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Published on 11 months ago

Here are some incredible moments mainly in sports that if they weren't filmed, people would have a hard time believing them!

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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
In this video we commentate/report about some incredible moments that happened mainly during sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
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Comments :

Kakoli Akter

Kakoli Akter . 2 days ago

On 7:18 is like cars doing dance battle

Kurt Snyder

Kurt Snyder . 4 days ago

8:40 Lightposts are strong, so are fireplugs( fire hydrants). Ain't gonna knock one off and get a geyser of spraying water hitting one with a mere car or truck. There's eitht to ten feet of 3/4" cast steel tube goin' underground there. Maybe, just maybe a main battle tank might have a prayer of knocking it to the side but NONE of dislodging it like in totally unreal tv shows, cartoons , and movies.

Faiza Ansari

Faiza Ansari . 2 weeks ago

She is beautiful hhhhhh


Bargle5 . 2 weeks ago

The thumbnail piece is at 7:58.

La vida es bella

La vida es bella . 2 weeks ago

4:24 that's the cutest thing ever! <3

BTS ARMY lover

BTS ARMY lover . 3 weeks ago

0:35 that was the same thing that happened at my school

Eli Percival

Eli Percival . 3 weeks ago

That dolphin was like you can keep your shitty iphone and stop littering.

Luiz Henrique Barbosa da Silva

Luiz Henrique Barbosa da Silva . 1 month ago

ey brazil being referenced

Rajeev Shrivastava

Rajeev Shrivastava . 1 month ago

When he said she is beautiful, he was fully aware that they could hear him

Pearl Tayade

Pearl Tayade . 1 month ago

The girl in the thumbnail looks like Jenna Davis

shyla Vincent

shyla Vincent . 1 month ago

While I myself can't ice skate at all I still found nothing about that little clip remotely interesting let alone shocking or amazing

Iris Cpase

Iris Cpase . 1 month ago


Aadyant Sood

Aadyant Sood . 1 month ago

Game Developers are gonna fix the POLES soon....

Dibina Shakya

Dibina Shakya . 1 month ago

She should safe the dolphin 🐬 movement


kevin-GTR-TEAM . 1 month ago

funny edit with theat sing


BananaKings . 2 months ago

3:10 yeah she was hit by a fish, not a stop sign, still im dying

Skilleko no

Skilleko no . 2 months ago

4:35 lmao I was on this ride when it happened

Gabriel Steinacher

Gabriel Steinacher . 2 months ago

Why is the same guy puting the same video's on different videos? What a noob


themacs . 2 months ago

5:10 ... wheels? do not need wheels ... red bull gaves me wings

Naijshua Thomas

Naijshua Thomas . 2 months ago

3:20 GOLD

Cool Person

Cool Person . 2 months ago

2:57 Minecraft players: and that is how tnt explosion sounds are made

Lorraine Kennedy

Lorraine Kennedy . 2 months ago

The way he says Galway kills me😂it's pronounced "g-all-way"

꧁𝔅𝖚𝔟𝔟𝙡𝙮 𝑺𝖓o𝒘𝐟𝒍𝒂𝗸𝗲 ꧂

꧁𝔅𝖚𝔟𝔟𝙡𝙮 𝑺𝖓o𝒘𝐟𝒍𝒂𝗸𝗲 ꧂ . 2 months ago

Omg the seal was so cute! 😍😘☺️

Asad Marji

Asad Marji . 2 months ago

The erect chick methodically trade because title simplistically argue inside a direful tabletop. ill, profuse cooking


Daehawk . 2 months ago

Those two pickups with the hydrobeds reminded me of beetles about to fly away.


Weirdo . 2 months ago


Marsorry Ickua

Marsorry Ickua . 2 months ago

Ok, that lady that got saved by the pole needs to go thank the Municipality for her life! She was facing instant death right there!

Arvind Marthi

Arvind Marthi . 2 months ago

6:00 he deserves that for trying to kill our planet


KalingaNations . 2 months ago

I hope that reporter hit by the stop sign is OK.

R. Paul McCloskey

R. Paul McCloskey . 2 months ago

Why is the stop sign coming from the left (Her right) and the wind is clearly blowing in the opposite direction? Just sayin".

hero of thyme

hero of thyme . 2 months ago

these videos would be a lot better without narration

Nathaniel Cruz

Nathaniel Cruz . 2 months ago

2:57 That sounded like a rifle shot.

maji suvra

maji suvra . 2 months ago

What do u mean quite scary the police would come running thinking that it was a gun shot jesus

RAKESH ROSHAN (RA1912011010002)

RAKESH ROSHAN (RA1912011010002) . 2 months ago

that dolphin was cute


Misfits74 . 2 months ago

The golfer is Jamie Sadlowski he used to be the world long drive champion. Most normal pro golfers couldnt break the net like he did.

MR Murgas

MR Murgas . 2 months ago

Who has noticed that in all of his vids he never uses his actual voice he gets the voice over from Elliot! 😅

Fluffy Dango

Fluffy Dango . 2 months ago

In Norway we don't often see those things. I saw one much smaller whirlwind while driving home from a vacation.


ericmario7 . 2 months ago

Why this stupid music? I dislike that.

Laughing Skulls

Laughing Skulls . 2 months ago

8:00 Elena Radionova

Laughing Skulls

Laughing Skulls . 2 months ago

Apparently Red Bull gives you bad wheel bearings.

Lemaster56 Salisha Lilla

Lemaster56 Salisha Lilla . 2 months ago

The statuesque church differently ask because lawyer anaerobically serve outside a salty pasta. bouncy, snotty knowledge

Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams . 2 months ago

@6:44 where is our sky television?

Julie Minichová

Julie Minichová . 2 months ago

Those drones are giving me Megamind vibes

Rafael Lima

Rafael Lima . 2 months ago


Wavey Kirby

Wavey Kirby . 2 months ago

got it, if car comes towards me, go behind lamp post


MyKarateJournal . 2 months ago

Unbelievable - seal-proofed diver suit or Aquaman's power of the deep? Cool eother ways 🦭🔱😎

Fred Midtgaard

Fred Midtgaard . 2 months ago

if you post on the internet, which is international, using a measure only 5% of the world uses you are a prick!

Fred Midtgaard

Fred Midtgaard . 2 months ago

Miles is like a centimeter or?


DR PRANAV . 2 months ago

Football????? 2.40.. Ur repeating the same mistake in all of ur videos

The Biskee Boyz

The Biskee Boyz . 2 months ago

3:01 the police car

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