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USA Network

Published on 4 days ago

After buying a Good Guy Doll at a neighbor's yard sale, 14-year-old Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) quickly learns this isn’t just another ordinary doll, but one he needs to be very careful with ... or else. Chucky Season 1 Episode 1. Watch new episodes of Chucky, Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network and SYFY.

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About Chucky:
In the new CHUCKY television series, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos after a vintage ‘Good Guy’ doll turns up at a suburban yard sale. Soon, everyone must grapple with a series of horrifying murders that begin to expose the town’s deep hypocrisies and hidden secrets. Meanwhile, friends and foes from Chucky’s past creep back into his world and threaten to expose the truth behind his mysterious origins as a seemingly ordinary child who somehow became this notorious monster.

Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler
Bjorgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans
Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross
Teo Briones as Junior Wheeler
Devon Sawa as Lucas Wheeler
Lexa Doig as Bree Wheeler
Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany
Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce
Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay
Christine Elise as Kyle

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Comments :

USA Network

USA Network . 4 days ago

Want more of your favorite Good Guy? Watch the extended full episode NOW on SYFY: https://syfy.tv/WatchMoreChucky

YouTube Shadow Glock

YouTube Shadow Glock . 2 minutes ago

Bro I'm so high for episode 2 this is the best ever I subscribed it like bro you all are the insame

Carroll Ware

Carroll Ware . 5 minutes ago

This series explains and shows why a lot of children resent their parents.


marii . 37 minutes ago

We all know what happened to the last cat 💁🏽‍♀️

Tonii Flores

Tonii Flores . 40 minutes ago

Awesome Pilot Episode... That Auditorium Scene Was Executed So Well Had Me Rolling xD

Jarius Baker

Jarius Baker . 47 minutes ago

You know it doesn’t take a series to realize why chucky is a killer. Everybody he ever cared about betrayed him. I foreshadow Jake will too! All he ever wanted was a family & real friends.

Gr33n 3ggs

Gr33n 3ggs . 55 minutes ago

Was not the biggest Child's Play fan; but I watched because it's a horror program. Needless too say; I REALLY enjoyed this. Second time watching. Love the plot & the characters. Can't wait for episode 2.

Img 500

Img 500 . 56 minutes ago

OK first of all and further most why is there a Billie Eilish song in the Chucky franchise that has nothing to do with it


TWalters . 1 hour ago

The ventriloquist scene was genius

Ria Lequay

Ria Lequay . 1 hour ago

I’m here for this. Thank you


aronplaysroblox . 2 hours ago


joshua opont

joshua opont . 2 hours ago


Carlos Espinosa

Carlos Espinosa . 2 hours ago

Cats named, Binx. P cool. Nice lil nod at Hocus Pocus. It’s also the name of my 🐈‍⬛

Sour Shadow

Sour Shadow . 2 hours ago

never seen any childs play content that didnt entertain and this right here is brillaint

joshua opont

joshua opont . 2 hours ago

Ayo junior spice talking with jake is too wild lmaoo


NJ B. . 3 hours ago

I'm glad Chucky stood up for Jake in this episode.

Ahryn White

Ahryn White . 3 hours ago

People aren't actually like this 😂😆😂😆 wtf

It's The Model In Me 🖐️🙄

It's The Model In Me 🖐️🙄 . 3 hours ago

Chucky rlly said..: I'm not putting up with this again


UAa320 . 3 hours ago

Series looks good so far I like all the teasers from the past movies.

Roy Hoy!

Roy Hoy! . 3 hours ago

My question is, why is Chucky helping Jake?

Nicholas Cuccaro

Nicholas Cuccaro . 3 hours ago

I thought the uncle and the father were twins at first lol

Roy Hoy!

Roy Hoy! . 3 hours ago

Episode 1 is a 3/5. Can't wait to see episode 2!

The Mynor

The Mynor . 3 hours ago

Ok, I'm on board. Gimme episode 2

Camille Lombardo

Camille Lombardo . 4 hours ago

Loved it!!! The Outsiders poster was beautiful! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Strike first baptist

Strike first baptist . 4 hours ago

Chucky defends 🏳️‍🌈 lol didn't see this coming

Shy guy E

Shy guy E . 4 hours ago

I have exactly the same pocket knife as the kid

William Bartee

William Bartee . 4 hours ago

Why were the parents looking at her sister like that?


poshpearls23 . 4 hours ago

So I'm not even a horror person. At ALL. This came one one night while I was at the gym and I plucked up the courage to watch it. Thankfully they had comedy on the next TV so I had a safety net. Turns out it was just the amount of suspense and comedy and I was shocked how much I enjoyed it! Maybe because it was made for TV, Idk. Either way it was a dope intro episode! Low-key kinda curious to see where it goes.

Nicholas Cuccaro

Nicholas Cuccaro . 4 hours ago

Do we know what the pills were for. We never knew throughout the entire episode

sydney hudson

sydney hudson . 4 hours ago

This is awesome! Can’t wait for episode 2


SC . 4 hours ago

I'm glad they let Chucky swear like in the movies.

Rashaun Blake

Rashaun Blake . 5 hours ago

good episode looking forward to ep 2

Chris Darbonne

Chris Darbonne . 5 hours ago

Loved it


BlueFeather . 5 hours ago

a lot of video artifacts


BOSS LADY . 5 hours ago

How about that Teacher's Potty Mouth....Lmao... This is my New Series to watch...this was SO...... entertaining🧒

Mobile Technoblade

Mobile Technoblade . 5 hours ago

Good to have Don Mancini back!!

Royce loves his shotgun

Royce loves his shotgun . 5 hours ago

Seller: You into "Vintage"? Buyer: I'm into "Retro" Seller: What's the difference? Buyer: About $10 Loved that bit💯

Sharon McLean

Sharon McLean . 5 hours ago

They made too many chucky rich...everybody wanted a my buddy doll when they was young


TheyCallMeMoose . 6 hours ago

I was terrified of Chucky when I was little kid..being 30 now & seeing him brought back in a tv series didn’t interest me at 1st -If it wasn’t here on YT I would’ve never gave it a shot...they really knocked it out with this one! I want to watch the next episode already lol.


Jermaine . 6 hours ago

That legendary voice!!


Miketrapper04 . 6 hours ago

I love the music choice

queer libtard hippie

queer libtard hippie . 6 hours ago

this is the first time i've been interested in syfy in a while LOL it's pretty cool


COOCHIEMAN . 6 hours ago

They need to show before he becomes a doll


Metro . 6 hours ago

Can never get enough of Tvd

Truly Amazing Spider-Man

Truly Amazing Spider-Man . 6 hours ago

So you have a kid with a jason necklace in a chucky world? Wtf

Chris W

Chris W . 6 hours ago

Since when is chucky a real GOOD GUY worried about bullies. Thanks disclaimer….

Kale smooth

Kale smooth . 6 hours ago

That looks like the house from child's play 2 on the inside


DarkestDesires . 6 hours ago

This made me realize how much I missed Chucky, love the atmosphere, camera angles, was afraid in the beginning that it would be soft because of the setting and not bring the feel of the films to the show, I was also thrilled to see the scene at 38:00 absolute favorite part, next to chucky finally speaking, I missed that dialogue of his, so evil yet holds dark humor. Really good acting in this so far, you know the acting is good when a character makes your blood boil. Two least favorite characters was Jakes father and the blonde female that has a big ego and is a brat. I hope chucky gets rid of her. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I hope they don't hold back the blood. Nostalgia trip here.

Todd Jumper

Todd Jumper . 6 hours ago

Just this episode alone was better than that Childs play reboot.


sinbadyouz . 6 hours ago

Love it 😍

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