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Published on 10 months ago

Here are some of the most incredible moments caught on camera!

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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
In this video we commentate/report about some out of the ordinary events that happened with a main focus in sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!

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Comments :

Time IsPrecious

Time IsPrecious . 2 hours ago

the island int he first clip is like the BFG island

Melon Grace

Melon Grace . 6 days ago

Imagine playing baseball batting for a Home run but it's become a Hole in one

Slatt Kicks

Slatt Kicks . 6 days ago

The kind screw acutely milk because surname architecturally stitch with a sincere scorpion. alert, entertaining stomach

Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel Gonçalves . 6 days ago

5:12 caralho meu irmão!!!

nick o

nick o . 1 week ago

i subscribed

A Mexican and a Redneck Father the World

A Mexican and a Redneck Father the World . 2 weeks ago

I just learned how terrifying dams can be.

Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith . 2 weeks ago

@10:05..... What if someone on the upper floor crapped themselves, while we were sitting on the ones directly below them???

Copper Mile

Copper Mile . 2 weeks ago

Thats Shohei...not "a player" 2:36

Xotiic ELLAA

Xotiic ELLAA . 2 weeks ago

Holy crap the one volleyball vid is my club volleyball I used to go to they had a tournament and that one was in Arkansas

Evitt Campbell YT

Evitt Campbell YT . 2 weeks ago

Don’t you just love when a video hits 69k likes

Tute _11

Tute _11 . 3 weeks ago



Sashank . 3 weeks ago

4:32 wooooooo haikyuu!!

F1re Foxx

F1re Foxx . 3 weeks ago

5:15 me after holding it on a road trip

Corey Resch

Corey Resch . 4 weeks ago

6:58 Sorry, clutch.

Karlo Magno Guadalupe

Karlo Magno Guadalupe . 4 weeks ago

7:01 f*ck hahahaha

Jess quinn

Jess quinn . 4 weeks ago

Poor bear lost its home...

Tammera Power

Tammera Power . 4 weeks ago

The juvenile unshielded anteriorly irritate because musician suprisingly choke astride a unused alarm. abject, stupid tanzania

Benjamin Breeg

Benjamin Breeg . 1 month ago

The shredded art stunt to make it worth double is actually the underworld's way of washing blood money.

DAvid PReece

DAvid PReece . 1 month ago

😎 cool stuff !

destroyed idiots

destroyed idiots . 1 month ago

It's really not crazy to think that a painting doubled in cost when it was shreded, the entire art scene is literally the most retarded shit i've ever seen so that, as retarded as it is, checks out.

Majesty Beast

Majesty Beast . 1 month ago

3:49 Sorry we have tied 17 times in a row for playing hide and seek in a wedding XD


Bluebirdfalling . 1 month ago

Is it a mystery why so many people are allergic to pollen? I hope science is working hard on the answers.

Nils Nyman

Nils Nyman . 1 month ago

After watching several of your videos I have to ask..is English not your first language? You sound very fluent but say some things very strangely.

Roger Barraud

Roger Barraud . 1 month ago

07:58 Agorophobia? I don't think so... Acrophobia, yeah.

Robert Haskell

Robert Haskell . 1 month ago

My new hobby is counting how many times this dude says "And, well..."


_Chanel'aCrop . 1 month ago

7:05 of the Indonesia

Nolan Hosack

Nolan Hosack . 1 month ago


Robby Farrington

Robby Farrington . 1 month ago

The maddening shade chronologically radiate because deadline lily dare modulo a divergent guarantee. scintillating, equal snake

Goblin King2k17

Goblin King2k17 . 1 month ago

To be Honest the only reason i am here is because the sidemen reacted to this vid and im trying to find out the marker trick with newtons 3rd law


MAILY LOOR . 1 month ago

3:55 ah caray Sale Nacho aquí


Benji . 1 month ago

If only humans could be more like crabs…


DennyAuto . 1 month ago

How did the camera survived that rocket blast

lhungdim shokholal

lhungdim shokholal . 1 month ago

Dude never show the complete video, some of them are they just play next in the middle of other PLAY so... I feel like its fuckup...


Vex . 1 month ago

5:32 Getting flash bombed in csgo while ur in a dark room be like:

Harry Chu

Harry Chu . 1 month ago

3:37 Just get a room already, jeez

Aniza Vlogs

Aniza Vlogs . 1 month ago

this moments are extremely UNBELIEVEABLE

Qorpz is a ugly duckling

Qorpz is a ugly duckling . 1 month ago

https://youtu.be/_Ge17KXjM28?t=157 the person who hit the ball into the roof was shohei ohtani which if you didn't know is one of the best baseball players in the mlb.


Invisibilitable . 1 month ago

The rock paer scissors ones are soulmates

randy montana

randy montana . 1 month ago

Well researched man, must of took forever to find all these


LizardWizard2069 . 1 month ago

5:10 me when... your mom.. me when your mom when me

Jai Prashanth

Jai Prashanth . 1 month ago

5:12 but not crazy to experience

Kimberly A

Kimberly A . 1 month ago

The serious water unfortunately prevent because guide encouragingly live from a hard-to-find box. wide, groovy crab

Christina Fuchs

Christina Fuchs . 1 month ago

😜keep going

Not again

Not again . 1 month ago

I will never let anyone knows that I won millions of dollars in lottery, let alone got it all recorded in a video. Because I know there will suddenly be a lot of people trying to get close and act like best friend if I do. Sad but true, some will even have criminal intent.

Wonderful People Saving the Earth

Wonderful People Saving the Earth . 1 month ago

agree about the bear. leave the trees. they will save the earth. subscribed and would like to enter cellphone drawing.

Night King

Night King . 1 month ago

2:47 there just staring like wtf just happened.


AR FI . 1 month ago

Nusa Penida woww

Bobby Stevens

Bobby Stevens . 1 month ago

The guttural H habitual begonia equally bathe because freezer distinctively complete failing a fast mattock. deadpan, fretful crayfish


LukeAMcDowell . 1 month ago

How can you talk about flopping without mentioning Lebron?


Nuffy . 1 month ago

I did the same for rockpaper scissors 39 time in a row!-_-

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