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Published on 12 months ago

More About Belly Button • Why is my belly button wet and smelly?


“Are you attracted to the world of glamor and celebrities too? Dig into the topic and find out more!”

✋ We believe that EDUCATION is essential for everyone. This video was created under this goal. In order to FULLY PRESENT the topic, it may be necessary in some cases to include details that may be upsetting.

Comments :

Rebelious Catlover

Rebelious Catlover . 1 month ago

i had a big chunk of black wax that is like ear wax coming out of my belly button and it smells like shit it was so gross what is this thing. it's my first time having something like this


Dan . 7 months ago

Can someone say why my belly button haves white wet thing??? im scared😢


Entertainment·WHYS . 12 months ago

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