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Published on 4 days ago

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist ► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/cNG1QNQPlNE
I'm making a game! ► https://twitter.com/NotOnlyNine
Summoner Dungeon gameplay ► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/QwAQuSsRK_c


Twitch streams ► https://www.twitch.tv/larryzaur
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Larryzaur . 5 days ago

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNG1QNQPlNE&list=PLkVi8X_8kdd7i-AmsbFGhlc__HqSEn8cR Also Note: I tried glamouring Egi's but it didn't work in this media tour build. Also Physick is still useless!

Jared Coulston

Jared Coulston . 4 minutes ago

Was wondering if physic was still going to be there... looks like it is.... but how did SLEEP get there?!


Abionx . 1 hour ago

said this in a diff vid but ill say it again, wish the carbuncle did a range auto atk or something so it doesint feel like its just for decorations sitting next to you like your non combat pets.

Kuri Curry

Kuri Curry . 3 hours ago

love your vids Larry! \o/ SMN looking EPIC

Gerardo Merino

Gerardo Merino . 6 hours ago

I love this, ngl, when I first started the game I wanted to be a SMN, as coming from playing the games I always loved summoning the likes of Ifrit, Titan, Bahamut, etc but when I found out it was a DoT based class I backed off. So glad to see summoner is now an actual summoner, got me so hyped for EW

Marshall Hashey

Marshall Hashey . 6 hours ago

time to cap summoner before endwalker... =O

Cody Willis

Cody Willis . 8 hours ago

Great video, got me hyped! Subbed!

Nick Whiskey

Nick Whiskey . 8 hours ago

cool, might get me to resub with all these changes


goldmeistergeneral . 9 hours ago

I love that you badly edited the Akh Morning rotation wheel to make the new rotation image xD

Von Ritzenhoff

Von Ritzenhoff . 9 hours ago

Clap 👏 for the chimken nugget 👏

Lyndsey MacPherson

Lyndsey MacPherson . 9 hours ago

Looks more complex and fun, to me. But I don't think I will be able to play summoner casually anymore. It will be more of a full-time vocation.

Pandora Panini

Pandora Panini . 10 hours ago

Gonna be honest, I tried Arcanist/Summoner a long time ago (read: pre-Stormblood) and could never get into it. These changes feel good enough that I'm willing to go back and try it again once Endwalker drops.

Greg Brown

Greg Brown . 10 hours ago

This looks amazing! I always felt kinda cheated by not being able to use the actuall summons that we fought against.


Kalianos . 11 hours ago

I can't wait to go back and see how they changed the class quests if they did. Also, We are Summoners!

wnnalis cioov

wnnalis cioov . 14 hours ago

THIS!!! I was specifically waiting for the embargo lift to catch your EW SMN vid. And exceeded expectations. My main is gonna be refreshing! Thank you Larry!!!

bigjo yu

bigjo yu . 15 hours ago

My only fear is how they will handle the damage for lower levels.

Scott Adams

Scott Adams . 16 hours ago

I just want to play as Rydia

Ian M

Ian M . 16 hours ago

I...Summoner I so excite.

Yoga Ginanjar

Yoga Ginanjar . 18 hours ago

All haill Summonerrr!!


tankz . 18 hours ago

so what's the point of physick? is it still useless is it getting changed for smn? and if not why not remove it?

Adam Burris

Adam Burris . 18 hours ago

but what happened to physick


LGX . 19 hours ago

Still waiting for Rahmu, Shiva and Leviathan summons :c


Gene . 21 hours ago

One month to go… oh lord this is going to be absolutely painful 😫😫 playing after knowing all this is just… I can’t even put it into words. Guess I’m going to focus on honing my sch skills since it doesn’t change at all in comparison lol

Dallas Jennings

Dallas Jennings . 22 hours ago

Just looking at how clean those hotbars are I'm crying tears of joy


Sacrilegion . 22 hours ago

No dots? /unsub

Walt R. Buck

Walt R. Buck . 23 hours ago

Too bad we didn't get the promised new demi. Demi Lovato.


Sage . 1 day ago

As a summoner main this is super exciting


Pictavienne . 1 day ago

SMN is one of my favorite class to play because it's kinda complicated, I don't like jobs that feels braindead so I'm very happy about SE not making it easier to play.

klauidnmso ldfjusmsh

klauidnmso ldfjusmsh . 1 day ago

real question here is if the smn's heal still heals like shit or is a proper oh shit button


Mishka . 1 day ago

Slap slap slap, clap clap clap. <3

Lucas Peixoto

Lucas Peixoto . 1 day ago

just wanted to say that as a summoner main for about a full year now (when I started playing) and only now did I notice that the ekindle bahamut icon is a person holding a book and not a winged hammer besides that I'm really excited with these changes, and can barely wait for EW


Tepeshu . 1 day ago

a lot of people saying smn mains deserved this upgrade, and thats true and all. But above anything else, TITAN deserved this. 470 potency per gcd? outdamaging ifrit and garuda? finally justice for our boy. He doesn't have the most metal theme to be a shield bot.


wacman13 . 1 day ago

Since i'm gonna main scholar, i'm glad to have also an awesome dps :D

Sophia Lafergola

Sophia Lafergola . 1 day ago

[heavy breathing intensifies]

Ki Chan

Ki Chan . 1 day ago


Jamal Downer

Jamal Downer . 1 day ago

Abs: always be summoning

Bread Loaf

Bread Loaf . 1 day ago

As someone who's played Summoner since Heavensward, and Summoner having been my favorite class throughout all of final fantasy, Yoshi P has SPOILED US OMFG


Averax . 1 day ago

Im just sitting here thinking "where am i gonna put all these new buttons!" then i remembered. No more miasma, bio, bane, or current tri-disaster. I will say, carbuncle just sitting there doing nothing is a little awkward.


theSkyRunner54 . 1 day ago

Tri-Disaster is still there.. Some ****really**** likes it


Shtaf . 1 day ago

I've held off on giving ffxiv a chance when i heard that the summoner does not actually summon anything. Probably giving it a shot now, looks cool

Raphael DDL

Raphael DDL . 2 days ago

I'm happy you were chosen, when SE sent a survey about XIV few months ago, they did ask for like 5-6 names of youtubers/streamers. You were my #1 on the list :D


LaDell . 2 days ago

YES LAWD!!!! I was thinking about changing my class for endwalker as I've mained summoner for the last 2 years, but omg this is like a whole new experience. Looks like sage and reaper have to wait 😭😂.

Kyle Murrell

Kyle Murrell . 2 days ago

The job gear is so cute! I'm so excited for these changes as well.


Mirek . 2 days ago



Lithiel . 2 days ago

Omg searing light?!?! We got that now! Yay!! I’m so happy and excited for this!!!!

Michael Hay

Michael Hay . 2 days ago

No DOTs ... Gosh that is fantastic. Started FFXIV in May as a Summoner, and I love the class now. This, though. Ahhhhh shit! Gonna be awesome!


Kaeiand . 2 days ago

Personally, I still think I'm more of a fan of the DoT play style. Here's hoping an old or new job can revisit that someday, and provide what was taken from Summoners this expansion.


Rapportus5 . 2 days ago

EVERYBODY - EVERYBODY GET A GAP CLOSER! - * VOice of Dennis Reynolds *

John Bailey

John Bailey . 2 days ago

This class looks very complete now.

line 98

line 98 . 2 days ago

Between new summoner looking amazing, and Sage being an even worse dumpster fire than scholar, leveling summoner/scholar is looking real good

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