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Published on 5 years ago

Indigo may be a very vague and unnecessary color, but it has an interesting history that involves some plants, turmoil, and Isaac Newton's interest in the number seven.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Khalid . 2 months ago

Not sure if this is true. As far as I know that each color has a different electromagnetic wave. Therefore, there is indeed 7 different length of electromagnetic wave representing each color. Hence , there are 7 different colors. What makes more sense is the 2nd suggestion you proposed, which is what so called blue = cyan. Indigo = blue.

Stokbrood Kruimel

Stokbrood Kruimel . 2 months ago

It's weird to hear these things about my name...

Stefan the cup 36

Stefan the cup 36 . 3 months ago

Indigo deserves more... It's 1. Underrated 2. With it we can differentiate lgbtq+ and rainbow 3. It's also a name And 4/5. Because BøV sounds weird

Ворон Маусы

Ворон Маусы . 3 months ago

I might be wrong, but as far as I know, it's violet that shouldn't be part of a rainbow, as it doesn't exist. It's only an illusion, that's created by blue and red photoreceptor cones in the retina of our eyes. No?

Boilermaker Things

Boilermaker Things . 3 months ago

Indigo is my favorite color

Deborah Melo

Deborah Melo . 5 months ago

That’s the best show ever 💙


NTG . 7 months ago

Ah yes thanks youtube recommend


Kafke . 7 months ago

Or, you know, it's a different color? I count a total of *ten* colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Cyan (Newton's Blue), Blue (Newton's Indigo), Violet/Purple, Magenta, and then White and Black. White, Black, Orange and Violet/Purple aren't "pure" primary colors. Magenta, while being classified along with them, is physically distinct in that it doesn't associate with a wavelength of light. What weirds me out is how much cyan looks like blue, even though it is demonstrably a distinct color from blue. Likewise, it's weird that orange and purple have novel appearances, but other tertiary colors do not. And ofc white and black are the absence of color, and just gradations of brightness. Excluding white and black we've got 8 colors. Exclude the non-primaries (orange and purple) and we get 6: Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta. OR Red, Yellow, Green, 'Blue', 'Indigo', Magenta (or 'Violet'), if you wanna call them by other names. Orange is the only one of that original 7 that can't be related to a true primary color. Violet could refer to magenta, but likely refers to the magenta-blue mix that ends up being called purple. IMO, the true name of what people usually call 'blue' is actually indigo. And "cyan" is actually blue. This makes the roygbiv groupings accurate for the light spectrum itself when observing the colors, and ofc magenta, while distinct, isn't a part of that spectrum.

γεωργια Παπαπα

γεωργια Παπαπα . 7 months ago

In Greek we have exactly the naming you mention in 3:46 Your “Indigo” is called μπλε (blue) Your “Blue” is called κυανό (cyan) or γαλάζιο

Finlay Hamm

Finlay Hamm . 7 months ago

Violet is actually modern blue that why roses are red violet are blue

Femme Sammy

Femme Sammy . 9 months ago

"Look down at your lap. Are you wearing jeans?" "Haha no." "Even if you're currently in sweatpants-" *Fear*

Im Just Emily

Im Just Emily . 10 months ago

Jokes on You, Im in SHORTS

Manilyn Esparza

Manilyn Esparza . 10 months ago

Color Rainbow Violet Indigo Blue Green Yelow Orange Red

Manilyn Esparza

Manilyn Esparza . 10 months ago

Please answer.

Manilyn Esparza

Manilyn Esparza . 10 months ago

What can be mixed to be indigo

The Overthinker

The Overthinker . 11 months ago

0:03 I will have you know sir that I am buck naked right now... so definitely not wearing jeans or sweatpants.

Sarita Jain

Sarita Jain . 11 months ago

Lekh ke bheje


J F . 12 months ago

Indigo is the color of the 3rd eye chakra for us to awaken to connect to the crown chakra and go to higher consciousness.

BagelGel ツ

BagelGel ツ . 1 year ago

I was taught that the order of the rainbow is ROYGBP

Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty

Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty . 1 year ago

Having six colors makes way more sense than having seven colors. If you look at the color wheel there are six colors three primary colors and three secondary colors, but in the rainbow there is an extra color (indigo) which is a tertiary color so it doesn’t fit in with the other colors.

Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty

Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty . 1 year ago

Having six colors makes way more sense than having seven colors. If you look at the color wheel there are six colors three primary colors and three secondary colors, but in the rainbow there is an extra color (indigo) which is a tertiary color so it doesn’t fit in with the other colors.

Vishakha Sharma

Vishakha Sharma . 1 year ago

Today ,I know rainbow has not purple colour actually, the rainbow has indigo colour.


Soup . 1 year ago

Indigo is my favorite color and I think is pretty underrated for a color

Bob Rashley

Bob Rashley . 1 year ago

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain is the mnemonic we used at school. Yeah, I'm British.


MxseOfficial . 1 year ago

Today I found out who Roy G. Biv was...

Gerald Johnston

Gerald Johnston . 1 year ago

I like indigo 😡


3ghin5 . 2 years ago

I dont own any jeans, they are absolutely terrible to wear


Jay . 2 years ago

*Me before video:* _Uh, it's a colour...?_ *Me after video:* _Uh, jeans...the number 7...wet powder...crystals._

jenifer Kpundeh

jenifer Kpundeh . 2 years ago

Nice oneee

Dev Mandavi

Dev Mandavi . 2 years ago

Abe lowde ka baal kya bta rha hai

Seah BC

Seah BC . 2 years ago

Learn something everyday! I have always wondered why cyan is not included. Actually it is! Blue is cyan and indigo is blue. Thank you.

Little Mr Pinkness

Little Mr Pinkness . 2 years ago

The rainbow actually goes red, orange, yellow, green, AQUA, blue, purple, PINK. BECAUSE I SAID, THAT'S WHY. And by the way, color names get misspelled all the time online. Dre, roange, yeollw, ergen, quaa, buel, pruple, pnik, borwn, whiet, ergy, balck, but my two very favorite colors are, wait for it..... Glod and Sliver!

Antonia Faith

Antonia Faith . 2 years ago

It's weird to hear my name repeated over and over again

Lemon Bread

Lemon Bread . 2 years ago


Ce Sea

Ce Sea . 2 years ago

God gave us the rainbow with seven colors and now it's been used for the LGBTQ flag with six colors...I think the number isn't a coincidence lol

Rence Len

Rence Len . 2 years ago

Oh i get it indigo is dark blue i tought it was purple or vilolet

Marinella china

Marinella china . 2 years ago

wrong in ANCIENT greek indikòn means just indian (not the man) to say Indian dye you have to say in greek indiko chroma


Xerkies . 2 years ago

Didn’t even realize indigo was even in the rainbow


Annie . 2 years ago

This is my specific colour wheel: Red, Scarlet, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Light green, Green, Aqua, Cyan, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Indigo, Dark purple, Purple, Magenta, Hot Pink, Pink, Salmon, Red


MOSEYFANJANAY . 2 years ago

Turqouis looks way better than indigo


Travis . 2 years ago

Team Breezy


jsste . 2 years ago



ArkhamInmateE32b . 2 years ago

2:10 I see you hedged your bets on the "was he seeing cyan and blue and calling it blue/indigo”debate. ROY G CBIV! 3:17 What that hell are those and why did Roy G. Cbiv throw up all over them??

Gary Naccarto

Gary Naccarto . 3 years ago

The funny thing is when I draw rainbows I would use pink instead of indigo because pink would stick out more.

Gary Naccarto

Gary Naccarto . 3 years ago

The LBGTQ organization usaully has three primary and three secondary Indigo does not commonly appear.


TRUE JUSTICE Hash . 3 years ago

Indigo is not BLUE! All colors derive from indigo btw

Spidey_Sydney 3

Spidey_Sydney 3 . 3 years ago

I don’t understand indigo I only found out about the colour about a year ago I’m in grade 10..... HOW WAS I NOT TAUGHT ABOUT THE SEVENTH COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW UNTIL I FOUND OUT FROM THE INTERNET????

Tu Phung

Tu Phung . 3 years ago

Indigo is a dark colour between blue and purple. Indigo clothing was a sign of luxury in the past because indigo dye came from a rare plant. It was very expensive, and few people could wear clothes made with this dye. Now we use indigo dye to make blue jeans.

Inigo Birden

Inigo Birden . 3 years ago

Well I can't say it's helped with how people say my name.


GlowingBentley . 3 years ago


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