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Trying Relationship Life Hacks

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

Published on 1 month ago

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Today we find out that we are bad at crafts.

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Comments :


katherine . 1 month ago

I wish that amanda would have less of her husband in her videos

The Griffin

The Griffin . 3 hours ago

bless you, Amanda

jada lmao

jada lmao . 12 hours ago

Drew saying fuck & Amanda saying dammit at 11:03 shows the slight difference between them.

Maria Hobi

Maria Hobi . 24 hours ago

i can't believe https://www.pictureofhotdog.com/ is an actual website

Kyndal H

Kyndal H . 1 day ago

6:52 tape ASMR.


ryan . 2 days ago

6:43 *you boys know what i’m talking about, right boys?* drew i’m gay

Doodle Comics

Doodle Comics . 2 days ago

Is that Bakugou on ur shirt-

Chloe Sparkes

Chloe Sparkes . 2 days ago

Best YouTuber


PinkiethePanda . 2 days ago

Why couldn’t she use the bobby pin to break the tape?

Koi Kai

Koi Kai . 3 days ago

they look like brother and sister oh my fdahfuehaiufheafuiahsafbadfhaedfkjdahsfuisr


yellamo . 4 days ago

bless you amanda

Biscuit Gidoni

Biscuit Gidoni . 4 days ago

Is no one going to talk about how the toothpaste is grey?!


Damage- . 4 days ago

His wife doe


girrrrrrr2 . 4 days ago

Bless you Amanda.

Aftertale Fanatic

Aftertale Fanatic . 4 days ago

Amanda's hejhejhej as she left the room is how I laugh too lol

Maisy Maynarra

Maisy Maynarra . 5 days ago

Miss his old setup, just me?

Finlee O'Leary

Finlee O'Leary . 5 days ago

i liked this just because of "hey guys welcome back to my big fat ass"

Matthew Sawczyn

Matthew Sawczyn . 5 days ago

0:46 ummm... what is happening in that video??

Mayra Aguilar

Mayra Aguilar . 5 days ago

The pad trick is a theater trick. Because of the lights the actors sweat a lot. So this is to prevent sweat stains on the costumes

I will review anything

I will review anything . 5 days ago

Yeah but what about gay relationships

Universal By Design

Universal By Design . 5 days ago

I love the moon skit

Wolfy Tsuki

Wolfy Tsuki . 5 days ago

who else actually went to the website? i love it xD

¿ ¿

¿ ¿ . 5 days ago

Drew brush your teeth jeez

LittleNightmare 00

LittleNightmare 00 . 6 days ago

4:07 that sound rlly grossed me out for some reason

Freyja Abolins-Stone

Freyja Abolins-Stone . 6 days ago

Their so cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Siyanda Njunga

Siyanda Njunga . 6 days ago

Ahhhh I’m a adult

Nickopalis The Guy

Nickopalis The Guy . 6 days ago

When you laugh so hard you collapse a lung

Siddhi Chopra

Siddhi Chopra . 6 days ago

They have a syringe, weird ass tube, but don’t have a travel sized toothpaste. Just take the one in the hotel bathroom. And how the heck is this a relationship hack?

Guy Modlin

Guy Modlin . 6 days ago

My name is guy

Sparkle Candie

Sparkle Candie . 6 days ago

I'm an adult :)

Pure Randomness

Pure Randomness . 6 days ago

Drew Gooden, is that the regular album or is that the Currents collector's edition?

2x Blank

2x Blank . 6 days ago

Why didn’t you buy an actual syringe when you bought tubing, wouldn’t that make more sense than using an ear wax syringe

J Custer

J Custer . 6 days ago

Why do Danny, Drew, and Cody’s wives all have the same face

Bridget Vader

Bridget Vader . 6 days ago

"Well those of you who are do"

I'm lady gaga not a alien 2.0

I'm lady gaga not a alien 2.0 . 6 days ago

Bless you Amanda

Levi Spurgeon

Levi Spurgeon . 6 days ago

Hotdog? I thought you guys were vegetarians


Crystalbinja . 6 days ago

At 0:48 you can see the lifehack that inspired the video and that was attempted a few videos later

Emma Scott

Emma Scott . 6 days ago

omg, the guy's toilet has a bug on it when he tries to flush, they couldnt reshoot that so we diddnt see how disgusting his toilet is? XD


bbgyu . 6 days ago

thanks, now i'm stuck in the moon.

Samuel Robertson

Samuel Robertson . 6 days ago

So did anyone notice the straight up ant crawling on their toilet at 8:10 😂

Heartwork By Kitty

Heartwork By Kitty . 6 days ago

How did I miss this piece of gold?

Sepia Smith

Sepia Smith . 6 days ago

i was in middle school tech ed (woodshop) and we were building, like, a popsicle house or something. we used hot glue and some kid put the hot glue gun down on my finger and now I still have a tiny scar lol.

Corby Dorian

Corby Dorian . 6 days ago

"This one's a little ridiculous" Yeah just a bit..

Shreyas N

Shreyas N . 7 days ago

absolutelynotme_irl Edit: goddamn you guys are so perfect for each other.

Gaga Lady

Gaga Lady . 7 days ago

Are we not gonna talk about others literally an ant on the toilet?

Chandler Simunek

Chandler Simunek . 1 week ago

Amanda's "im an adult" hits too close

Julius Mena

Julius Mena . 1 week ago

When your in a cult 5:12

Ella Kaplan

Ella Kaplan . 1 week ago

does nobody remember that vine drew made about the headphones thing

TheGuYWiTHaHoOdiE Official

TheGuYWiTHaHoOdiE Official . 1 week ago


Pratika Singh

Pratika Singh . 1 week ago

Drew: "I don't think a lot of people have a syringe lying around." Me: *goes to my one sibling who's a doctor*

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