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The Absolutely Most Heartbreaking Moments On Friends

Nicki Swift

Nicki Swift

Published on 1 month ago

Loyal viewers of the smash NBC sitcom Friends were taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride over the course of 10 seasons. In addition to the laughs, the show served up plenty of devastating developments, too, and a lot of moving performances. Here are the most heartbreaking moments on Friends.

Remember Mr. Heckles? Played by Larry Hankin, the eccentric neighbor lived just below Monica and Rachel, and he'd often pop 'round to complain about noise or otherwise cause trouble. No, he wasn't the friendliest man…but it was still a total bummer when he passed away in the aptly titled Season 2 episode, "The One Where Heckles Dies." As you may recall, Heckles leaves the contents of his apartment to Monica and Rachel, or as he calls them, "the two noisy girls upstairs."

Finally, the gang gets to see what Mr. Heckles was like before he became a hoarder and a hermit. The experience is particularly jarring for Chandler, who realizes his picky ways might make him turn out just like Mr. Heckles one day. Just try not to be moved as Chandler turns off the apartment lights for one last time, telling the empty room:

"Goodbye, Mr. Heckles. We'll try to keep it down."

Watch the video for more of The Absolutely Most Heartbreaking Moments On Friends!

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Mr. Heckles dies | 0:18
The prom video | 1:12
Monica and Richard break up | 2:04
Ross ruins everything | 2:48
Phoebe's cat-mom | 3:42
Phoebe gives away the triplets | 4:50
Joey's unrequited love | 5:52
Phoebe and Mike break up | 7:01
Fertility struggles | 8:23
Joey's agent | 9:25
The one with the finale | 10:41

Comments :

Nicki Swift

Nicki Swift . 1 month ago

Which Friends cast member deserves their own spin-off series?


MariAleAgui8907 . 1 month ago

😭💔 Best show ever

Richard Smith

Richard Smith . 1 month ago

Only notice now that the Twin babies were actually dolls.

Angeles Rodticker

Angeles Rodticker . 1 month ago

I tried not to watch this one but, I did. I kind of loved it.


Electrohead . 1 month ago

I hate this show! Almost unsubbed when I saw this 🤤🥴

Zero Subs

Zero Subs . 1 month ago

In every sitcom, there's a slutty character


M C . 1 month ago

how many parents have u lost<>.,.>><<<

Jamie O'Connell

Jamie O'Connell . 1 month ago

9:10 One thing I don't understand is why is it so important to conceive? There are plenty of children that need adoption. It's far more precious to take someone in and create that bond. Blood relation and genetics is one thing but a bond built between to unrelated people is downright magical.

Jason Strong

Jason Strong . 1 month ago

The one where they break up is in season 3 not 2.

American Soul

American Soul . 1 month ago

How I met your mother is far better than friends and even big bang theory is better than friends , triggered butthurt people


GhostWriter78 . 1 month ago

Oh god, who friggin' cares?!

Nansi Tey

Nansi Tey . 1 month ago

Friends sucked


batgurrl . 1 month ago

I guess I have a heart of stone. I loved this show but only teared up occasionally. Ross cheating when they were on a break did not ruin their relationship forever. They had a baby together

Allison Caverly

Allison Caverly . 1 month ago


Lily Smith

Lily Smith . 1 month ago

I’m actually crying rn

Raven Arsall

Raven Arsall . 1 month ago

Lmao I laughed tho

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