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Noel Philips

Noel Philips

Published on 2 years ago

I took a flight with India's largest airline IndiGo Airlines onboard an Airbus A320 to try out Low Cost flying - Indian style!

#indigo #india #indigoairlines

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Comments :

Noel Philips

Noel Philips . 2 years ago

Hope you enjoy the video! Check out my trip report for this flight at https://simpleflying.com/flight-review-indigo-ahmedabad-to-mumbai/ Please consider supporting me on Patreon for early video access and more: http://patreon.com/inflightvideo Follow me on Twitter: @inflightvideo Β¦ https://twitter.com/inflightvideo Follow me on Instagram: inflightvideo Β¦ https://www.instagram.com/inflightvideo

Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh . 3 weeks ago

Ive been travelling with Indigo for the past 10 years and never had a bad experience (maybe few delayed ones which is fine) the staff is friendly ,always assist you washrooms are clean and theres enough legroom space take offs and landings are always smooth and comfortable I was able to travel to singapore ,dubai and maldives with Indigo I hope more international flights with indigo opens up in the future

Kunal Goswami

Kunal Goswami . 1 month ago

Spicejet below average


Hav550 . 2 months ago

Flew IndiGo once from Hyderabad to Chennai and I was really impressed with their on time performance!

Shohini DasGupta

Shohini DasGupta . 2 months ago

I quite like travelling Spicejet. Though even with my height of 5' nothing, i wish the leg room was better!!

Jithin Rajan

Jithin Rajan . 4 months ago

Can someone please tell the song name played at the beginning and end of the video

Dr Zeus

Dr Zeus . 4 months ago

Hard to find a jumbo 747 India airlines nowadays...


songfreakish . 5 months ago

Racisit bstd..

Abhijit Sule

Abhijit Sule . 6 months ago

spice jet is nice

Shivanand Prabhoo

Shivanand Prabhoo . 6 months ago

Very good video

Jo Manickathan

Jo Manickathan . 7 months ago

Hi why don’t you visit Kerala India and CIAL (COK) Kerala largest airport

majpravaal sharma

majpravaal sharma . 7 months ago

Don't like the security or our airports don't come to India. We are not begging you. You come to earn your money....so go elsewhere.

majpravaal sharma

majpravaal sharma . 7 months ago

Lol every 'Firangi' uses this free to use background music. Stereotype.

Aussie A-Kay

Aussie A-Kay . 7 months ago

flew with them twice and they are absolutely fine and great to fly with...should try next time.. shouldnt trust everything you read/hear internet.

satyam kumar

satyam kumar . 7 months ago

Airport mai job karne ke liye sampark kare no -9903595576

Sarbjeet Singh jassal

Sarbjeet Singh jassal . 8 months ago

Amazing music 🎢 punjabi song

Indranil Chakrabarty

Indranil Chakrabarty . 9 months ago

Well done, Noel !!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Indranil Chakrabarty

Indranil Chakrabarty . 9 months ago

Hope you live in a slum in India for the rest of your life. Noel ( Bloody ) Phillips

Pradip Bhattacharjee

Pradip Bhattacharjee . 11 months ago

Spicejet is Good but Indigo is Bang on Punctuality in India Brother!

White Rabbit Studios

White Rabbit Studios . 1 year ago

Spicejet used to have red anodised hand rests but they were never done properly, looked you were in a Murder crime scene

J Kumar

J Kumar . 1 year ago

Hey Noel, looking back at my schedule, I was the pilot on this particular flight yours! I'm very happy to hear that you had a positive and pleasant experience with us. Here's the answers to a few questions you posed: - Apologies for the prolonged wait during engine start, this was due to the last minute change of runway and another aircraft was before us in sequence for taxi (The apron in AMD is very congested indeed!). - At IndiGo, we hire only female cabin crew not as a token of antiquated sexism, but as a means for women's empowerment. Interestingly IndiGo, has a higher number of women than men in the workforce, which is an incredible achievement for a country like India. You may hear 'theories' that young females weigh less, allowing the airline to save on costs but I can assure you that's bogus. - We believe in low prices but never low quality, that's evident in alot of our branding. Glad to see that you had an on-time,hassle free and courteous experience with us (That's our motto) & I hope to fly you sometime again in the future :) PS: I wish I had come out to greet you as you left!

Rukmi Dilrukshi

Rukmi Dilrukshi . 1 year ago

Great experience It was my fist flight ever As a child I flew from colombo to bangalore

Laoshi Lai La

Laoshi Lai La . 1 year ago

The steam wasn't coming out of the vents it was the condensation or the vapour. When hot and cold air meet it creates that fog like or steam like effect

Srijit Mukherjee

Srijit Mukherjee . 1 year ago

Spice is a tricky airline. They were super bad but then they kind of bounced back after the management was handed over to the first owners. They do offer a better booked meal service than Indigo. Indigo is dependable, Spice may not be. On an average they hardly matter when you're a weekly Delhi Mumbai passenger. You go for the cheaper tickets tbh.


LDR . 1 year ago

Well India is Democracy with Mixed Economy!! and IndiGo is Private Company... so they can very well recruit only Women or if they want only Men.... not just airlines most of companies across all industries recruit mostly Women for customer care at reception desks


HIN HOE CHEW . 2 years ago

nice eview

manish jaipuriyar

manish jaipuriyar . 2 years ago

IndiGo cares about people on wheelchairs

James Lakeman

James Lakeman . 2 years ago

How do you figure out how old your plane and the history of it?


mtfbwy78 . 2 years ago

India and chaos? Never? πŸ˜‚

The last time i took a shower was

The last time i took a shower was . 2 years ago

delhi airport looks shit.


loveuall3169 . 2 years ago

I dont know why Indian govt do something about those slums. It gives a completely wrong picture of India & Mumbai specifically

Arun Singh Dhaliwal

Arun Singh Dhaliwal . 2 years ago

Don't take spice jet ever


Prodbyvivek . 2 years ago

Those slums generate more economy than a lot of countries, just cuz they are slums doesn't mean all of them are poor or at least in India


Prodbyvivek . 2 years ago

No offense but Ahemdabad airport is one of the not so good looking airports in India, I love Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bengaluru airports

Rahul Pandey

Rahul Pandey . 2 years ago

Been there , that slums in mumbai genrate 4 billion $ in revenue from various small scale shops and industry. People have air conditioning, wifi and cable tv.



Indigo very bad airlines time and money west

Preethika Kannan

Preethika Kannan . 2 years ago

Spice jet has very bad landings

Reeshabh Jain

Reeshabh Jain . 2 years ago

The prices of house is so expensive that even a middle class person who makes Rs 100000 per month lives in slum report by scroll.in

ALi Khr

ALi Khr . 2 years ago

@5:15 the reason behind a late start is the regulations in India as Aircraft cannot start until completion of push back mostly due jet blast and pushback truck damage avoidance....

Donald Knowles

Donald Knowles . 2 years ago

Please Sir do a review of Air Force One


Ryoss . 2 years ago

Can you try SalamAir - they're a low-cost airline based in Oman

Rahil Raza

Rahil Raza . 2 years ago

Not a temple wall. Just a sample of the Mughal architecture period.

Amitesh Kothiyal

Amitesh Kothiyal . 2 years ago

What does the YouTuber means by saying " in India you can't even ask for more " i.e India has no luxury ... Typical stereotypism as expected from him . πŸ‘Ž

Ankit Berry

Ankit Berry . 2 years ago

Spice jet is as good/bad as Idigo... The only difference being IndiGo has more planes and that makes a huge difference. And check out Vistara for premium Indian flying.

Aviation News India

Aviation News India . 2 years ago

I flew Indigo from Lucknow to Delhi 2 weeks ago and their service was excellent and the plane was nice and clean.

Gurtek Punjabi

Gurtek Punjabi . 2 years ago

This airline feels like sitting on roadways bus😁😁😁


A1pha . 2 years ago

SpiceJet is the second name of delay and shitty service

Ashesh Choudhury

Ashesh Choudhury . 2 years ago

ΰ₯‡ SpiceJet and Indigo are almost equivalent in terms of service.

Shalini R

Shalini R . 2 years ago

I like indigo

varun verma

varun verma . 2 years ago

I could completely sense racism in the video. And what did you mean by 'when in Indua , you can't ask for any more'. How much do you know India and Indians? The first thing that differentiates us from people like you is that we do not pass such comments. Moreover I have seen other videos of you. You have a problem with pretty much everything. Haha!

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