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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 4 weeks ago

We're putting our money where our mouth is! We're creating Pinterest outfits by shopping thrift at Goodwill vs. fast fashion at Forever21! Next, tune in as we try PacSun for the first time! ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/V4Gd4EMAupM
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We #recreate #pinterest outfits by #shopping #thift vs. #fastfashion!

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Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 4 weeks ago

Where's your favorite place to thrift? Drop it below & we may try it!

video slacker

video slacker . 6 days ago

I think picking a theme or situation to create an outfit for would be a better test than trying to recreate an exact outfit. It's how most people actually shop. I'd like to see this challenge done to fit a vibe rather than a specific look.

Stephanie Armer

Stephanie Armer . 2 weeks ago

Drew, that goodwill outfit was perfect. Sinead, if you got those jeans in the goodwill haul that's amazing, they fit perfectly!

Erin Azose

Erin Azose . 3 weeks ago

the dollar tree

Hannah Gardner

Hannah Gardner . 3 weeks ago

You all should do something with ThredUp!

Sweet Cicely

Sweet Cicely . 3 weeks ago

Oh this is going to be good!!!!!!


YourMasterMonika . 3 weeks ago

Why Loryn is no longer in clevver?

Elise Sumner

Elise Sumner . 3 weeks ago

What is the name of the sage top that Drew found at Forever 21? I love it!


szaboanna33 . 3 weeks ago

You should try not just recreating an outfit but shopping for a look. For examle 'first meet with mother in law', theatre or festival look. So we can compare the stores in function and not just based on a picture

AnaEmilia Leuzinger

AnaEmilia Leuzinger . 3 weeks ago

sineade needs a reality check. girl go sew some clothes and then come back and stop saying you wanted 5 items to be cheaper than 50 $

Hair Me Rohr

Hair Me Rohr . 3 weeks ago

I freaking love goodwill!

Kristie Ray

Kristie Ray . 4 weeks ago

4:59 🤣🤣oh drew that mask is not going to protect you lmao pls be safe

Kristie Ray

Kristie Ray . 4 weeks ago

0:48 aaaahhhh Lilly is on a meme on clevver 😭😭 i love her sm

Katrina G

Katrina G . 4 weeks ago

Fun fact H&M is technically not fast fashion or are moving away from it. They have bins to put old clothing in at their stores for them to reuse the fabric. They have sustainable options and soon they will be having more.

Joscelyn Hamilton

Joscelyn Hamilton . 4 weeks ago

I don’t know why but when Archibald the asparagus showed up I busted out laughing! 10/10 editing

Lauren Houts

Lauren Houts . 4 weeks ago

What if for the thrift store instead of goodwill you use thread up. Easier than goodwill but still cheaper prices.

Nicole Barnes

Nicole Barnes . 4 weeks ago

Also keep in mind Goodwill prices vary drastically based on where in the country you are. The prices they listed in this video are way higher than any of the Goodwills I have been to in the NE, South, or Mid Atlantic, but it makes sense because they are in California.

Mara's Life

Mara's Life . 4 weeks ago

Do Walmart

Daniel MacDonald

Daniel MacDonald . 4 weeks ago

nice Tricker.

Elizabeth Krol

Elizabeth Krol . 4 weeks ago

I think I liked both goodwill outfits better

luly lulyanka

luly lulyanka . 4 weeks ago

these outfits were awesome! really loved the green shirt , shorts and pretty shoes from forever 21! but I wish they picked more complex outfits.

Michele Coler

Michele Coler . 4 weeks ago

Go to Marshalls or TJMaxx!

Amber A

Amber A . 4 weeks ago

more thrift videos for the win❤️❤️

maddy fields

maddy fields . 4 weeks ago

depop, mercari, or other selling apps/ platforms


S . 4 weeks ago

Honestly even stopping the Sheni/Zaful/Romwe videos would be so much better. They're all so horrible for both the environment and workers (and pretty much everything in between).

Amy Elizabeth Reads

Amy Elizabeth Reads . 4 weeks ago

I liked both Goodwill outfits better personally

Sarah Stephen Foshee

Sarah Stephen Foshee . 4 weeks ago

I felt drew complaining about being a size 11

mary hershelman

mary hershelman . 4 weeks ago

Funny, my Goodwill Hunting sprees are outfits for $20….


juliemouse92 . 4 weeks ago

It could be nice to do an online thrifting comparison between something like ThredUp and Forever 21.

Jane Biden

Jane Biden . 4 weeks ago

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list. In some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Rashauna Raphael

Rashauna Raphael . 4 weeks ago

Big Wendy Fitzwilliam RQ! (Woman in gold costume)

Dhanashree M

Dhanashree M . 4 weeks ago

No Buddy

No Buddy . 4 weeks ago

I love this new style of show!


Honey . 4 weeks ago

What is the deal with no cardigan? Hmm let me tell you cause they're all down here in FL where we don't figgin need them. Hey northern people come get your ugly winter clothes out of our stores ... it's still summer here!

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete . 4 weeks ago

You both look SOOOOOO GOOD!👏🏽❤️ You did an amazing job! Sinead is always so tough on herself… KNOCK IT OFF WOMAN!🗣😂

Loa Lane

Loa Lane . 4 weeks ago

I have better idea carrie came to check it frist hey cassie guss want I got a date with Mathew clvevver group my name is heather ha


lshardy1up . 4 weeks ago

I think they should go to other thrift stores. Goodwill is more pricey and they have horrible treatment/pay for their workers and exploit special needs workers by paying them below min wage cause somehow it's legal.

Paola Leonardi

Paola Leonardi . 4 weeks ago

Try Vinted for second hand clothes and accessories is the best!


carmela . 4 weeks ago

i really miss loryn,, why cany she just make another appearene t least? :(

Alyssa L

Alyssa L . 4 weeks ago

They need to do Goodwill vs Salvation Army. Also I love Drew’s mask


Alexpeacelovehappi . 4 weeks ago

I feel like Goodwill vs Target would be interesting!


aceheller11 . 4 weeks ago

You guys should consider thrifting in stores that aren't goodwill. They really aren't a good organization and are very transphobic. I understand they are convenient, but they really shouldn't be supported

Lindsay IRL

Lindsay IRL . 4 weeks ago

I’m 6’1 and have alwaysss been so self conscious of my size 11 foot.. Seeing Drew absolutely fckng rock her size 11 heels makes me feel some type of way.. In the best way🤍

Erica Beumel

Erica Beumel . 4 weeks ago

I don't get how they think Forever 21 is cheap. Same with Target.

Oats x

Oats x . 4 weeks ago

my thrift stores are 1$ each for clothing... 1-5 dollars tops. i guess it's because i live in a more rural area but... yay :) thrifting is better!

Diana Perry

Diana Perry . 4 weeks ago

You guys should try an online version where you swap out Goodwill for ThredUp

Amelie Lysaught

Amelie Lysaught . 4 weeks ago

Omg I saw this video on my recommended earlier today but it def had a dif thumbnail cuz I already knew about Drew’s green shirt look

satvir sidhu

satvir sidhu . 4 weeks ago

Why does Sinead have to be in every single video. Don't you have any other anchor like Erin, Jakie, Madlin and Loryn. I mean I like her but common guys in every single video its kinda irritating now.

Daisy Starlover

Daisy Starlover . 4 weeks ago

Walmart vs goodwill 🤪☺️


naynay_901 . 4 weeks ago

Rue 21

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