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Published on 2 weeks ago

dream's been punching obsidian for three months
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Comments :


Technoblade . 2 weeks ago

forgot to spam this mid-stream but EVERYBODY SUBSCRIBE I NEED 9 MIL FOR MY EGO

dhEnz Jan

dhEnz Jan . 18 minutes ago

what about the last elder portel did dream did that????

Aslan KIngoffoam

Aslan KIngoffoam . 1 hour ago

USE MITHRODAKS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eduardas Galvonas

Eduardas Galvonas . 2 hours ago

Mr.Quacki has signed his death warrant.

Sacred Darya

Sacred Darya . 2 hours ago

Quackity acting saucy with all that equipment. Wonder what he’ll do when Techno shows up in full gear. Hopefully squeal.

Matthew Coffey

Matthew Coffey . 3 hours ago

Techno even tho u did escape dream is in there SAVE HIM


Timelessed . 4 hours ago

let me point out how the sign above the lava pit said "Orphan Incinerator"

Gustavoo _TOP

Gustavoo _TOP . 5 hours ago


Cool potato

Cool potato . 6 hours ago


jason atterwill

jason atterwill . 7 hours ago

Dude i missed the stream because my phone was dead and my charger broke techno pls do the entire stream again


Known_as_BOT . 7 hours ago

Ok guys, this is the part they plan the dream escape from prison, we have to wait another 3 months for techno to start streaming again about it!

Aarav Aaraf

Aarav Aaraf . 7 hours ago

Please save dream help him escape


jeyhey . 11 hours ago

Startisin the streeeeeeeeeeem 0:04


Kenzo . 12 hours ago

I wanna stab orphans too!!!

Jonatán Jáki

Jonatán Jáki . 12 hours ago

No one: The two best mc players in the world:

Dana Drown

Dana Drown . 12 hours ago


Ranel Ejares

Ranel Ejares . 13 hours ago

Bro techno how many dog do you got plus one at prison

Superheroz Hub

Superheroz Hub . 14 hours ago

I like how he says 'bro' to everyone

Shehryar Mushir

Shehryar Mushir . 15 hours ago

dream has made the advancement eye spy lmfaoo

Angwara Phanuwatsuk

Angwara Phanuwatsuk . 15 hours ago

Bruh just do this make a fake revival book say its the real one get out of it then yell out its fake and escape thats all you guys have a lot of books anyway

Yuan Bernard C De Arce

Yuan Bernard C De Arce . 15 hours ago

wither are good mining slaves

Parth Singh

Parth Singh . 16 hours ago

All those who want the next dream smp stream like this comment

FutureBee 1687

FutureBee 1687 . 18 hours ago

Wtf is wrong with u blade

The Gentlemen’s Gaming

The Gentlemen’s Gaming . 19 hours ago

Get better techno remember techno blade never dies

Nirvaan Aggarwal

Nirvaan Aggarwal . 19 hours ago

yes I knew it, techno would use the pearl to teleport i knew it .

Kay Hatcher

Kay Hatcher . 21 hours ago

blade why do you take so long to post another video

Ashvini Patel

Ashvini Patel . 21 hours ago

Face reavel Pls

zoro the piece

zoro the piece . 21 hours ago

Funny tho you running and then gone and quackity be like 😤🤬

A Australian creeper

A Australian creeper . 22 hours ago

Ive heard there was a special place where men could go emancipe the brutality and tyrany of there rulers well this place was real and know its gone techno & dream planted a bomb its a very big and definitely blown up l'manburg

Wilmer Hernandez

Wilmer Hernandez . 22 hours ago

Shut yp quackity beo u better not kill them dudo

Hoàng An Tô

Hoàng An Tô . 22 hours ago

Quackity:I have a pickaxe,and i put it in you f**king teeth

shadow dragon

shadow dragon . 22 hours ago

for the ender pearl stasis chamber to work, he has to stay logged in or else it would have despawned, so either this episode was scripted, or Technoblade's PC is pure fire

Carianne -Draws

Carianne -Draws . 23 hours ago


xai plays

xai plays . 23 hours ago

I like im thingking what techno say and ik alot of chance they can escape and techno finally think about 1 in first 5 minute


Rocafiel . 1 day ago

Techno is one of the few "famous" youtubers that actually dont make bias content and it deserves a sub lol

Jerry Waterson

Jerry Waterson . 1 day ago

How do I see the rest of the vods

BKS Roleplays

BKS Roleplays . 1 day ago

Is the SMP now a Roleplay?!

Domanick Lee

Domanick Lee . 1 day ago


Larry The Manager

Larry The Manager . 1 day ago

Lmao Technoblade really said “peace out”


EvilStan . 1 day ago

Wow your really good at drawing also I hope you get better

Generlc Human

Generlc Human . 1 day ago

Theory: Techno and Dream did the do and gave birth to the dog.

Dillon Myers

Dillon Myers . 1 day ago

Quackity managed to get through with all of his belongings!

Dillon Myers

Dillon Myers . 1 day ago

at least he has a bell! btw, what got Technoblade into prison?


Amber-Chan . 1 day ago

My granny had a dog named RatRat, he died of heart failure, he was an asshole that almost bit my toe off when i was little, i hated him, and still do, Chiwawas are evil


Krimson . 1 day ago

Does anyone know if there's a way to block a stasis pearl?

vignesh prabhu m

vignesh prabhu m . 1 day ago

Tb never dies

AUS Grizzly

AUS Grizzly . 1 day ago

So... Anyone bothered by the one of the endportal table corners facing the wrong way???


Drifty_Boi . 1 day ago


༺Water Waves༻

༺Water Waves༻ . 1 day ago

When quackity said "I have a pickaxe and ill put through your teeth" just said everything thing


Glitchy . 1 day ago

I wish that when he escaped he would’ve said not even close

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