Published on 10 months ago

NBA legend Elgin Baylor praises Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, saying he is a "freak of nature."

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Illuminate I

Illuminate I . 1 month ago

Love Elgin and prob is the most underrated players ever but he went 0-8 in the finals

Jing Qi

Jing Qi . 2 months ago

Baylor was great throughout his career but his athleticism was off the charts before his knee injury when he was explosive going to the hoop. Elgin was one of the best improv players of all-time and had more moves than U-Haul.

Douglas Donoghue

Douglas Donoghue . 3 months ago

I really liked the video. <3

Cliff Lawrence

Cliff Lawrence . 4 months ago

Elgin baylor is so smart and very much underrated in my opinion. He hit everything right on the head

Sijan Grg

Sijan Grg . 4 months ago

A Legend appreciating Legend🙌🏻

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry . 4 months ago

there are people who said that "curry isnt a 2nd pg of all time bc all he can do is shoot" lmao lemme explain when people compared curry to kyrie they always say kyrie has better handles yup kyrie has better handle than curry but not by far coz curry has a better handles too we all know that, they said if you're a pg you need a passing skills (magic johnson) curry has a passing skills too if you wactched curry's youll see his passing skills no look pass etc. (like magic but magic did it better, bc thats magic's skills) curry can rebound too just like magic johnson, curry can block, curry can steals also, curry can finish inside on the paint too. the difference is CURRY IS A GREATER SHOOTER THAN THEM magic (passing skills) curry (shooting skills)

iTrending Topic

iTrending Topic . 5 months ago

We can give props to Steph all day but who really deserves props is one of the ALL-Time SF's in History. Elgin Baylor. I watched games and highlights of this man even though I'm only 20 years old. This man was one of the most tenacious and pure hearted players of his time. He was Michael Jordan before Michael, Kobe before Kobe and LeBron before Lebron.

Deans Kingdom

Deans Kingdom . 5 months ago

Curry’s a Freak


Thanos . 5 months ago

still rocking the jerry curls mr. Baylor?


Power . 6 months ago

Elgin Baylor is still alive wtf

Isao Machii

Isao Machii . 7 months ago

elgin baylor is the greatest small forward ever

WatchNo Face

WatchNo Face . 7 months ago

Jheez the great Elgin Baylor! Scoring machine!

Wil Robles

Wil Robles . 7 months ago

Too bad Elgin didn’t play on a championship team. However, he did retire the year the Lakers won in 72.

Ronald Lane

Ronald Lane . 7 months ago

props to Curry just a terrific shooter and a very good teammate


MyMiniMovieMagic . 7 months ago

The first 40 seconds of what he said were damn near incomprehensible lol


sexysherline . 7 months ago

Steph is the best 3 point shooter of all times. No matter what the haters think!

Harrison 64

Harrison 64 . 7 months ago

Elgin Baylor is much better than steph curry. Baylor is one of the top 5 best players of all time

Willie Purdom

Willie Purdom . 7 months ago

What idiot don't respect Elgin Baylor(the first "Big E")? You don't have to tell me to respect EB. By us "old timers"...he is much respected.

Eugene Mitchell

Eugene Mitchell . 8 months ago

As a legend its good he respects Steph, but as a legend he's also supposed to get his proper respect. B Scott tried to make it plain at the beginning of the segment (watch other clip) and Brian followed suit. White girl(Rachel Nichols?) pissed me TF off repeatedly calling him Elgin. He is MR BAYLOR to you, give a f*** how starstruck you are bytch put sum Respeck on tht man's name. Period. #LakerGang #MrBaylor #RespectYourElders #BowDown #GetItRightWhitePpl


zfenty . 8 months ago

I like the way that he woke up. "you guys saw Steph Curry?"


11Dubs30 . 8 months ago

At 2:00, the white dude starts thinking about eating Elgin.

Big Poppa Botch

Big Poppa Botch . 8 months ago

Somebody opened the Ark of the Covenant, smh


JomoDaMusicMan . 8 months ago



dirt232323 . 8 months ago

Uh oh watch out mr. Baylor a lot of curry haters will think you re a moron

Edgar Brito

Edgar Brito . 8 months ago

Steph could be stop it's been proven but kd just a freak of nature

John Mcintosh

John Mcintosh . 8 months ago

Tim Duncan was the Big Fundamentals and Curry is the Little Fundamentals!!


jeyton . 8 months ago

Athletic players hate Steph because he is an average man, who has not seen even a picture of a PED, destroying them with talent and high IQ. Also he represents the new type of leader. The unselfish servant leader. A leader that makes everybody else better. Even companies finally are realising that this is the type of leadership they need for long term success.

Leo Derosia

Leo Derosia . 8 months ago

Elgin played on a sore knee much of his career and is still in top 15 ever


D D . 9 months ago

I'm watching the nba game just because of steph curry.

Kurt Walford

Kurt Walford . 9 months ago

People tend to hit on Curry because of his size. Well I he's greatest to be able to dominate and impact the game at his size.

Giri Dharan

Giri Dharan . 9 months ago

Did Rachel just say at the end: "Please respect this man"? He is a legend and everyone respects him. I think her brain wires were trying to say something and that came out

Jeff Lua

Jeff Lua . 9 months ago

CP didn't even shake hands after the last game him and harden No Class

nikolas b

nikolas b . 9 months ago

He spent 3 secs (out of courtesy) talking about LeBJ... and the next 60 secs talking about Curry.

Joseph Puepuemai

Joseph Puepuemai . 9 months ago

Baylor and West carried those early 60s Lakers teams both would go off with 40 point games, West is the All Time leader in playoff 40 point games and Baylor 61 in the finals

James Brown

James Brown . 9 months ago

Steph consistently performs, day in day out with astronomical results = 'Freak of Nature'

Brandon Wells

Brandon Wells . 9 months ago

But Curry hurts the team if otehr teams play him right. He can't play D at all

Lockon Stratos

Lockon Stratos . 9 months ago

Lebron is


meeee500 . 9 months ago

Wow his biggest accomplishment is bringing that hairline back. Jesus y’all peep that shit ?

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete . 10 months ago

Its odd that a fat, unathletic and looks like he doesnt know how to play any sport became a basketball analyst, disputing the opinions and personal experiences of basketball guys like NBA players and coaches in their segments.


OKAYYYY . 10 months ago

older version of Tauren Prince

Kamelody 2330

Kamelody 2330 . 10 months ago

She tried so hard to fake a laugh when he said.. ... Stephen Curry . Notice that when he first said... LEBRON. She said....there you go I . But when he said...Curry she felt like.... Grrrrr . Cause it's not news that she hate the warriors. all her videos are praising LEBRON and her mood changes when she talks about golden state. SMFH

Khalid Ali

Khalid Ali . 10 months ago

I like Rachel Nichols but this is the one interview where she just totally annoyed me too much talking over people like she was fighting for TV time

The Replay

The Replay . 10 months ago

Elgin Baylor had a 61 point 22 rebound game in the NBA Finals. Top 10 all time. Perhaps, the most underrated superstar of all time


liquidpersuasion . 10 months ago

*bbrrbrrbbb lucky bounces*

Murat Mutlu

Murat Mutlu . 10 months ago

I agree

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson . 10 months ago

Of course they have to be champions to make their mark. Or maybe if you all want, let's just remove the scores and just make sure everybody is enjoying themselves. After the game ends everybody gets a little trophy.

Jarl Ulfric

Jarl Ulfric . 10 months ago

Best SF ever 1. LeBron James 2. Larry Bird 3. Kevin Durant 4. Dr. J 5. Elgin Baylor

Dinur Rahman

Dinur Rahman . 10 months ago

Greatness recognises greatness!

Ama O

Ama O . 10 months ago

The only old head who’s not low key bitter that Curry has changed the game they used to play lol just recognizes that he’s different and great at being his different self. No team is practicing their dunks to be like other teams but other teams def practicing their threes year after year BECAUSE of Steph and having to play against him. If you can’t give props for that you’re just a hater

Abel Magno

Abel Magno . 10 months ago

I like both players Lebron and Steph... i see Steph in skills similar or equally gifted as lebron minus the physical gifts... if curry had the same body type and hight as lebron i think steph would be Lebron 2.0...

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