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Game Theory: The TRUTH Behind Nintendo's Amiibo Shortages
The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

Published on 4 years ago

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If you keep up with gaming news, then over the last two years, no doubt you've heard about the infamous Amiibo shortages, where Nintendo has failed to supply the US with enough Amiibo to meet the fan demand. But is it really a supply issue or does Nintendo have other plans? How are Europe and Japan able to have enough Amiibo but not the US? And Nintendo has historically had a pattern of creating shortages in the United States. Today, I'm looking at the economics of the Amiibo shortages to see what's really going on here.

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Comments :

Christian Pareja

Christian Pareja . 10 hours ago

I got a Wii Fit Amiibo at a Best Buy near me, it cost me $12

Declan McGinnis

Declan McGinnis . 2 days ago

MatPat that was a horrible joke they don’t do that PlayStation and Xbox to

Michelle Guzmán

Michelle Guzmán . 5 days ago

Now I want a Wii Fit Trainer amiibo

Yunamoon 13

Yunamoon 13 . 6 days ago

I live in germany and YEAH every shelve was full of amibos

Gacha Zane

Gacha Zane . 1 week ago

... I found so many Amiibo during the shortage

the beast l

the beast l . 1 week ago

Finnaly a benevit to live in europe

Lord Vader

Lord Vader . 1 week ago

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clifton fedyk

clifton fedyk . 1 week ago

Game theory: macroeconomics Ad comes on Me: saved by the ad

Mr doge

Mr doge . 1 week ago

Ladies and mangers I want to say NINTENDO SWITCH HAS REACHED TO KUWAIT IN 2019 OOF

Mr doge

Mr doge . 1 week ago

I have Nintendo switch

Mikala Engels

Mikala Engels . 2 weeks ago

"if you dont know about amiibo you probably don't watch game theory" me, watching like the tenth video and 4th vid of deadlock: *yeah, sure*

FoeHammer E419

FoeHammer E419 . 2 weeks ago

did anyone notice that the broken glass at:- 12:55 looks like an apple symbol? http://prntscr.com/ph4umk

Alfonso Gallardo

Alfonso Gallardo . 2 weeks ago


Nelia Du Plooy

Nelia Du Plooy . 2 weeks ago

Okay enough cute, let's finish this thing off. Me:nooooooooo....!😭

Shamaninur Sulyman

Shamaninur Sulyman . 2 weeks ago



Dannyboy66 . 2 weeks ago

Sorry it's not macroeconomics it's microeconomics

Alex Fern

Alex Fern . 2 weeks ago

Sorry I’m 3 years late. I was taking a nap

sexy mothman

sexy mothman . 2 weeks ago

"were going to be talking about the thrilling world, of macroeconomics" * Clicks off video *

Grey Thomas

Grey Thomas . 2 weeks ago

Just buy amiibo cards


XDLOLGAMER . 2 weeks ago

Did anyone notice that amiibo is a MII bo like on the WII


EulerPath . 3 weeks ago

I know I am a few years late, but I have another theory to add to this. Nintendo first introduced the NES to North America after the video game crash, everyone they showed the NES to loved it but no one wanted to sell it because of the crash. The crash was caused because the market was flooded with games that no one wanted to buy. So, I am thinking Nintendo doesn't want to be the one that will be known to cause the second video game crash by flooding the market again with too many games. So they play it safe and find that point of equilibrium before producing too much of a product.


[DATA EXPUNGED] . 3 weeks ago

**laughs in German**

Brandon Starstorm

Brandon Starstorm . 3 weeks ago

I feel like the Switch doesn't utilize amiibo enough. If big titles like Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey utilized amiibo for games of different series, it would be so much cooler! Imagine Breath of the Wild 2, but you can scan the Ice Climbers to put on an outfit similar to Popo's which can keep you warm in cold climates, or being able to dress Link up as the red plumber himself, perhaps even crazier, but simple ideas could be implemented, like villager's shirt as a clothing cosmetic, or even Palutena's fancy shield as a shield that can stop guardian lazers like the ancient shield? Breath of the Wild was out when amiibo were popular, and the only amazing content you could get from amiibo was from the legend of Zelda amiibo. Animal Crossing New Leaf added cool Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, and even Monster Hunter villagers to the game in an update and Mario Maker had almost every amiibo compatible with the game that unlocked cool cosmetics. The Switch lacks amiibo support, which is honestly kind of disappointing considering these figures made Nintendo so much money, but lack good compatibility in most major playable titles on the Switch.

Deonte Robinson

Deonte Robinson . 3 weeks ago

This got me thinking. How dangerous is the market for games, toys and other collectibles? We all at least have an idea for how risky it is to deal in other things like drugs and weapons, but there are a lot of high price action figures out there. Just a thought.... Im gonna do some research.


Ridley12 . 3 weeks ago

Matpat mentions economics... Hey, I'm taking Macro this semester of college! Lol

gijs jonkheer

gijs jonkheer . 3 weeks ago

Nintendo is far from having the broadest demographic customers in the world (and that is not even mentioning target demographics). And given that games seem to spread popularity more by word of mouth, most certainly in the key demographic of children, I would see them making the game accesable to them more as being motivated by popularity of the game/the game not dying out in the first year because of lack of players making it popular. Which basically gives them more chance of a cash-cow product.

NinjaNipple Dog

NinjaNipple Dog . 3 weeks ago

I don't see why you would bet on a corporation not shortcutting one portion of their consumers to increase demand, nor why you would expect their advertising budget to go down because theyre getting free advertising. (As matpat was saying, 10% of their income is advertising, why wouldnt they cut it when they have free advertising? Well, why would they? They get free hype from "earned media/advertising" type, its not normal for companies to cut their normal advertising budget when they receive the earned type.). *However*, this is purely disagreeing with the points, not saying that nintendo is purposefully running the shortages. The money from the scalpers is money nintendo doesn't see, and when the amiibos are in stock, they're back to base price. If they were increasing demand like that, you'd expect to see them back in american stores but with a mark up. Maybe, and hypothetically, were nintendo creating the shortages, they'd be happy to see the scalpers buying amiibos in bulk (to resell) in the other countries, thus increasing the units sold in those countries. More sold there, but nintendo would know those scalpers are making a net profit, and since they don't even like free emulators, I highly doubt thats their game.

Daniel Valentin

Daniel Valentin . 3 weeks ago

Mat Pat is Spider-Man ?????? Ilumanati confirmed


rose_milk . 3 weeks ago

Amiibos are the path to wasting all of my allowance on new ones that aren’t actually good.

Demolitionman 642

Demolitionman 642 . 3 weeks ago

I get it

Ninja O Dark

Ninja O Dark . 4 weeks ago

I own several rare ones lol, hope you find some.

René Blaga

René Blaga . 4 weeks ago

I live in germeny

Super squid fricks!!!

Super squid fricks!!! . 4 weeks ago

Who is just binge watching game theory videos on a Friday drinking soda playing video games?

Wiggly Wong

Wiggly Wong . 4 weeks ago

The intro is SOOOOOOOO epic at full volume with headphones on

Suck My Rubber Ducky

Suck My Rubber Ducky . 1 month ago

I remember being so happy when I got my Wolf Link amiibo because there weren't that many and you could only get them with the game I still only have a few amiibo, but I live the ones I have, my bro has a ton of them and he's been collecting since they came out He has almost all of the squid amiibo (minus the purple squid, we had to buy the green squid from Japan) They're really neat, at some point I hope to collect all of the Fire Emblem amiibo

Tanis Annicchiarico

Tanis Annicchiarico . 1 month ago

I know it's a bit old now, but they do the same thing in other countries too. They have a cycle they follow, where the US gets things in excess and Europe is shortchanged, and then we in the US get shortchanged and Europe gets it in excess. I agree with most of what you say, but with a background in economics and business management, I gotta say that enforced scarcity is not only a real thing, but it has nothing to do with an advertising budget. There is the science of loss aversion, and by artificially creating imposed scarcity you drive up sales with pseudo-exclusivity. You've brought up a lot of good points, but the thing is I don't personally feel you really proved your point in this one, my friend. All you've really done is explain some business practices, but due to some information you've misinterpreted I feel you're off the mark here. No disrespect here, just a counterpoint for consideration.

Little Alien Gaming

Little Alien Gaming . 1 month ago


Fighty Dragon

Fighty Dragon . 1 month ago

9:43 what if you haven't even been through high school?

Wulfric Cubing

Wulfric Cubing . 1 month ago

12:54 anyone else notice the apple logo there?

Dragonball studios

Dragonball studios . 2 months ago

Did anybody notice the Apple in the window

Dario Mirón Martinez

Dario Mirón Martinez . 2 months ago

FINALLY Nintendo Cares more about Europe!

Gives Me Conniptions

Gives Me Conniptions . 2 months ago

Is it bad that I’m holding my Shulk amiibo as I watch this? Probably not...I hope...

John Vazquez

John Vazquez . 2 months ago

Yeah it's like a game out of date and gets low price, but Nintendo is doing it backwards 😂😂😂 but bot with the games with the accessories in a way to keep it a balance priceses.👍 like the explanation sometimes I mis the plot but get general Idea.

Yash Sookha

Yash Sookha . 2 months ago

In europe it really costs 40 euro's where i live:the netherlands

Banana Master

Banana Master . 2 months ago

Wii fit is comon here

Core Studio

Core Studio . 2 months ago

The annotations don't work anymore?

vlad bigan

vlad bigan . 2 months ago

You got me at start


SlothTheCuber . 2 months ago

mAtPaT...and it's almost all in the United States and Canada. Puerto Rico: Am I a joke to you?

And I Boop

And I Boop . 2 months ago

Laugh in a British accent You sounded evil didn’t you?

Joe Novack

Joe Novack . 2 months ago

9:41 -- How artificially increasing demand works : Oh man, that product costs a lot of money. Now I want it more!! This is not how economics works.

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