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Published on 5 days ago

Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your items by a note block if there’s one nearby! Vote for the allay during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

Comments :


slimdust . 45 seconds ago


Sharmila Anbarasan

Sharmila Anbarasan . 5 minutes ago

We need the allay like a 100%

R.S. Entertainment

R.S. Entertainment . 6 minutes ago

Dream don't dare to ruined this, we want this in next update

[nw] sky freezer(wind) anims

[nw] sky freezer(wind) anims . 8 minutes ago

Vote allay vote allay vote allay :)

April Cherry Fiel

April Cherry Fiel . 8 minutes ago

The alley

Marian Concepcion Ablay

Marian Concepcion Ablay . 10 minutes ago

Allay is cute and usefull mob in game i vote it


qaira . 13 minutes ago

I think the alay are inspired by the vex,its kinda cool it can multiple your items it is pretty usefull! You can use it to multiple diamond or eyes of ender i think?


GamerBitch . 21 minutes ago

You can get free diamonds

universe VN

universe VN . 23 minutes ago

i vote for the allay!

Alonzo Lopez-Garcia

Alonzo Lopez-Garcia . 29 minutes ago

I would vote the alley it's so cute

YaBoy Michael •w•

YaBoy Michael •w• . 30 minutes ago

Dan: finally a friendly version that was the cause of my death.

Wavybasilisk _128

Wavybasilisk _128 . 36 minutes ago

What if ill give the allay a shulker box full of netherite?


CPU... . 37 minutes ago

so cute♡


Pup3ndo . 39 minutes ago

They should add all of the mobs


killer__hunter__gaming . 41 minutes ago

This one


KASHISH . 42 minutes ago

Minecraft pls add allay.


mdk2578 . 42 minutes ago

This is dumb

Joel Edward

Joel Edward . 43 minutes ago

I want allay


영욱고 . 46 minutes ago

This child cannot copy the item. When making a video, they had to express the child picking up items around him. But Mojang didn't do that. Therefore, Mojang must give him the characteristic of copying the item.

yug mann

yug mann . 47 minutes ago

All mobs

Raul Mangalindan

Raul Mangalindan . 50 minutes ago

Allay rocks


Spryker_Slayz . 58 minutes ago

LOL allay sounds like ally


GreenboiInc . 1 hour ago

lets go this won!

Kuba Deksapiko

Kuba Deksapiko . 1 hour ago

Alley is cute


Spryker_Slayz . 1 hour ago

The hole to the left is the same hole the other character made with the example with the glare

Dulumani Kalita

Dulumani Kalita . 1 hour ago

Allay op

Rafif Bontang

Rafif Bontang . 1 hour ago

I vote allay

long gamer

long gamer . 1 hour ago


The Spooky Memer

The Spooky Memer . 1 hour ago

I love this

The Spooky Memer

The Spooky Memer . 1 hour ago

I don’t think dream rigged it this time

#Official Skysworld

#Official Skysworld . 1 hour ago

I vote Allay

cherry may Galicia

cherry may Galicia . 1 hour ago

I vote Alley

anvidh j

anvidh j . 1 hour ago

allay is nice


EndermanxCreeper . 2 hours ago



ZionTheRailfan . 2 hours ago

The allay would be useful in survival worlds, because you could give the allay diamonds, then it would come back with more.

Alexander Ruby

Alexander Ruby . 2 hours ago

THE BEST MOB IF YOU GIVE IT 1 ITEM AND IT MULTIPYS IT amazing this is the best mob


RonRon . 2 hours ago

I wanted The Copper Golem.


TenkuHorizon . 2 hours ago

On the upside, no more travelling for dropped diamonds the last time you died with them.

dueeh nyyu

dueeh nyyu . 2 hours ago

me and my small brain be like:lets give this little tiny a diamond😂


Ethan . 2 hours ago

Aww it’s so cute 😊

tricky the clown

tricky the clown . 2 hours ago

*gives diamonds Stonks

ShaggyBlox YT

ShaggyBlox YT . 2 hours ago

this is exciting

Tyra Bariso

Tyra Bariso . 2 hours ago

What if you give Allay a totem or a diamond will it just bring more for you💎?

reign arthur

reign arthur . 2 hours ago

I vote alay


Moobloom . 2 hours ago



AtomicTitan1954 . 2 hours ago

This is the mob y’all voted for? I hate you guys so much.


ItsBasicallyKinj . 2 hours ago

"gives allay bedrock" *gave me a whole chest of bedrock*

Hilary AxelYT

Hilary AxelYT . 2 hours ago

Cute and can be a worker

Patricia Vieira

Patricia Vieira . 2 hours ago

Voto allay

Нормальный Норман

Нормальный Норман . 2 hours ago

Он лучший прошу пусть в голосавании победит он!!!

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