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Published on 5 days ago

lazarbeam attempts fortnite squid games

play here - 8443-5747-3271

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Comments :


LazarLazar . 5 days ago

shitposting on this channel while i work on some bigger main channel projects :)


ModernWeston . 10 seconds ago



Connorgamer96 . 3 hours ago

The show is insane


MytroEU . 4 hours ago

React me please

kip God of the rats

kip God of the rats . 4 hours ago

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Fredy Temaj

Fredy Temaj . 9 hours ago

What's the code

Jodi Porter

Jodi Porter . 10 hours ago

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Nikko Lopez

Nikko Lopez . 10 hours ago

Oh YEETS!!!!


NONSTOP . 10 hours ago


Life Of Lucas

Life Of Lucas . 11 hours ago

Amazing! https://youtu.be/2eyhE7C3OI4

Nihal Jayachandran

Nihal Jayachandran . 12 hours ago

How do I get in online lobbies?

Luke Witzaney

Luke Witzaney . 13 hours ago

Follow the link ⤵ to #WATCH!!✨ 🔗 youtu.be/mU6FEOwDKfo


OverCringe . 16 hours ago

Lazar please pin this comment I love your videos since I was like 8 could I PLEASE be in a video with you I really want to and everyday me and my friends do memes in Fortnite like you so I really want to talk with you

Chandu's Piano

Chandu's Piano . 18 hours ago

Why is it called squad games 😂

Alma Tou

Alma Tou . 18 hours ago

how can I get into that map?


Tox1c_BoltZ . 19 hours ago

They did the doll dirty bro...

Kristen Campolattaro

Kristen Campolattaro . 19 hours ago

Fortnite already died down

Ggcourt playz!

Ggcourt playz! . 21 hours ago

Suck it lucky ducky -LazerBeam #5:28

Jordan Ortiz

Jordan Ortiz . 22 hours ago

Bro I haven’t even had time to watch it and you guys are making videos about bruhhhhh😭😭😭


ranbir . 23 hours ago

I like how lannan progressed to 1:57 to 2:33 *In a matter of 36 seconds*


Miyuki💦 . 23 hours ago

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annag cocl

annag cocl . 23 hours ago

Can we just appreciate how much time Lazar puts into his videos?

Sai the Pogger

Sai the Pogger . 24 hours ago

Just finished watching the whole show just for no spoliers

But Why

But Why . 24 hours ago

disliking because its fortnite

Jake Smith

Jake Smith . 1 day ago

Honestly the guy that carried you across the bridge deserved to win

Jakub Tomaškovič

Jakub Tomaškovič . 1 day ago

Will you actually win vbucks ?

Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia . 1 day ago

Hella funny bro FUCk your squid games Lachlan 😇🥴🥴🥴


4nXi3Ty . 1 day ago

Love heart me or u give me 1 mil dollars

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose . 1 day ago

were u in the movie free guy?

Ricky McCall

Ricky McCall . 1 day ago

What is the code for this mode

Brayan Soto

Brayan Soto . 1 day ago



FakeFrenchBoy . 1 day ago


Flynn Hammond

Flynn Hammond . 1 day ago

It's a scam I won and got nothing

LumberPanic Dude

LumberPanic Dude . 1 day ago

You should play in the mrbeast squidgame

Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW . 1 day ago

Can we just appreciate how much time Lazar puts into his videos?


FLAT SKOOTZ . 1 day ago

Lazar beam: Its just like my regular channel but I still can't cuss Also lazar beam: FUCK UR SQUID GAMES LAUCLAN

Jᴇss ˡᵒᵛᵉˢ ᴜシ︎

Jᴇss ˡᵒᵛᵉˢ ᴜシ︎ . 1 day ago

0:26 lazarbeam's head says you will win while seeing these ᵗⁱⁿʸ cheeks

Deegan Giles

Deegan Giles . 1 day ago

What’s the code


ELMOS420WORLD . 1 day ago

Honestly YouTube would be boring without you lannan

Milán Borsodi

Milán Borsodi . 1 day ago

bro carryed u

Pandaboy Pizza Panda

Pandaboy Pizza Panda . 2 days ago

i love this 0:11


Catal . 2 days ago


Blazing Beast Vlogs

Blazing Beast Vlogs . 2 days ago

I love how the real name is "squad game"


NayNay . 2 days ago

What’s the code for the map


C1™ . 2 days ago

I got expelled for playing red light green light..........there reason was “you beat up the disabled kid because he lost” bruh

Olle Bolles Fun House

Olle Bolles Fun House . 2 days ago

i hate squid game

Hayden Lacasse

Hayden Lacasse . 2 days ago

He is a lot better then the rest it is just rigged


Shush_69 . 2 days ago


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