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Published on 10 months ago

Host Casey Hentges shows off a true indigo plant, Indigofera tinctoria, that's growing in The Botanic Garden at OSU. The natural indigo dye that we collect actually comes from the leaves!

Airdate (11/14/20) #4720
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Comments :

Alison Perry

Alison Perry . 1 month ago

You are giving miss infornation their are at least 3 pants that give a natural indigo dye.

Alison Perry

Alison Perry . 1 month ago

Its use is for dye not blooms


Bincy . 2 months ago

Where can I buy indigo plant?

Janet Schexnayder

Janet Schexnayder . 3 months ago

Where can we buy 4" pots of Indigofera tinctoria for our demonstration garden at a south Louisiana state park?


1aliveandwell . 4 months ago

Does it need any special way to start the seeds to sprout?

Jeff Doyle

Jeff Doyle . 5 months ago

Indigofera tinctoria is a perennial from tropical climates...not an annual.

Ali Brmawe

Ali Brmawe . 6 months ago

Really great info . Thank you. always enjoy


Paulalina . 8 months ago

Fascinating, video! I enjoyed this and may try it this next summer. I'd like to try using it for natural dying. Thank you, Casey!

Gabrielle Lepchenske

Gabrielle Lepchenske . 10 months ago

Really great info! Thank you, always enjoy your videos!


OkieRob . 10 months ago

I could listen to Casey all day.

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