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Lady Gaga pulls song with R. Kelly from streaming platforms
ABC News

ABC News

Published on 1 year ago

Gaga issued an apology for working with R. Kelly and said she feels strongly the voices of the women who have accused the singer of sexual assault "should be heard and taken seriously."

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Comments :

Mayra Gissel

Mayra Gissel . 16 hours ago

The song was still fire tho

Soak Joke

Soak Joke . 3 months ago

Did gaga get some porta potty treatment as well?

Pablo Peraza

Pablo Peraza . 3 months ago

I really loved that song 😢

Yailson Donaire Videos

Yailson Donaire Videos . 5 months ago

National Security Comes first.

Yailson Donaire Videos

Yailson Donaire Videos . 5 months ago


Lucas Small

Lucas Small . 7 months ago

But I actually liked that song

Ida Walker

Ida Walker . 10 months ago

This old man face thang don't care about her music no way .... Rkelly made her 🎶 music.

Coleclan Productions

Coleclan Productions . 11 months ago

If thats the case mute chris brown to.

Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell

Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell . 1 year ago

DON’T do what you want, what you want with MY BODY!

Jaeden Reed

Jaeden Reed . 1 year ago

This stupid bitch, I liked this song

Krystal M

Krystal M . 1 year ago

I liked the song

Wendy F

Wendy F . 1 year ago

I want to see the video. I like the song.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia . 1 year ago

Lady Caca didn’t speak out until it got too messy to keep on with her bullshit

Asialynn Evans

Asialynn Evans . 1 year ago

The song has nothinggggggg to do with him and his actions y'all get on my nerves that was a good song music is an art you put your music out so we can listen to it why take it down because he made mistakes what does that have to do with the song?👀

Hey Sexy

Hey Sexy . 1 year ago

I’m really pissed about this because that was my shit 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Jojo Saylor

Jojo Saylor . 1 year ago

Of course the only white bitch he worked with turns her back from him.. She didn't care the black women when singed the song four years ago🙆🙆🙆🙆

Immortal Astro

Immortal Astro . 1 year ago

i need to see the vid :/

prince vishu

prince vishu . 1 year ago

Yeah I know that Kelly

Nigel Mercer

Nigel Mercer . 1 year ago

Nobody even knew she had a song with him until now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dylon Houston

Dylon Houston . 1 year ago

To all of the artists that are pulling down their songs that they did with R Kelly or that he wrote for them I'm going to need you to give all that money back that you made up off those songs too don't just pull your song off give every cent backas well since y'all don't deal with dirty people then don't deal with that dirty money either

Lisa Augustin

Lisa Augustin . 1 year ago

If Lady Gaga was liberal she wouldn't have taken the song down , she wouldn't have brought it back up in the first place, she should have left it alone!!!!

Lisa Augustin

Lisa Augustin . 1 year ago

Take a 6 year old song bring it back, to go against R Kelly, take away R Kelly's performance SAD !!!!!


SmokeFan2014 . 1 year ago

Never believe women.....believe facts. Pure bullshit. These Hollywood leftists just want to promote the new world order and to get attention.

Kayla Rose

Kayla Rose . 1 year ago

beyonce worked w him too along w so many other artists. are we just gonna pretend they did nothing wrong? the only one getting shit on for this is lady gaga, and its not fair. none of u know what was going on in her life so who are all of you to judge? if you really think she’s apologizing just so she can get an oscar, wow youre really ignorant. you all act like celebrities have no morals. if she didn’t give a fuck she wouldnt have said anything and she wouldn’t have taken away the song. you all need to leave her ALONE

Grand Hustle

Grand Hustle . 1 year ago


Suzy Kuehn

Suzy Kuehn . 1 year ago

Lady Bibbidy Boobidy Boo, Did R Kelly really piss on you? Or did you instead ask for a stanky poo? I'll be anxiously waiting with bated breath to see what you two really did do.

Rob Harrison

Rob Harrison . 1 year ago

Please sign this petition to bring “Do What U Want” back on iTunes and Spotify. Its removal is not fair to those of us who want to listen to it. The past cannot be changed. The collaboration happened years ago and many of us still enjoy it. https://www.change.org/p/lady-gaga-bring-back-do-what-u-want-feat-r-kelly-by-lady-gaga-on-digital-and-streaming-services?recruiter=440960370&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition

jhunzio dionzkie

jhunzio dionzkie . 1 year ago

Lady Gaga is HYPOCRITE. If not only for her bid for Oscar, she would not even care about the song she did with that Perv 5 years ago, even if Everybody knows that the Perv was messing around since early 2000s. If only R.Kelly banged White Chick, he would have been shot on site, but he is smart to know that black women wont get much attention until its already in a large scale.

Gogi grk

Gogi grk . 1 year ago

Hypocrite. Did for the fame, then and now.

Alexander Maurier

Alexander Maurier . 1 year ago

Happy Belated B-Day R. Kelly

Anthony West

Anthony West . 1 year ago


Tarot Hara

Tarot Hara . 1 year ago

Nicki Minaj is DATING a pedophile and her brother raped an 11 year old and y’all are criticising Gaga for APOLOGISING about a song from 2012?!

Tainted Life

Tainted Life . 1 year ago

This bitch. Who cares.


charissecoal . 1 year ago

I like gaga but she didnt have to wait until shes nominated for an oscar to pull that piece of shit from the internet

jasian lerice

jasian lerice . 1 year ago

Why are men getting accused , when women are desperately with toys for pleasure

Lion Entertainment

Lion Entertainment . 1 year ago

Good for her!!

Debbie Belden

Debbie Belden . 1 year ago

Women ? Some still girls

Tonya Garner

Tonya Garner . 1 year ago

For almost 30 years we knew this. In 2013 they had a song together. So now after she won the Golden Globe. She's sicken by him now. But she was a cocaine head back then. How about people go back and take them songs down too.So she'll probaly lie and say she didn't know or she believed in him.

No toilet paper, woke up thinking Sanders had won

No toilet paper, woke up thinking Sanders had won . 1 year ago

Black community supported R.Kelly even after several accusations. Just like they did Michael Jackson. Both were accused for years, but both were defended.

Scot Fretwell

Scot Fretwell . 1 year ago

Doing the right thing, only after you get called on your bullshit.


thewizboy . 1 year ago

Lady Gaga is a Fucking hypocritical Bitch!! She makes a song called "Do What You Want With My Body" and then has so much to say about R-Kelly sexual assault allegations. Lady Gag Gag disappear! You are just as disgusting as a person.

Toni H. Justice

Toni H. Justice . 1 year ago


Tyiana Sedan

Tyiana Sedan . 1 year ago

Hollywood is so funny. They pretend to be so outraged when everyone in Hollywood is doing some dark, evil crazy shit and they know about all of this. They only act outraged when it all comes to light


CaapriceTube . 1 year ago

And the fact the song was called "Do What U Want With My Body" OFCOURSE HE WANTED TO FEATURE ON IT. He needs SERIOUS help!! And I mean DELIVERANCE only Jesus can do!!


evileyez504 . 1 year ago

"I was young", lol you were 27. 'RKelly and I. We have very untrue things written about us' -Lady Gaga in 2013

Johnny Smokes

Johnny Smokes . 1 year ago

Lmao lady Gaga is still the queen

Unkle Grooveyy

Unkle Grooveyy . 1 year ago

I wonder if they going to take back Harvey Weinstein shit OR awards

a&a AZ

a&a AZ . 1 year ago

She probley didn't know about his assumptions .

Aliyya Eaton

Aliyya Eaton . 1 year ago

Rape is bad, but when did groupies decide that because they lacked moral fiber and couldn't say no, mean that someone else was responsible for them?

Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez . 1 year ago

It wasn't overnight. It took her several days. She wanted to wait for the song to go back on the charts.

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