Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 8, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

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Comments :

House of Highlights

House of Highlights . 1 week ago

Do you guys think Westbrook & Harden can win it all playing together? -GD

TheAndrew26101 Show

TheAndrew26101 Show . 10 hours ago

5:07 Holly Crap!!!! that was insane by harden!

PlayBoii- Jayy

PlayBoii- Jayy . 2 days ago

0:53 Harden is smooth

Smooth Johnjohn

Smooth Johnjohn . 2 days ago

Where's KD?


KILLAVELLZ . 2 days ago

that playoff run and finals run gave them a load of experience

xinyang chen

xinyang chen . 2 days ago

Chinese TV is no longer broadcasting NBA, I love my motherland


Jerry GARCIA . 2 days ago

Free Hong Kong

Austen McKee

Austen McKee . 3 days ago

6:23 count how many players are on the perimeter to defend 3s at 6:26 THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND about what makes Russ great for his team, and it's the same thing Lebron does, he's such a powerful finisher that the defense has no choice but to respect him and double-triple team him in the paint, you just can't stop him with one guy This is most of why his fg% is low because if he isn't kicking it out to the wing for an open 3, he's taking a low% fg in order to get put at the line They really need a statistic that reflects fg% taking into account the efforts that still lead to free throws

Clyde Triplett

Clyde Triplett . 3 days ago

I’m boycotting The NBA Knee on our flag But would not on a China flag

Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson . 3 days ago

You stand up for a country that harvests organs from people while they are alive(China) and vote for a party here in America that advocates the murder of half the black population via abortion(Democrats).....you are about the dumbest motherfuckers earth...

Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson . 3 days ago

Move your fucking asses to China, bitches

Gio Gomez

Gio Gomez . 4 days ago

So much class... the clapping instead of crazy screaming is different lol I was tryna figure out why it sounded weird

Rafael delos Santos

Rafael delos Santos . 4 days ago

Ok I'll be the first to say it... Westbrook passes are doo doo smfh

First name Last name

First name Last name . 4 days ago

I told Westbrook to play with Harden - TK Kirkland


marryson123 . 4 days ago

The champ wins once again.

Aiden Arrata

Aiden Arrata . 5 days ago

@6:52 was that not a travel by harden.

RW Productions

RW Productions . 5 days ago

Russ hittin threes now


B P . 5 days ago

No one gonna talk about 7:37? Just gonna keep making terrible jokes about the crowd?


TheGuitarGamer33 . 5 days ago

5:13 Harden used a move he learned from the professor in one of his YT videos

Amari James

Amari James . 5 days ago

This whole comment section is about the crowd "ooooooh"


LEFT THE LEFT . 5 days ago

Fuck the globalist NBA Lords.. I stand with the Freedom Fighters of Hong Kong ...fuck the NBA

Greg Sonnier

Greg Sonnier . 5 days ago

Free Hong Kong

Bryan Barrera

Bryan Barrera . 5 days ago

That James Harden guy is nice

Real 4Ever

Real 4Ever . 6 days ago

houstons second strugglin

Kevin Koeppen

Kevin Koeppen . 6 days ago

Ryan Anderson is still on the Rockets? I thought he got traded


MrMarkmill . 6 days ago

the NBA game is just layups, dunks and threes now damn...i just knew i was missing something...lol..inside game..like kobe...duncan..geesh..wheres the real big men at?

Waui Boy Reyes

Waui Boy Reyes . 6 days ago

As long as they defeat the team of Durant, Lebrun, and Curry. I go for both of these teams.

Kelvin Sneed

Kelvin Sneed . 6 days ago

5:09 Commentator: Holy nut maker! Bruhh wtf 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

James Dawson

James Dawson . 6 days ago

Rockets won't pass Warriors this year

Alex Kourahanis

Alex Kourahanis . 6 days ago

@theprofessor You taught Harden well

plantation free

plantation free . 7 days ago

I see Capella still going up like a btch.


unknown . 7 days ago

Thumbnail looked like 2k

Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez . 7 days ago

Everyone is legit on their phones before the tip off and then put their phones down after

Reggie McCoy

Reggie McCoy . 7 days ago

Ima Die Hard Laker Fan But I Love How James Harden Did That Sweet Cross Over Between Ol Boys Legs and Awesome Step Back. Much Love And Respect.

Nevin Sneed

Nevin Sneed . 7 days ago


Nevin Sneed

Nevin Sneed . 7 days ago



KINGOFGUALLA . 7 days ago

Yoo does anyone know the difference between tempo and pace?


KINGOFGUALLA . 7 days ago

They must of gotten Westbrook to increase their Tempo

Troy Reaves

Troy Reaves . 7 days ago

Two things from this games: 1: Clemons was a gem Houston found and if they decide to trade Eric Gordon during the season it won’t be a bad move going towards the post season to get a few extra pieces. 2: It’s VanFleet team now! I truly hope that Toronto trades Kyle Lowry! VanFleet is the PG that Toronto wanted in Lowry. Now that he’s paid his service, won a championship trade him Toronto immediately so you can add more young depth to work around VanFleet, Saikam and Ibaka

Troy Reaves

Troy Reaves . 7 days ago

This season I hope Toronto push for a trade involving Kyle Lowry. Decent and smart PG, but can’t really dominate like the other elite PG’s. VanFleet is showing that he’s coming into his own and can dominate the game especially in late game situations, something Kyle couldn’t do.

Christopher Deanes

Christopher Deanes . 7 days ago

Did Harden gain weight?

Darren Guthrie

Darren Guthrie . 1 week ago

Hardens a savage with them step backs

Rashaad Horne

Rashaad Horne . 1 week ago

Man I can't tell the difference btw Sefolosha nd McClemore 🤦🏾‍♂️ the same hair, similar #, nd left arm sleeve

snake eyes slayer

snake eyes slayer . 1 week ago

Did they play 2 times?

Janice Tyrell

Janice Tyrell . 1 week ago

Where's CP3 AT?

Jamal Griff

Jamal Griff . 1 week ago

That travel at 6:53 though...


AllWell91 . 1 week ago

Nice game youngins!


AllWell91 . 1 week ago

That last injury did slow westbrook down a step

I watch ebony porn

I watch ebony porn . 1 week ago


Lucky Luchiano

Lucky Luchiano . 1 week ago

Stay in China

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