention to Joe's gf😂

Eric Kuykendall

Eric Kuykendall . 2 years ago

their accents come out so much when they get excited

slimshady 2.0 Eminem

slimshady 2.0 Eminem . 2 years ago

2:08 There's a bunch of FUCKING birds!!! 😂😂😂

Abrianna Fedor

Abrianna Fedor . 2 years ago

0:38 my favorite "I fucking made this"

Stephan Palmer

Stephan Palmer . 2 years ago

anybody else think he sounds like adam sandler lol.


BLXDE . 2 years ago


Atlas terigo

Atlas terigo . 2 years ago

I'd give so much to be a part of this family LMAO

Trevor Mendoza

Trevor Mendoza . 2 years ago

Lol love this video. I love how Joe tells Tom that he sounds like a pedophile, that is exactly what I thought right before Joe said it LOL. I counted 21 fucks in this video lol, that's a lot of shots LOL

Trevor Mendoza

Trevor Mendoza . 2 years ago

Love how tom does his ny accent & sounds like a pedofile lmfao. I love watching them all together like this


thatdudescool . 2 years ago

I would love to be a part of their family. I would laugh so much.


외국인 . 2 years ago

Why can't i like this more than once?!?!

Brandooch 11

Brandooch 11 . 2 years ago


Jazzy Freeman

Jazzy Freeman . 2 years ago

Find u a girl like Joe's who can accept ur familys weirdness


Heather . 2 years ago

Don Joe

Boss Snake

Boss Snake . 2 years ago

is there no part three?

sierra henderson

sierra henderson . 2 years ago

Is he still dating that girl?

Brandooch 11

Brandooch 11 . 2 years ago

i'm sorry, but when Tom did that accent where he sounded like he was high, i cringed harder than ever before

Maranda Wilcox

Maranda Wilcox . 2 years ago

look at the fucking dog just calmly watching them flip the fuck out! lol

Brett h

Brett h . 2 years ago

that accent is Matthew McConaughey

Felicia Williamson

Felicia Williamson . 2 years ago

Sorry Joe, but your girlfriend is dumb as fuck.

Brittany Avila

Brittany Avila . 2 years ago

a chipmunk!?!?!? 😂😂😂

Andrew Doman

Andrew Doman . 3 years ago

is joe and his girl friend still together

Emma R.

Emma R. . 3 years ago

Thomas is making me cry😂


fazijs . 3 years ago

This must be one of the funniest videos on the youtube.

Omar Garza

Omar Garza . 3 years ago

I wanna hangout with this family... looks like epic times all the time!!

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