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100 Player's Say Goodbye To Tomato Town In Fortnite Battle Royale (Emotional)


Published on 1 year ago

1 Like = 1 Prayer for the old Tomato Man, may he live a peaceful life in the crack
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Comments :


Lachlan . 1 year ago

Unfortunately the replay file for this game deletes the Tomato before it even vanishes, if you watch any reply from the last couple of days the tomato man is gone in them as well :(

Christian Corona

Christian Corona . 3 days ago


Maddox Wingert

Maddox Wingert . 4 days ago

3310 anyone??

DaBoss _YT

DaBoss _YT . 4 days ago


Luis Caballero

Luis Caballero . 6 days ago

What cons do you play in fortnite

Solomon B

Solomon B . 1 week ago

Team burger

Ryan Willmott

Ryan Willmott . 1 week ago

I love u tomato r.I.p

FaZe Ledi YT

FaZe Ledi YT . 1 week ago

Chapter 2 anyone??

judith Ramirez

judith Ramirez . 1 week ago

In season 10 tomato town is still gonna be there

Gaming Madness

Gaming Madness . 1 week ago

not forever...

Angela Hollingsworth

Angela Hollingsworth . 2 weeks ago

I did this for Risky


Xx_Deegan_xX . 2 weeks ago

Any one here 2019.


AimzFN . 2 weeks ago


not me t

not me t . 2 weeks ago

F f f f

mark white

mark white . 2 weeks ago

I hate lazer

8-Byte Turtle

8-Byte Turtle . 2 weeks ago

Don’t click read more Read More If You Dare

King Jefferson

King Jefferson . 3 weeks ago


Louis S

Louis S . 4 weeks ago


Ethan Johnston

Ethan Johnston . 1 month ago

Liddel does Lachlan know the scyeth comes back

Tony Montana

Tony Montana . 1 month ago


Victorine Sports

Victorine Sports . 1 month ago

no tomato town

Chees Ballz

Chees Ballz . 1 month ago

He comes back

Gina Lopez

Gina Lopez . 1 month ago

Lachlan almost made me cry when he said he was holding back tears 😭


RoboforceTV . 1 month ago

It’s just a game no need to cry


Keith . 1 month ago

Who else is watching this in season x

Gitte van Gent

Gitte van Gent . 1 month ago


soccer genius Danny Driscoll

soccer genius Danny Driscoll . 1 month ago

Rip rip rip rip rip so sad

Kate Enea

Kate Enea . 2 months ago

It came back

Terry Evans

Terry Evans . 2 months ago


Mythic Tekk

Mythic Tekk . 2 months ago

Wow he wears the tomato skin but he is level 90 back when he goes back to Fortnite he is wearing skull trooper and he is level 89 look at 0.40 then look at 1.26 if anayone is hear and you have about 200 sub or more can u give me tips

Kmax sob

Kmax sob . 2 months ago

Also could have you uSe A rEpLaY

Kmax sob

Kmax sob . 2 months ago

As soon as it played the music when you missed it I spilled a water bottle all over the ground XD

Konoteken Gamer

Konoteken Gamer . 2 months ago

And comment

Konoteken Gamer

Konoteken Gamer . 2 months ago

Sub to Konoteken Yt pls

Konoteken Gamer

Konoteken Gamer . 2 months ago

Love you lachlan

Konoteken Gamer

Konoteken Gamer . 2 months ago


Doggy DooDoo

Doggy DooDoo . 2 months ago

Rip 🍅

Nolan Extreme

Nolan Extreme . 2 months ago


GotYoSix 7171

GotYoSix 7171 . 2 months ago

You heard it disappear before. Your eyes lol

Rhys Marshall

Rhys Marshall . 2 months ago

Rip 🍅

Leirin Longwell

Leirin Longwell . 2 months ago

Yo-yo bro


ConsensualNonConsensual . 2 months ago

I hate those people who find enjoyment of ruining things for others

Mistake Tulk

Mistake Tulk . 2 months ago

10:24 thats what happens when you care about kills in a event

Jose Alcala

Jose Alcala . 2 months ago

Ima a burger person and tomato person

Extreme player !

Extreme player ! . 2 months ago

Tomato sucks sure burger

Andres Miguel Sheker

Andres Miguel Sheker . 2 months ago

RIP Tomato town :(

Andres Miguel Sheker

Andres Miguel Sheker . 2 months ago

:( I'm sad I never so it

Asia Andrews

Asia Andrews . 2 months ago

It’s season 10 know

Alex Ieremie

Alex Ieremie . 2 months ago

Keep strong

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