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Agent 00

Agent 00

Published on 3 days ago

NBA 2K22 released A LOT of news about the 2K22 city, neighborhood, gameplay, mycareer story + MORE and I"m talking about it all here in this video.

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Comments :


STEEZO THE GOD . 3 days ago

Dribblers getting punished again😂😅😂 I cant wait..

chandler S

chandler S . 21 minutes ago

Rip the jordan my court from 16


GavnOnBlkbry . 26 minutes ago

I want to have next-gen on pc

Antalazia Baker

Antalazia Baker . 45 minutes ago

Just wanted to say that Jesus loves you & died for ur sins. 🤍 Build a relationship with Him while you still have time! ✝️ promise you won’t regret it🙏🏾

Vincent Dixon

Vincent Dixon . 52 minutes ago

This game will suck because I’m of micro transactions I’m sure a lot of more interesting things will be overlooked so that my career can be super monetized rip my nba and my gm, lowest expectation here


KraftyiAm . 1 hour ago

They do this every year

Cameron Coventon

Cameron Coventon . 1 hour ago

So to get next gen features I have to buy a new Xbox and not use my pc sounds about right

Angel Sandoval

Angel Sandoval . 1 hour ago

Who bought agents “spam” merch

Ethan Baker

Ethan Baker . 1 hour ago

Oops sorry I’m just too busy playing mlb the show rn

religongang 77

religongang 77 . 2 hours ago

Rookie ville was easy it was in and out

Tai hill

Tai hill . 2 hours ago

Is it gon be crossplay?!


BAD AXTION . 2 hours ago

Thank you. Less story, more RPG

Ata Bata

Ata Bata . 2 hours ago

Don’t be fooled by 2k. Every year they say “this is one of our most revolutionary 2k yet” blah blah blah. This game gunna be shitty once again. 2ks never gunna be the same. The game is ass

Carsten Brennan

Carsten Brennan . 2 hours ago

2K is responsible for borderlands, they got the rpg element covered

Simien Hill

Simien Hill . 3 hours ago

I think the game would be best without any badges. This would make everyone have to have skills and not just good because they been playing the game longer.

Sabino Chapina

Sabino Chapina . 3 hours ago

Bro liiit we have the same hat

Martin Ofunrein

Martin Ofunrein . 3 hours ago

Next gen not coming to PC this year :((( 😢

Eli Brown

Eli Brown . 3 hours ago

Remove Reverse Contact dunks.

GetCaughtUp Tv

GetCaughtUp Tv . 3 hours ago

I refuse to buy another 2k until I'm fortune they didn't mess up another game

Kev J

Kev J . 4 hours ago

Quest system? Suuuuure... Quest giver: I need you to bring me these specific shoes.... Goes to get shoes - 10k vc price tag.

aola wili

aola wili . 4 hours ago

As a guy that really only plays MyLeague..."WTF"

Kev J

Kev J . 4 hours ago

People still support this money grab of a franchise? Dummies getting ripped off every year lmao. We already know they flat out lies to their fan base about features in upcoming games. Release broken games every year ( but quick to fix those vc glitches) and y'all still on your knees, mouth wide open, just waiting to be fed the next bullshit game.


SwagNeto . 4 hours ago

I don't believe any of this game play crap. It's going to be the same garbage. This "skill based" stuff will be nothing.

Felix Cn

Felix Cn . 4 hours ago

You give me 2014 faze rain type vibes

Michael Poison

Michael Poison . 4 hours ago

The reason why 2k is trash now is because you guys worry about my court, park, and player. Its too much arcade style now. Thats all their focus now and that takes away the other modes and realism in the game

AYY Omar_

AYY Omar_ . 4 hours ago

Been a while.....im here tho

Leave Noe Witness

Leave Noe Witness . 4 hours ago

Hopefully on 2k22 myplayer will actually catch the ball instead of bouncing off my hands when I try to intercept the ball when the other team passes it. So tired of the ball bouncing off my hands and then out of bounds

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha . 4 hours ago

Lol nobody play 2k anymore.


BlacKobra614 . 4 hours ago

All y'all gonna do is call it (2k22) trash and say 21 was better and then call 20 a classic game.....same cycle EVERY YEAR

isaac gonzalez

isaac gonzalez . 4 hours ago

Bruh what are you talking about. Next Gen 2k21 looked horrendous the graphics seemed like they weren’t finished rendering the entire time


Lisa . 5 hours ago

So it’s still gon be trash lol


JustCello . 5 hours ago

Timing dunks?👁_👁👀

Ralph Rosario

Ralph Rosario . 5 hours ago

Fix the jumpshot. I have 98 threes and only make 50% online

ShaqJack DaTrucker

ShaqJack DaTrucker . 6 hours ago

Well hopefully they actually let us do the interviews on the current gen this time to build team chemistry

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe . 6 hours ago

My last 2k was 19, hopefully 22 will be good again


AliKappiin . 6 hours ago

2 way sharp here I come 💕

Spider Man

Spider Man . 6 hours ago

Why does the Cruise Ship for Current Gen actually sound more fun than the NPC filled City on Next-Gen?

Pura Lumbre

Pura Lumbre . 6 hours ago

More worried for the next gen don’t play current gen no more

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones . 6 hours ago

“Dribblers get punished every single year” lmao no they don’t. This year all you had to do was two moves, speed boost, quick stop, and you pretty much open every time. If anything, being a good defender gets punished because you have to deal with being screened all game long and dribblers don’t ever seem to get tired. They don’t get punished lol. They get rewarded for not being good.

Star platinum The World

Star platinum The World . 8 hours ago

Why is ksi in the video?

E Mainey

E Mainey . 8 hours ago

When they gonna fix all these damn screens

alpha barrie

alpha barrie . 8 hours ago

Agent swear he a 2K dev

Isaiah Sanchez

Isaiah Sanchez . 9 hours ago

Big booty Davis in the building y’all!

London Water

London Water . 9 hours ago

So much bad acting in this video. I can’t even watch it.


joeyhoser . 9 hours ago

I don't need quests in 2k. If I want to go questing I'll play WoW or New World, where that's actually their wheelhouse. I play 2k when I'm done with those games and just want to shoot some hoops.


Chic4g0BuLLsJ . 10 hours ago

Crazy that y’all dumbasses still buying 2k

Rock Start

Rock Start . 10 hours ago

nice v..


Gregg . 11 hours ago

2k is still a basketball game though right? 🤨


JustMagic . 11 hours ago

luv u bro

PA Young

PA Young . 12 hours ago

They not getting my $100 ever again, imma just sit back and watch the disappointment 😂

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