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It's Time To Move On...
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 1 week ago

Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.

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Comments :

strngr tv

strngr tv . 23 minutes ago

can I take your channel?

Livia Horselover

Livia Horselover . 29 minutes ago

this feels so good, hearing someone talk about the struggle of losing a parent...my mother passed away when I was 7 years old, she also had cancer and I can't talk about it to anyone, no one understands. thank you so much for this, it really helped me

Daisy Hernández

Daisy Hernández . 2 hours ago

Awe Shane is pops on/of YouTube😂😢 I love all of you so much , much love & positivity to you guys💙

Sonya Spilmon

Sonya Spilmon . 2 hours ago

I wish you guys all the best . And that I can’t wait to see what you have in store and I hope that you get a break and take time for yourself. Don’t worry about not posting consistently because as long as your creating what you want to create that’s honestly all that matters .And for the people that thumbs down this video y’all are some heartless people🤦🏻‍♀️

Greg Twyford

Greg Twyford . 3 hours ago

Is this your last vid

kya montreal

kya montreal . 3 hours ago

You guys have gone through so much, being under the spotlight constantly must be so hard. You guys are so much more then just a YouTube video a week. Take it easy, do what you need to do, do stuff that makes you happy, live your life’s!


meatmxn . 3 hours ago

Shane looks fat af in the thumbnail lol


aedrhon . 4 hours ago

its a 1 hour video and theres no ads WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABT THIS

Steff Angel

Steff Angel . 4 hours ago

I think it's really good for them that they are taking much needed break. Taking care of your health (mental and physical) is so important, also can't wait (but will) to see what's coming next. Till then I'll rewatch their videos.

Emily Ferris

Emily Ferris . 4 hours ago

good luck on your new chapter💜

Jana Shehab

Jana Shehab . 4 hours ago

Are they going to quit ???????!!!!

Jana Shehab

Jana Shehab . 4 hours ago

I ammm fucking sobbbinggggg

Chris P biscuit

Chris P biscuit . 4 hours ago

Wow, good for you guys, I wish you the best of luck on chapter 2 of you life 😀 have fun and do what you love.

shasiela z.

shasiela z. . 4 hours ago

55:14 “why is it so hard to say goodbye to things that you need to let go” i felt that

Georgia Vratis - Dat Weirdo

Georgia Vratis - Dat Weirdo . 5 hours ago

So this is their last vid?

shasiela z.

shasiela z. . 5 hours ago

what about there channel members are the just gonna be paying every month for nothing orrrr?

chdj ajjaja

chdj ajjaja . 5 hours ago

please just do what you need to do, we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back, we love you! x

Ceilo Romero

Ceilo Romero . 5 hours ago

Take the time you guys need to be happy love you guys ❤️❤️

Emily B

Emily B . 5 hours ago

Y’all can incorporate pieces from your set room into your house! It can be the end without being goodbye as well

This Is Audary

This Is Audary . 5 hours ago

Power of YouTube, you can film anywhere. Go home, be with your mom and make videos like the old days. Don't over think. You do you!! Take care!

Jazzy Playz

Jazzy Playz . 6 hours ago

Your not letting anyone down and we all are supporting you😊💞

Ailén Silvera

Ailén Silvera . 6 hours ago

my dad and i haven't talked for two years, this makes me want to go give him the biggest hug but i'm scared shitless for the response. even writing this, a simple youtube comment, makes me anxious because i've never told anyone about my feelings but it lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Xandra Emar

Xandra Emar . 6 hours ago

shane would make a great therapist 🚫🧢


Peter . 7 hours ago

When you think about it... Who are the real winners in life?? The celebrities who have this visage that everything is great - and who go through all the problems we do, only amplified... Or US... civilian, unknown people.... who get to experience celebrities when we feel like, who can be as important or irrelevant as we want on any given day we choose, and don't have to hide from masses of people / paparazzi. I think fame is a missold idea in which people use and take advantage and manipulate every last inch of your for their own personal gain. And when they're done with ringing you out like a wet towel they just dispose of you. I'm so glad I ain't famous. Because that shit is hard to come down from.......

Arianna Gonzalez

Arianna Gonzalez . 7 hours ago

I enjoyed this video, I feel like I can actually relate to you guys I had no idea about your guys dad, I lost my mom January 17th this year, and since then has been just a constant and no time to slow down just like how you’ve been doing. Seeing this kind of shows me that everyone is human and that I’m not alone. Thank you for this take time for yourself.

Skye Esper

Skye Esper . 7 hours ago

It’s ok that they want to take a break but I am going to miss them ❤️

karexa skye Legano

karexa skye Legano . 7 hours ago

I just noticed this you haven't post any video this tuesday...🥺

Jade Ochoa

Jade Ochoa . 7 hours ago

Take all the time you need. We will all still support you guys

Mvvb 123

Mvvb 123 . 7 hours ago

I hope this is helpful: i’ve only recently started to watch your videos and i saw this projection of “brand” you talk about , but watching you in THIS video is like seeing two totally different actual human beings who are awesome and strong as hell and so nice, like you guys are really humble and genuinely care about others and those people in this video are 1000 times better that the kids who like to do silly stuff. I love that you care so much about others but you need to care about yourselves!! What about you and your lives and future i mean i know this is a very common frase but if you are not joyous and confortable with yourself then how are you going to be able to have any type of relationship? You guys have been through shit that no one should go through its a lot of responsibility for kids so give yourselves the credit that you deserve and get real with everyone! And If people don’t appreciate that then that means that they are not even in the same level of personal growth that you are in and that personal growth that you do have will catch so many real people who will love a real youtuber and someone that they can relate to. I’ve always though youtubers were kind of weird with life because making videos for a living and being so immersed in this hostile community being exposed to millions of people becomes your life and that is not life! Life is you being with your family and friends, traveling, studying, meeting people and having crazy experiences that help you grow in a spiritual level and i think that many youtubers don’t see maybe that the grass is greener on the other side of the camera. Anyways i still have more to say but i hope this is very helpful to you. I admire you and am extremely proud thank you.

Alyssa Collins

Alyssa Collins . 7 hours ago

This is amazing

xdCystaL xd

xdCystaL xd . 7 hours ago

Wanna know something funny is that I rewatched every single video at least 1 or 2 and ima keep doing that now 😭

Alyssa Collins

Alyssa Collins . 8 hours ago

I cryed

Natalia Diaz

Natalia Diaz . 8 hours ago

I really love that they are beginning their new journey

Molly Bebber

Molly Bebber . 8 hours ago

I love you guys thank you for everything you have done Watching you guys is an honor I hate seeing you guys so upset and lost Everything you do should be for you and you guys only I can’t wait to see what’s in the future Take a break You guys deserve it more than anyone I know ❤️

Chloe Miller

Chloe Miller . 8 hours ago

This is my first Dolan twins video.... I subbed. Wasn’t part of your Tuesday’s, but I wanna be a part of your future.

Alyssa Marsh

Alyssa Marsh . 8 hours ago

I lost my mom at 19. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through. But that was 2 years ago. I have a one year old son, and a husband who I love so much. Life moves on. I changed drastically. I made friends and I lost them. You do what is best for you. True friends and family will always support you.

Leah Boyle

Leah Boyle . 8 hours ago

Who else is seeing this one week later and send there’s no new video this week 🔻🔻🔻

Joseph Wallace

Joseph Wallace . 8 hours ago

Nobody has even gone through what you have omg please make more sad videos of everyday struggles. I've lost my father, been sexually harrassed and almost assaulted but I am fast, screwed over everyone I met for selfish personal gains, then good come but yeah lifes hard we dont need a houre long video of adults realizing it sucks. Imagine if you did have a limitless supply of money coming in. Even if you stop you'll still be getting paid so nope I dont care. Three dots select bot interested

Molly Bebber

Molly Bebber . 8 hours ago

I have so much respect for everyone and everything about this video

Amy Alley

Amy Alley . 8 hours ago


Abby Spencer

Abby Spencer . 8 hours ago

This honestly breaks my heart. They care so much about us that they felt the need to hide their true feelings. All we want is happiness for them and they fully deserve it. We all love you so much 💜💞


CG COOKIES . 8 hours ago

E and Gray we understand you. even if it's going to be hard without the Tuesdays we support you no matter what. You guys have helped me improve on personal skills and not giving a fuck what people say. And honestly I couldn't be more proud of you guys for helping not only me but others and yourself. You guys are my idols and I couldn't have made it through my rough times without you guys.

Blue 7

Blue 7 . 9 hours ago

I'm also 19 and I am soo proud of you guys for doing this for yourself. 😁

cynthia g

cynthia g . 9 hours ago

i thought this was going to be something to do with James Charles

Sarah Bari

Sarah Bari . 9 hours ago

Its not the Tuesdays we look forward to.. it's u, so post once a month once a yr, we'll still luv u the same. Just be happyyy

Tiyana Millings

Tiyana Millings . 9 hours ago

It’s okay I love u take ur time we don’t care about the post every Tuesday if u need a break take it


TalkingSarcastically . 9 hours ago

Video Idea: Take your mom on vacation. Film 1% and enjoy your vacation.

Rachel N.

Rachel N. . 9 hours ago

This video literally shocked me. You guys, idk if you will ever see my comment but I’m going to tell you please don’t risk your mental health for us. Yes, I’m sure we mean a hell of a lot to you but you guys means a hell of a lot to us too and we don’t want you two to be filming and not happy about what you’re doing. Please take as much time as you need and don’t be afraid to be real💜 (that’s the kind of stuff us teenagers are looking for rn) we love you ethan and grayson thank you for everything you’ve done💜💜

Olivia Elefant

Olivia Elefant . 9 hours ago

its ok guys everyone needs there breaks we all belive in you guys


øÅvåø . 9 hours ago

theres 52 weeks in a year, so that means 52 tuesdays in a year 52 x 5 250 Tuesdays :)

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