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Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover


Published on 5 months ago

Chop Suey Drum Cover: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/T8CaOHn4QxQ

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Comments :


jacksepticeye . 5 months ago

So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!

gamer boyxxx

gamer boyxxx . 1 hour ago

Avenged sevenfold is my favorite

allen pfau

allen pfau . 2 hours ago

Pull up some recommended jack, end up sitting at my dresser rocking out in a full grin cause I’ve never seen jack play his drums!

Sue Meriah

Sue Meriah . 3 hours ago

This is the cringiest flex i've ever fcking seen lmao he's such a pretentious douche


Dr4xX . 5 hours ago

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane is fun to cover on drums try it my dude

luca Heuvels-eyssen

luca Heuvels-eyssen . 5 hours ago

Jacksepticeye hope for ur next cover you do a song from nightwish :D you rock buddy


RaGe . 5 hours ago

Ride sounds like shit

Zappable Giraffe

Zappable Giraffe . 9 hours ago

Never have I seen a crash symbol so violated


m1st3r_m1sch13f . 11 hours ago



notoriousfive87 . 15 hours ago

Jacksepticeye u my good sir have made me drag out my drum set yet again to jam along with you good job sir :)

Blue Shot™

Blue Shot™ . 16 hours ago

The Rev approves

Killer Kirby

Killer Kirby . 21 hours ago

While I'm not sfan of the song or. Genre there's no denying your talent bud

Sierra Bell

Sierra Bell . 21 hours ago


Brandon Lyke

Brandon Lyke . 22 hours ago

Request: Korn-Cold

N Perm

N Perm . 1 day ago

How do you keep the high hat closed while your doing the double kick?

Swiftarroww _

Swiftarroww _ . 1 day ago

There has to be a Metal themed Unus Annus video with you as a guest start. If there isn't, I will be angry

Killer Green Bean

Killer Green Bean . 1 day ago

Can you do some Iron Maiden?

emily last

emily last . 1 day ago

I love how happy he looks when he first starts playing, it makes me so happy

slipknot anime

slipknot anime . 1 day ago


Danielle Shields

Danielle Shields . 1 day ago

you're so cool i wanna be like you someday

DavidTCE Ultra

DavidTCE Ultra . 1 day ago

Do a drum solo of Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills

Biggie Cheese

Biggie Cheese . 1 day ago


hailtotheking 19

hailtotheking 19 . 1 day ago

WOW your good man

Stephen Hoffman

Stephen Hoffman . 1 day ago

Good drums but they sound a little naked, maybe turn up the guitar a little bit?

Aarnie Silwal

Aarnie Silwal . 2 days ago

Megadeath - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Any metal heads, please help Jack see this

Leo Heatley

Leo Heatley . 2 days ago

This fuckin dope such an inspiration

Noah Bowen

Noah Bowen . 2 days ago

i love avenged sevenfold


PrincessBlueRose12 . 2 days ago

Your amazing Jack! Can you do a drum cover of Enter Sandman by Metallica next?

James Tipton

James Tipton . 2 days ago

No sh!t you play drums too?

Mikey Ramirez

Mikey Ramirez . 2 days ago

Hell yeah. I played in jazz class as a trumpet. Learned the drums after awhile. When listening to you I get the chills. We can all put our minds to what, we put our minds to. Double bass is one thing. But triple bass is another. Major respect for knowing the 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 arytbmetic. (Don't know if I spelt it write). But seriously even the chop suey you did. Bit off not but, you did good. Fuck it you did excellent. Love your content. Keep it up

Lil Slim

Lil Slim . 2 days ago

DANNY CAREY STICKS ALL THE WAY BROTHA 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 So Badass by the way... what is your foot technique?

Justin Rogocki

Justin Rogocki . 2 days ago

I always knew he was a drummer but i didnt know he was this good im a drummer to btw

Adam Clay

Adam Clay . 2 days ago

He's vibe'n

Bent Cook

Bent Cook . 2 days ago

Jack, I've been watching your channel for a couple years now and I really want to see some more drum covers come out (I'm a drummer too). Could you do Oblivion by Mastadon? It's an interesting song that you would love.

Bryan Williams

Bryan Williams . 2 days ago

Good shit! I think Rev would approve 🤘

Amber J

Amber J . 2 days ago

You’ve honestly never been hotter to me (besides when you had your longer hair) than when those feet get to going! Lol I wanna see you jam out on a regular kit. 👌🏻

Sold Toast88

Sold Toast88 . 2 days ago

Jack you should do 115 elena siegman

charlotte monkey

charlotte monkey . 2 days ago

You NEEEEDDD to do a cover of basket case by Green day it's the best.

TDK Dros Lil Bro

TDK Dros Lil Bro . 2 days ago

Next he should play his outro 😂😂😂😂


Wiwey00 . 3 days ago

Someone: Drums or Sean? Me: Yes.

WhoDarestheMAN gamer

WhoDarestheMAN gamer . 3 days ago



KINGOFDRAGONS 415 . 3 days ago

Another thing jack and I have in common I play drums have been for 16 years and I play games

Black Wolf Yang

Black Wolf Yang . 3 days ago

I sincerely hope you do more drum covers in the future, Jack. You're very good at them! 🖤🖤🖤


corruptRadiance . 3 days ago

Tool drum cover some time soon?

「和紙太陽 」

「和紙太陽 」 . 3 days ago

My leg normally: *perfectly still* My leg during an exam I didn't study for: 1:16


McChEeZeGrAdEr . 3 days ago

Hell yes man your awesome

Aries Tealshift

Aries Tealshift . 3 days ago

Jacksepticeye, there's another YouTuber named TheDooo, if your really don't know him, yourl two should totally write a song together

Nathan Pinnock

Nathan Pinnock . 3 days ago

I play drums and he is good


KarlTheAttackBucket . 3 days ago

You know, as an on and off viewer of Jack's content, it's refreshing to see that he's pushing himself in hobbies he's genuinely interested in. I just hope he's also a fan of TOOL, I'd really like to see him take a crack at Danny Carey's technical polyrythm prowess, it'd be the ultimate icing on the cake. Oh, and jack, if you read this: keep shredding dude, you're doing it right. Spiral Out. :D

LittleSquidge 99

LittleSquidge 99 . 3 days ago

Hey Sean play beast and the harlot or bat country

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