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Film Theory: How to KILL X-Men's Magneto!
The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

Published on 3 years ago

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With another mutant war on the horizon in X-Men Apocalypse, I thought it high time to start looking into the powers and weaknesses of these extra-normal humans and prep some strategies on how to handle some of the franchise's heavy hitters. And who better to begin with than the man himself - Magneto.

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Comments :


Blaze FORGOTT3NH3ROS . 7 hours ago

Well now it doesent matter if he could have his way with iron man because he is gone... I'm crying right now

Dex ter

Dex ter . 11 hours ago

stab him with a plastic knife. Problemo solved


apfelninja . 13 hours ago

Xmen the end explains this away because, in Magneto's old age, he discovers that he also has rudimentary control of electricity, because of electricity's relationship with magnetism. He uses that to make portals, too. Heads up, though. Xmen the end was dry and wordy.

Evan Jordan

Evan Jordan . 17 hours ago

Stop the lies. Nightcrawler is better than Magneto.

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes . 21 hours ago

Magneto’s true enemy is wood

North-American P51D-10

North-American P51D-10 . 1 day ago

dont forget in the cartoons magneto got tricked by a wooden gun

Doctor Deadly

Doctor Deadly . 1 day ago

Patt, if copper isnt magnetuc, then how did the guy the created the compass make it? He had stuck the compass or what ever and it generated a magnetic field. So if copper isnt magnetic, what is it?

Shudder Quill

Shudder Quill . 1 day ago

So, the intro might seem like a joke, but while Gold is non-magnetic, Titanium is 'weakly-magnetic', and given the level of control Magneto exerts over magnetism, the intro is entirely possible

Dr. Universe !!!

Dr. Universe !!! . 1 day ago

Iron mans dead it’s war machine now

Im_Amuesd 05

Im_Amuesd 05 . 2 days ago

8:00 all the bullets are made of plastic look at the guns there clear everything there is plastic the government wouldn’t make guns that use metal bullets against a guy who can control metal

Prantika Majumdar

Prantika Majumdar . 2 days ago

If this was the Marvel “RUINS” universe Gaijin Goomba would become a cannibal Ronnie would have lost his eyes Mat Pat would become a dictator Stephanie would become a prostitute Trailer Drake would start losing his skin

red rooster carter edmunds

red rooster carter edmunds . 2 days ago

copper is magnetiic

Marvinis Ligan

Marvinis Ligan . 2 days ago

What happens to austin??!


GameNerd0110 . 2 days ago

what about Jean she can do all that stuff and more. Can magneto lift a house or dustify you where you stand like Jean can

Irgnd son Klon

Irgnd son Klon . 3 days ago

Dear MatPat, Magneto would t be able to kill iron man and this because of the fakt that gold/titanium are no ferro magnetic metalls. Case closed! (Mic Drop)

Jeremy Shultzaberger

Jeremy Shultzaberger . 3 days ago

magneto can stop bullets. because they are made of metal. he controls all mettle, not only magnetic material.

Notorious Granddragon Yoshi

Notorious Granddragon Yoshi . 4 days ago

You forget there is electromagnetism and magneto powers grow when apocalypse upgrades him pr he makes that machine with the crystal in the game he has alot of power which would extend to the full force of nature

Killer Bot

Killer Bot . 4 days ago

I think you were the one who said iron man's suit is Gold alloy... Now you make him lose to magneto


zombiekiller . 4 days ago

Some kanibals with spear could kill him

Always Strive To Self Improve

Always Strive To Self Improve . 4 days ago

7:30 finally gets to the point of how he could be defeated..... And not a single joke was funny.

Krishan Mourya

Krishan Mourya . 4 days ago

Except that you can't fire the bullet because the gun trigger is controllable by Magneto

Shiv Patel

Shiv Patel . 4 days ago

Haha you’re an idiot

Armando Juarez Navarro

Armando Juarez Navarro . 5 days ago

I’m pretty sure magneto can control all metals he is not like a real magnet The bullet from the plastic gun was plastic as well I think.

Mr. Falcone

Mr. Falcone . 5 days ago

Stupidest vedio ever

Jakanthony Brentfordton

Jakanthony Brentfordton . 5 days ago

the nikel casing isnt talking about the jacket on the buttlet, its talking about the casing the the bullet is in *it is ejected by the gun during fireing before reloading* so even if it was one of the nikel cased bullets he wouldnt be able to stop it. the real answer is they didnt thinka bout it..

Jakanthony Brentfordton

Jakanthony Brentfordton . 5 days ago

full metal jackets dont have iron, its copper that is around them in most cases.

Sexually Confused Penguin

Sexually Confused Penguin . 5 days ago

0:09 I REALLY doubt that Magnetos powers are that powerful, against almost non-ferromagnetic alloys such as TiAu

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker . 6 days ago

804,000,000 kg is 804,000 metric tons. Could have just said 804,000 metric tons. Well whatever

Gustavo Sifuentes

Gustavo Sifuentes . 6 days ago

Whole intro from 0:00 - 0:18: exists Me: is that a theory? A FILM THEORY!? 🤔 .....Later that day Me: I wonder if he’s made of video of it yet? 🤔 *excuse my long ass comment I’m 💨 + 💭😁

Gustavo Sifuentes

Gustavo Sifuentes . 6 days ago

Why do they use/need nickel-plated cases for “low velocity shootings” at night? Why? What’s the cause? What’s the reason? How do they benefit from it “at night”?

Jonathan Sublett

Jonathan Sublett . 6 days ago

In the Quicksilver scene they're using plastic bullets same in the mystique scene


TrueMexicano . 6 days ago

From controlling Metal to dying to a piece of Metal in DOFP, wow.

Logan Kuzmanich

Logan Kuzmanich . 7 days ago

Literally every time magneto has not been able to stop a bullet it’s cause it was made from plastic. And he was able to guide the bullet to hit raven

Jax mac321

Jax mac321 . 7 days ago

Rip ronnie

Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez . 7 days ago

Anyone with the power to create heat can defeat Magneto. Magnets loose their polarity when heated. That's probably why he was so determined to recruit Piro and Jean Grey for her Phoenix.

Brandon Gavin

Brandon Gavin . 7 days ago

That’s when tony would discover his superior Ironman suit!

Foxy poop And springbonnie

Foxy poop And springbonnie . 1 week ago

Oh no Ronnie is in the introthtchr noooooooooooooo rip I’m swns Edit sans

XboxAddict 678

XboxAddict 678 . 1 week ago

Hate to brake it to you but mangtio cant kill iron man he is already died


LazyMrMilk . 1 week ago

Merica hogwarts Here's your wand a fucking gun

Nyt Fury

Nyt Fury . 1 week ago

Hi We are the Avenger. Hi I am Jean Grey ...........

Antydeth Т.Т.Я

Antydeth Т.Т.Я . 1 week ago

Just use a wooden gun.

S Cd

S Cd . 1 week ago


Seigeda Moment

Seigeda Moment . 1 week ago

Iron is like a binding agent for almost every metal it allows us to see the metal like gold in its purest form we couldn’t wear it as jewelry because it’s so soft it wouldn’t hold its shape so there’s iron in it

Seigeda Moment

Seigeda Moment . 1 week ago

I really feel like since iron man and magneto reside in the same universe that Ironman would have a clause suit to go head to toe with magneto that would render his metal powers useless against him say I’m wrong but that goes along with iron mans character

jonas caruso

jonas caruso . 1 week ago

American hog warts is ilvormorny not trying to be a nerd

Your friendly neighbor hood Spiderboi

Your friendly neighbor hood Spiderboi . 1 week ago

2:16 good points but can magneto take a nuke,can magneto taking a sword to the heart, can magneto regeneration in 5 seconds, I think I I’ve proved my point wolverine is better

Violet Wynters

Violet Wynters . 1 week ago

About the intro...now that Iron Man’s dead, Magneto can totally be part of the MCU, right?


Mehboy343 . 1 week ago

7:16 wait a second.

Coloneljack 44

Coloneljack 44 . 1 week ago

But the bullet that shot his neck was a plastic

Cona _

Cona _ . 1 week ago

Well irons mans dead so.....

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