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Ciante Lemuel

Ciante Lemuel

Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

John Salazar

John Salazar . 5 months ago

If you do slow motion 0.25x Speed at 6:46, it looks like he's walking in mid air

I Outbuild Yhu

I Outbuild Yhu . 6 months ago

We not finna act like that’s not emoni bates over there shooting

Going Crazy

Going Crazy . 7 months ago


Blaine James

Blaine James . 9 months ago



ĞÁmĚŘ Ř . 9 months ago

I wanna dunk like ciante

Best SF in 2K19 Mobile

Best SF in 2K19 Mobile . 10 months ago

360 was the bestbone

Stretch Trip

Stretch Trip . 11 months ago

So Emoni bates wasn’t casually in the background 😂🤷🏾‍♂️


Calove . 12 months ago

Yo is the valpo Indiana?

TheNoscoper-PG3D -Videos

TheNoscoper-PG3D -Videos . 1 year ago

Ciante actually has hopes


NEXT UP . 1 year ago

I been there that’s the rec center in romoulous Michigan

123 321

123 321 . 1 year ago

My lil nigga Elisha got dunked on

GTB YouTube

GTB YouTube . 1 year ago

Aye that's at Romulus be be going there dunking on niggas like 3 years ago

Flyguy Trey

Flyguy Trey . 1 year ago

7:00 we gone act like he didn’t make that

Mmartin 06108

Mmartin 06108 . 1 year ago

didn't he had 66k subs yesterday

Jason McCoy

Jason McCoy . 1 year ago

Dunk Horse Against Me

Derrick Warren

Derrick Warren . 1 year ago

Emoni bates 3:29😂😂

Bryce Vann

Bryce Vann . 1 year ago

Dee White look like Gerald Green

David Van aerts

David Van aerts . 1 year ago

This wasn't isane

rick hammhock

rick hammhock . 2 years ago

Just for the intro i disliked

the beast

the beast . 2 years ago


the beast

the beast . 2 years ago


Niles Samaniego

Niles Samaniego . 2 years ago

Someone wanna tell me the name of the dance he did after the back flip?

Jaquan TT

Jaquan TT . 2 years ago


George Psarros

George Psarros . 2 years ago

How tall are u

Ben Gregori

Ben Gregori . 2 years ago

Could easily be top 3 on any basketball youtuber list mans deserves more subs


VainBld . 2 years ago

I'd beat both of these guys in a dunk contest, check me out if you don't believe me.

The G-O-A-T

The G-O-A-T . 2 years ago

Y’all should 2v2 King so and his friend

Alexander World wide

Alexander World wide . 2 years ago

It’s cool and all I like the content but I highkey thought u were ddg

Touger Vang

Touger Vang . 2 years ago

The gayest youtube intro I've ever heard

II Madden XIX

II Madden XIX . 2 years ago

Oh shit the rape van


HezekiahRichardson . 2 years ago

How tall is Ciante


ThatKidPJ . 2 years ago

my Jordan 1 are like heavy


JM Jm . 2 years ago

Emoni bates was there

Tahj Jones

Tahj Jones . 2 years ago

So we gone act like that ain't emoni bates on the side goal


cebastianasf! . 2 years ago

You needa tryout for cmu

Ankle Breaker

Ankle Breaker . 2 years ago

lmfao they pulled this nigga ciante straight from 2k

J Supreme

J Supreme . 2 years ago

Am i the only one who saw emoni bates


NDYT . 2 years ago

Can you shoot bruuuuuuuu

fragile gamer

fragile gamer . 2 years ago

All this and my best dunk looks like cris Paul dunks and I'm 6'2

David Vincent

David Vincent . 2 years ago

Was emoni bates in the background or am I trippin

Mike Prince

Mike Prince . 2 years ago

i wish i was yall height must be nice let me get back in shape and show yall some bounce from a short niga.

Yung DC

Yung DC . 2 years ago

10:25 that girl lowkey wants the D

Yung DC

Yung DC . 2 years ago

3:31 is that Emoni bates

Justin Sargalis

Justin Sargalis . 2 years ago

This nigga got post post game celebrations equipped

iZ ClxtchHQ

iZ ClxtchHQ . 2 years ago

Was that emoni bates?


iiTzChesteR . 2 years ago

Nigga look like NBAMadeDDG

K. F.

K. F. . 2 years ago

I think i seen emoni bates


Posim . 2 years ago

I think so to

Ronald Hickson

Ronald Hickson . 2 years ago

Thought that was Brandon Ingram

Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright . 2 years ago

How tall is Ciante??

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