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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 3 months ago

We try bras made specifically for small chested ladies! What's the difference? Are they better? Should you buy them?! Then, watch as we try and rank Disney princess and villain swimsuits ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/asjYId89tqs
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Mesh All You Bra - https://fave.co/3r5MFs2 
Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra - https://fave.co/3faKZJ8
Everyday Lace Bralette - https://fave.co/3hZ51Xu 

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Trying #bras for #smallboobs from #pepperbras

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Comments :


kyeoptawerk93 . 2 weeks ago

I know this is old but can you all try getting/trying bras based on your "abrathatfits" measurements/sizing? Would love to see how different your bra sizing changes and what bras you try through that calculator

Mariah Francois

Mariah Francois . 1 month ago

I worry that my boobs are to small to feed life

Emily Barnes

Emily Barnes . 2 months ago

whenever I've been sized, I've always been sized as a 32 C, but in reality the cup gapes so much when I get that size. even just going down to a B in regular stores, nothing quite fits the shape of my boobs and I'm always left with gaps and its just so uncomfortable. Finding out about pepper is literally a life saver for me! I am so excited to buy from them

Megan Hope Rockman

Megan Hope Rockman . 2 months ago

This was the best intro to ever be invented! PERIOD🤣🤣🤣

Bodinie Rupasinghe

Bodinie Rupasinghe . 2 months ago

You talk too much just for 3 bras.

Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia . 2 months ago

No shipping to México 😭

Charli Black

Charli Black . 2 months ago

Harper Wilde is my FAVORITE BRA I’ve ever owned. It’s like a sports bra but soft and for everyday use not just working out. Definitely worth a shot!

Sophia Goff

Sophia Goff . 2 months ago

yall need to try Third Love- I'm so curious!!

Tanisha Hooda

Tanisha Hooda . 2 months ago

It's so weird to see this, because in India there's many more options for girls with smaller boobs. There's tons of styles and colours and different sexy materials for them and untill recently, girls with boobs bigger than a D, had literally one option and that was to go for minimizers to literally DECREASE the size of your boobs. Being a DD and living in India, I've always been jealous of girls with smaller boobs but wow is this an eye opener!


nino . 2 months ago

That intro is a big yessss

Nia Parris

Nia Parris . 2 months ago

So here's the thing. When I went to Victoria Secret and they sized me for a bra sometime when I was in college, they said I was a 32D. I wasn't expecting that since I've always considered myself to have small boobs. But I do have that gap issue where I'm not filling out my bra completely either. So I would be so down to try these bras, but it says only AA to B, and idk if they'd be too tight or something. I'd have to try it on in person

Nia Parris

Nia Parris . 2 months ago

Wow, I've never heard of someone losing their boobs like Sinaed did. Like going from DD to B naturally? Unless she was a plus size before and then lost a lot of weight. Idk I'm just baffled 🤯🤯🤯

Nia Parris

Nia Parris . 2 months ago

Sinaed turning around in the beginning was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣


Jessica-smith1010 . 2 months ago

Okay but now for big boobs please!!! Like G cups!

lei jen

lei jen . 2 months ago

H&M has bras that fit smaller boobs as well, but not always intentionally. Their sizes are whack! But I am a B and have gotten what I thought was a B and I swear they are an A. So in a sense it makes me feel good wearing a "C" 😂. And they always are on sale $3-10

Heather Rubi

Heather Rubi . 2 months ago

Where is Drew and your plus sized new friend (I’m sorry I can’t recall her name) for bras for the well endowed ladies who also don’t have the best options (limited colors and bras that look like gear/support devices rather than cute and sexy)


P . 2 months ago

Me watching this with F cups wishing I had their boobs 🥲


NatePowwie . 2 months ago

Kinda pointless. You can find a flattering bralette for small boobs anywhere. Bras is the problem, and they only tried one. Clickbait🙄

Taylor MacLean

Taylor MacLean . 2 months ago

as a 32AA or AAA, i feel seen lol


AlmostFire1000 . 2 months ago

Love Aerie Bras!


WinchesterCatLover87 . 2 months ago

Do for big chest next I have such a hard time finding bras that are not tight and ugly


L.C. . 2 months ago

If their size chart didn't suck so much they'd be alright... but they use 2 inch cupsteps and +4-5 bandsizing, that's just not how brasizes work, they don't scale their sizes differently from every other brand, they just make them shallower.

Marsha Phillips

Marsha Phillips . 2 months ago

Many people including Pepper has bra sizing so backwards. The cup is a ratio you can have a C, D, DD cup and still be as small as them it all just depends on your band size.

Shereen b

Shereen b . 2 months ago

I dont wear bras and this isn't my size range im 34DD .but damn those bras were cute af

Anisha Nicole

Anisha Nicole . 2 months ago

Do I wear a size 34J bra? Yes. Am I still watching this video and checking out the links in the bio even though I know they are not made for me because I loved the video? Also yes.

Marnie Vanture

Marnie Vanture . 2 months ago

Check out Lively Bras! By far my favorite

Siham Aouad

Siham Aouad . 2 months ago

Can you do this on big boobs

Laura Hale

Laura Hale . 2 months ago

Love this! I recently decided to embrace my small boobs and stop wearing uncomfortable bras and made the switch to bralettes. Never felt more comfortable!

C&C Music

C&C Music . 2 months ago

OMG the Hillery duff clip why would you do that to anyone my ears are bleeding warn ppl will ya

Ashley Cieslik

Ashley Cieslik . 2 months ago

If only this was available before I got my boobs done :(

Elissa Myers

Elissa Myers . 2 months ago

Listen as a girl who is a 32 DD can we get an episode for a place that custom makes bras cause I'm tired of having bras that dont fit at all cause 32 waist is meant for smaller boobs :(

Jessie Lana

Jessie Lana . 2 months ago



future1997 . 2 months ago

The reactions are way too loud. It doesn't match the actual video


u140550 . 2 months ago

😂 this episode/video is so funny on a serious topic on cup sizes, and the memes of each part is making me giggle.

Kaysi Franklin

Kaysi Franklin . 2 months ago

I've been wanting to try this brand!! Thank you for this video!! 🥰🥰


melchambs . 2 months ago

By far the best intro y’all have ever done 😂

crab rangoonz

crab rangoonz . 2 months ago

omg its the spins in ibtc bit for me tho 😂😂💀

Alexandrea Holder

Alexandrea Holder . 2 months ago

As a 38 DDD that also has issues finding bras that fit, I'm glad the IBTC is getting some love. I'm legit jealous, these bras are cute af.

Elena Meyer

Elena Meyer . 2 months ago

Try Cosabella! It's an Italien (online) Shop that specifically produces bralettes for all kinds of sizes. They have a normal, petite, curvy and extended collections and so much more going on! I'm a 34DD and love those bralettes 💛


Silthria . 2 months ago

I quite gave up on normal padded bras which I love and now I wear only bralettes without padding cause it's almost impossible to find a nice and suiting bra. And in soft bralettes my boobies so look as nice as in a normal padded bra. :( I'm European 65B so I have a small chest and the only normal bras that's fit me are with push up and I hate push up. Uhhh


Shelby . 2 months ago

B cups for the win ladies . Not too much not too little. Just a good handful of tit.🤣

Sarah M

Sarah M . 2 months ago

That must might have been the best intro to date!

Mafalda Monteiro

Mafalda Monteiro . 2 months ago

I don't regret clicking on this video already just by watching the intro 😂

Susan Farahani

Susan Farahani . 2 months ago

I think these girls need to be measured, by no means they appear to be 36 or 34 in size. They seem more like at 30/32

Susan Farahani

Susan Farahani . 2 months ago

32DD and still watching

Faithfully Nequa

Faithfully Nequa . 2 months ago

The beginning has out of breath 😂😂😂😂

Lexi Jones

Lexi Jones . 2 months ago

I needed this when I was in highschool I was a ballet dancer I had NOTHING I pretended to be a 32B (even though it did not fit) let me tell you what, I have huge boobs now and I miss tiny boobs SO MUCH y’all EMBRACE THEM!!!!

chimken nuggies

chimken nuggies . 2 months ago

I just recently bought me a bra that actually fits me, because if my boob shape, not every small boob is one shape y'all

Alex Lawson

Alex Lawson . 2 months ago

We love inclusive videos and brands to empower every group of people 😍 it isn't just young girls and tiny people who have smaller boobs so it's great that companies are thinking about this. I wish I could get back down to my B cup 😩 these are all gorgeous

Tracy Austin

Tracy Austin . 2 months ago


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