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Published on 4 days ago

That last part wasn't a joke btw, I literally just bought a bunch of new green shirts to replace my old ones lmao

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Comments :

Melissa Rowlston

Melissa Rowlston . 15 minutes ago

BOB 👌🏻✍🏻


DaBlox . 39 minutes ago

yay new video


Gasmask . 1 hour ago

Im allowed to wear foot gloves at track but instead of wearing them for the whole day I wear tennis shoes during classes so I don't get made fun of and wear foot gloves or steroid socks for running

Jay Say

Jay Say . 1 hour ago

stretch marks happened on my biceps.... cause my buffness just surpassed my skin

Lauren S

Lauren S . 2 hours ago

My birthday is today and I’m turning eight

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake . 2 hours ago

I can really feel you comedy really finding its place I love it

Handcup Studios

Handcup Studios . 3 hours ago

3:07 TimTom in Sonic The Hedgehog


FUMBA_ . 3 hours ago

2:10 levi that you?!

Nathan Animation

Nathan Animation . 3 hours ago

obama yo mama

Uh hi sticko

Uh hi sticko . 3 hours ago

Tell em about I was that age and messed my hair up a tun

Trent R Baum

Trent R Baum . 3 hours ago

I like that sonic green hill


Cxkziez . 3 hours ago


Jenna Miller

Jenna Miller . 4 hours ago

4:02 icream cone

ace man101

ace man101 . 4 hours ago

oliver timtom

End Slayer

End Slayer . 4 hours ago

Mirrors edge is such a cool game (and une just 13 not done grown adult)


Keenua . 4 hours ago

oviler tree 1:40

Parker Long

Parker Long . 4 hours ago

What's F A S H I O N?

Angelo H

Angelo H . 4 hours ago

TimTom = 😎

Rose Meyerhoefer-McNulty

Rose Meyerhoefer-McNulty . 4 hours ago


XxAngie_ PlayzxX

XxAngie_ PlayzxX . 4 hours ago

Wow so like, you disappear so six months and pretend you’ve been here


•*Pumpkin_Aesthetics*• . 5 hours ago

Non-related to video but a few days ago someone made me pull my hoodie back (I am uncomfortably skinny) and they made fun of me :/ -AAAAAAA-

Jack Stowers

Jack Stowers . 5 hours ago

The ice cream is in the fireplace at 4:01

Zetro Xela

Zetro Xela . 5 hours ago

God damn. J-Hopeless hut different

Alexis Gonzalez

Alexis Gonzalez . 5 hours ago

Dang you have not posted in so long

Emerald emperor

Emerald emperor . 6 hours ago

Saw the thumbnail And I know “ ms. K “ is back Edit: no ms. K

FNAF Mochi

FNAF Mochi . 6 hours ago

why was there a ice cream in the fire lol


A_Samsquanch . 6 hours ago

I’m in Highschool (Freshman Year) and I dress in 1950’s style (Hair, Clothes, Shoes), usually flannels tucked into dress pants with a contour hair style and chuck Taylor’s (you can’t miss me, and my legs are long to man, I get it 😂), people luckily don’t treat me as bad as I expected and I have only been called young Sheldon once, it didn’t make me mad or sad because he is smart and I like to believe I am too, I can say though it makes older people love interacting with me, and I love interacting with them (my grandma was my best friend before she passed from cancer) and I enjoyed discussing things with her, fashion is something I believe people shouldn’t be too judged on, too many people try to fit in and not be themselves and it’s sad, I wish you luck with the channel Tom, like your content, gets me hooked.

Mariah zuniga

Mariah zuniga . 6 hours ago

The only thing that comes up in my brain when is see that haircut...aloysius O'Hare 🤣


ApplesAnimated . 7 hours ago

Heart this (it will really be weird and awkward if you don’t)

Hailey Blizzard

Hailey Blizzard . 7 hours ago

Alternate title: Roasting my self because of my trashy styles


DeclanBlox . 7 hours ago

Thank u for a new vid and it’s good too

Cesar Perez

Cesar Perez . 7 hours ago

OMG somethingelseyt is watching!

Cara Gonzalez

Cara Gonzalez . 7 hours ago

Mhm k bake

Crosboy 865

Crosboy 865 . 8 hours ago

Tim lee💀


Wtf_Paradise . 8 hours ago

Half the comments are just verified people lol

Arthur Kumar

Arthur Kumar . 8 hours ago

Wait... how old are you?


PWA UK . 9 hours ago

Ice cream is in the fire 🔥

Emily Valentin

Emily Valentin . 9 hours ago

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." <3 <3


Chipz64 . 9 hours ago

There is lots of sonic the hedgehog references

Itz_Blueberry :)

Itz_Blueberry :) . 9 hours ago

Feed me...

Bees 1234

Bees 1234 . 9 hours ago

YAY another amazing video

eliza_maddiefamily of animals

eliza_maddiefamily of animals . 10 hours ago

I like about a mile away from super cuts!


HARMLESS DEADLY . 10 hours ago

where were yoy dude...i literally watched every video.

Genifer Hoffman

Genifer Hoffman . 10 hours ago


Lesley Derry

Lesley Derry . 10 hours ago

feel your pain i have a natrual bowl cut

Irma Maldonado

Irma Maldonado . 10 hours ago

Finally new vid


legosuddstudios . 11 hours ago

Hes back baby😀


MBKing8 . 11 hours ago

ice cream in the fire

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