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Nick DiGiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni

Published on 4 days ago

I almost drowned in the brisket. Seriously. This was the most intense wagyu experience of my life, and it's a day I'll never forget. Now, let me clarify. We did not actually cook an ENTIRE wagyu cow...that would've cost around $50,000, and I'd rather do just about anything else than buy a full cow. Instead, we cooked every part of a cow, with the exception of its head and private area (if you know what I mean).

Our cooking process was extensive, particularly given the fact that we cooked every piece of meat in a completely different way. After completing the cooking process, we sat, tasted, and ranked ALL of them. And we both had completely different rankings! Watch to find out which piece of wagyu won. Giant thanks to the nicest guy ever, @Guga Foods, for inviting me into his kitchen and taking on this challenge with me head-on.


Guga's Channel: @Guga Foods
Guga's Meat Dealer: https://bit.ly/2XuwIMX

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Comments :

Nick DiGiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni . 4 days ago

Don't forget to toss a LIKE on the video and SUBSCRIBE :) MY NEW PUPPY COMES ON SATURDAY.


LesterDem . 4 minutes ago

Someone please tell them that cows are not male...

Pushkal Vasudev

Pushkal Vasudev . 14 minutes ago

We’ll good luck getting into India🙄😂

Samer El Hajj

Samer El Hajj . 17 minutes ago

Rip cow

Random Commenter

Random Commenter . 19 minutes ago

Robbers must be terrified if they broke in Nick’s house and saw all those knives


Airflash . 29 minutes ago

He just cooked the cow's d word


26RadOwen . 32 minutes ago

I can’t stand bloody meat has to be cooked Atleast medium well for me


drwww . 40 minutes ago

this video is fucking amazing

Areeb Rahman

Areeb Rahman . 46 minutes ago

after watching this video-i ran to my girl to say u need to squirt like the brisket but then i realised i dont have a girl thats how immersive Nick's videos 🤕

peepee poopoo

peepee poopoo . 53 minutes ago

"ThatVeganTeacher is typing..."

Bray Florez

Bray Florez . 55 minutes ago

Bro if vegan teacher sees this 😳

Jazz Mikael

Jazz Mikael . 57 minutes ago


Jazz Mikael

Jazz Mikael . 57 minutes ago


Jazz Mikael

Jazz Mikael . 57 minutes ago


Fanfasome Blade

Fanfasome Blade . 1 hour ago

After this video manny gonna wake up in the gulag

the llama

the llama . 1 hour ago

He didn't even cook the pp, manny ate it

HyperMatic Esai

HyperMatic Esai . 1 hour ago

No F#$king way he got guga foods on his channel like WHAT


SeptemberTheDuk . 1 hour ago

Nobody: ThatVeganTeacher: "iS iT vEgaN mEAt? yOU dIDnt sAy It wAS vEGAn mEaT! FAIL"


Kryptic_SHADOWS . 1 hour ago

I can’t imagine how vegan people are feeling right now😂😂


Eston . 2 hours ago

I don't think I've laughed so hard while watching a cooking video before. You two really are amazing.


Tubby . 2 hours ago

i just wana see them eat the pee pee


苗族Hmongb . 2 hours ago

Where are the organs n head

Mark Pollock

Mark Pollock . 2 hours ago

Dang. Guga has filled out a bit since his last French Open.

Homie OnIce

Homie OnIce . 2 hours ago

this video is full of so many PAUSE moments is hilarious


MeNoob . 2 hours ago

10:19 (F) that guy

diego salcido

diego salcido . 2 hours ago

You did it again Nick. Somehow this video felt more natural than the last. It’s cool to see your relationships with other chefs develop


JEXIZIS . 2 hours ago



WaffleBread . 2 hours ago

"I squirted on Guga" 🤣🤣🤣

yellow skin

yellow skin . 3 hours ago

i thought all cows were female


JustScreen . 3 hours ago

"your fired get out"

Luke Hess

Luke Hess . 3 hours ago

Dude I LOVE your vids please keep up the amazing work! I started watching awhile ago from Tik Tok cuz the stuff you made looks out of this world, but the vids are so funny and entertaining now too in addition to your awesome food work! Keep slaying king!

Andres Hernandez

Andres Hernandez . 3 hours ago

Mans got fired twice


Mr.Nugget . 3 hours ago

The vegan teacher would literally have a heart attack I hope she won’t make it 😈


BiggieSlurp . 3 hours ago

This one actually got me laughin xDD

Frenz Dela Paz

Frenz Dela Paz . 3 hours ago

Yessirrrrr! My faves!!!!!


BlackTarrerBlade . 3 hours ago

How much times did nick say your fired to many

Tre Woods

Tre Woods . 4 hours ago

The vegans are quaking 😭😭😭😭

Brendan Shepherd

Brendan Shepherd . 4 hours ago

This video was fantastic. Y’all should do collaboration videos more often.

dark one

dark one . 4 hours ago

The sexual tension is heavier here then on phub


PianoDude . 4 hours ago

Guga is now Nicki’s Gugaurdian.


heehutplays . 4 hours ago

Nick would you say your better than gordan Ramsey?


Avin . 4 hours ago

12:49 Make this a meme template


No . 4 hours ago

Love it when manny keeps getting fired 🤣

Cole Walton

Cole Walton . 4 hours ago

The sus jokew


YADT Man . 5 hours ago

Okay but where did the rest of that meat go?

Shadow Light

Shadow Light . 5 hours ago

When he put even this I was like: ……… bro are you sure about that

Alexander Boyles

Alexander Boyles . 5 hours ago

Dam he fired another camera man


debreeze . 5 hours ago

I love this

Jameson Kinder

Jameson Kinder . 5 hours ago

Nick the whole beginning : 👋😳🤚

cK Drilla

cK Drilla . 5 hours ago

Fucked up all that meat up bloody ass food

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