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The Act Man

The Act Man

Published on 2 weeks ago

Halo Infinite has gone through some turmoil with the recent announcement that the game would not launch with Campaign Co-Op or Forge. The fanbase is understandably upset, but what else is there to be worried about? And is there anything to get excited for?

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About The Delays – Halo Reddit Post https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/p8ifq9/about_the_delays_343_employee_dev/

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Comments :

The Act Man

The Act Man . 2 weeks ago

This game's development has been a fucking roller coaster of highs and lows. But what do you think?

Dustin Wright

Dustin Wright . 35 minutes ago

I just made the sad decision with this news to delay purchasing Halo Infinite until such time as I see fit.

Jerod Trd

Jerod Trd . 2 hours ago

You use google? Ew. At least use Duck Duck Go.

The EngiNerd

The EngiNerd . 6 hours ago

The game still looks like cheep plastic, I am not in love with this lighting or normal maps on the weapons, the armor and vehicles.


MrDgf97 . 7 hours ago

For Multiplayer, It’s all a matter of how much content is there at launch, as in game modes and maps. For Campaign, it depends on the quality of the story, and how long and replayable it is. If the game doesn’t nail both of those things, it will definitely die quickly before the content drops even matter

Livid Struggler

Livid Struggler . 10 hours ago

Whats the soundtrack of 4:47 ? I know its ODST, but not sure what.


T1TaNFALL Pr0 . 11 hours ago

I disagree with it simply being regrettable, I an glad they are not doing a cyberpunk but that is not a pass, they should of had it ready, they had an extra year. It should of been ready it's as simple as that

Kid Justice

Kid Justice . 13 hours ago

Jesus what a bunch of babies...."wah wahh Forge gives it longevity" its 6 fucking months lmao relax.

Russell Rehak

Russell Rehak . 14 hours ago

Flags need to go back to one shot kills.... with run radar has got to be bigger

Bradley Ballinger

Bradley Ballinger . 19 hours ago

I’m just gonna spend the next 8 months saving for a badass new PC. Then play infinite with all the features.


silverrider918 . 21 hours ago

This should be a deal breaker for everyone. Act like men, and don’t buy the game until it is complete. You know, an actual full finished game, like they used to release.

Zak Rios

Zak Rios . 23 hours ago

Until they return to halo1-3 style, halo will never be worth a damn

Wesley Sloat

Wesley Sloat . 1 day ago

Honestly they should just delay the game for 6 months


sauceboss510 . 1 day ago

6:56 i burst out laughing


Bornestellar . 1 day ago

Bros… why are we worried about the game being delayed? You can’t sit here and complain about the game not being complete and then at the same time not want it to be delayed. RDR2 was delayed like 2 years I want to say and I was absolutely blown away by that game. 100% worth the wait. It’s in top five best ever selling Xbox one games. I would say it’s because everyone is used to getting half completed bullshit now days, and Rockstar wasn’t having that trash. 343 should stop worrying about delivering a profit and start giving a shit about the fans on this subject. If they cared, they would ship the game complete no matter how long it took.


DusttheDemon . 1 day ago

To be honest bro, fuck Forge. Lol couldn't care less it was never interesting to play build a place in halo that's what developers are there for. I wanna shoot shit.


threeXmafia . 1 day ago

Halo infinite is 100% going to be a up front cash cow multiplayer game first, and a campaign game second. The gaming biome has changed extremely since the years of a good single player campaign game.

Brandon G

Brandon G . 1 day ago

its been 10 months since cyberpunk and there have not been any significant patches to solve all the problems

Dawson Toulouse

Dawson Toulouse . 1 day ago

It’s a different halo game, it’s open world. It sounds hard to have coop and I’m willing to just play it twice with my bro, once playing hot potato, once playing coop.

Bearded Berzerker

Bearded Berzerker . 1 day ago

Remember the good ol times when you bought a complete game? Tbh I still don't trust that Infinite will be good. 343's track record is pretty shit, so I don't understand the hype

Irrefutable Comrade

Irrefutable Comrade . 1 day ago

these are like my favorite features


Socialnetworking . 1 day ago

Halo 3s forge is where I made some of my longest running friendships. Coop in general was what got my friends and I together. I’m gonna wait for the coop release and forge.

Papa Scranko

Papa Scranko . 1 day ago

Singleplayer campaign-only Halo Diehards: "I see this as an absolute win!"

Prince Razor

Prince Razor . 1 day ago

I didn't touch a Halo game until MCC, so I got to experience every Halo campaign with co-op years after their release. Yeah, I can wait. It's a mystery how I became a fan of Halo in the first place.

The Marauder

The Marauder . 1 day ago

I loved Destiny, until the DLC muted my Guardian and Destiny 2 destroyed the franchise.

Buckeye Believer

Buckeye Believer . 1 day ago

No Co-op would’ve broken my heart… if I had any friends to play it with

Frank West

Frank West . 1 day ago

"What else aren't they telling me?" I never thought about it like that. You make a good point. If co op and forge are so damn hard, then what the fuck else is completely phaked behind the scenes. I mean if you can't get co op off the ground, that basically says your game is a literal trash can on fire behind the curtain.

Vincent Starn

Vincent Starn . 1 day ago

Gotta love the halo reach references


mrbiggtings . 1 day ago

From a day one possible purchase to a 6 month time one.


zvboxgamer . 2 days ago

Hopefully it doesn’t have the same problem as garden warfare 2 air where the options are either stupidly easy or just playing against straight up aimbots who when you peak your head out for I second they all start shooting and chasing you


HEN . 2 days ago

Its like 343 don't even understand what made Halo good in the first place, it goes deeper than just - good story. I mean, developers in general today dont seem to understand why games of past were so great, community and customization are 2 of the best things you can do for a games lifecycle. Look at any game with incredible community or customization or mod support - they have a life span of 3-4x that of most recent AAA titles.


Lutaic . 2 days ago

How do you guys have so many friends to play co-op campaign?

Kesa Mek

Kesa Mek . 2 days ago

Halo 2077.

Sultan Almulla

Sultan Almulla . 2 days ago

Bro I enjoy ur content so much

Noah Burch

Noah Burch . 2 days ago

I’m excited but nervous I have not as much expectations so I won’t overhype it

Joven C

Joven C . 2 days ago

I've kind of fallen out of Halo with Reach. Bungie retconning their lore in such a big way was what killed it for me. Not to mention the game itself was kind of meh.

Sunday League Niko

Sunday League Niko . 2 days ago

Chief drinking a frappe in the thumbnail is beautiful


Aaaa . 2 days ago

Wash ur face

Aaron Braun

Aaron Braun . 2 days ago

Its funny. I periodically look up news for halo infinite and every time i decide to look i say to myself "I wonder what ill be disappointed with this time"


AmericanIdiot920 . 2 days ago

No ones gonna blame me if I only pay for game pass for this at launch see if I like and decide if I wanna keep paying based on that right?

Bob Sauce

Bob Sauce . 2 days ago

Multiplayer is insanely boring


Procrastinates . 2 days ago

Just like SomeOrdinaryGamers said: "2021 is the year of videogame delays."

August Enthoven

August Enthoven . 2 days ago

imagine not being able to finish a campaign story mode in 6 FUCKING YEARS


JADiaz10 . 2 days ago

Don’t make a girl a promise… 😂😂😂


AliFOJ5 . 2 days ago

I played the Infinite beta today and me being a Halo noob who has only played Halo 2 and 4, I actually really enjoyed the multiplayer. I think they can make this a great game if they balance it well. I think it was too glitchy and rough at some points but it can be fixed before launch so I have high hopes from Infinite.


Th3Hammer . 2 days ago

This game sucks

Fazdolanguy Gaming

Fazdolanguy Gaming . 2 days ago

I'm more upset about forge than I am with the lack of co-op I'm not that upset about co-op not being released yet cuz I have no friends, and that's the way I like it

David Vidal

David Vidal . 2 days ago

“Halo Infinite: Incomplete Edition” 😂😂


Project23 . 2 days ago

I work and develope programs its not hard to setup splitscreen they just want to make more people buy the game first then have it available, I've done 6 different games

the mad capper

the mad capper . 2 days ago

cyberpunk is fine dude forget launch enjoy game for what it is now. [Edit] I also really dont like the feel of infinite's multiplayer, i honestly just care about the campaign atp. Maybe I'll feel differently when the full game releases but🤷🏼‍♂️

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