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Published on 5 months ago

The NFC North won’t stop clowning Matthew Stafford in a new episode of Gridiron Heights.

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giobbistar21 . 1 week ago

So Cousins is Heath Ledger joker, Trubisky is Jared Leto joker, and Rodgers is Jack Nicholson joker? With Stafford being Joaquin Phoenix joker.

Joshua Cole

Joshua Cole . 2 weeks ago

we almost beat the cheifs. i wouldnt be suprised if matt went crazy one day


Snidbert . 3 weeks ago

Weird thing is, they did in fact “almost beat” the eventual Super Bowl champion Chiefs

Devonta Draper

Devonta Draper . 3 weeks ago

As a lions fan I find this hilarious!!!

Benjamin Nelson

Benjamin Nelson . 4 weeks ago

Combining my favorite team with my favorite movie. I'm not sure if these are tears of joy or pain because everything in this was so true.

Josh Matt

Josh Matt . 4 weeks ago

1 playoff win in 60+ years...the Ford family is remarkable

Joshua B.

Joshua B. . 1 month ago

The poster ads at 0:33 🤣🤣🤣

Jordan Dawkins

Jordan Dawkins . 1 month ago

Rogers be like: dont you laugh at me Jimmy G

Vince Foster

Vince Foster . 1 month ago

This is probably the finest of all the Gridiron Heights episodes. It was about time they fully mocked the Lions

Ross McFarland

Ross McFarland . 2 months ago

As a Lions fan.....lmao!


ladysasha90 . 2 months ago

I just got the NFC North QBs: The Choker (Kirk Cousins), The Mediocre (Mitch Trubisky), The Can’t Take a Joker (Aaron Rodgers) 😂😂😂

Jake Arvia

Jake Arvia . 2 months ago

Matt statford

Adrian White

Adrian White . 2 months ago

Sad truth... Matt Stafford has balled for the lions with nothing to show for it😢😢😢

Clark Henkel

Clark Henkel . 3 months ago

Man poor Stafford, great QB imo on a forever mediocre team


Asmodai . 3 months ago

0:42 lmao

OneShot Editing

OneShot Editing . 3 months ago

0:07 they legit put Mack sacking Stafford then beating him up with his sign no one he has been out for both bear games

Some Random Gamer

Some Random Gamer . 3 months ago


Kingston Steele

Kingston Steele . 3 months ago


PhantomFreedom 28

PhantomFreedom 28 . 3 months ago

This aged well


DaBeezNeez . 3 months ago

Who's here after the Redskins loss?

Jake McMahon

Jake McMahon . 3 months ago

This gets more painful every week...

saivion shaver

saivion shaver . 3 months ago

“All I have are impressive stats”

Kosta Kanelopoulos

Kosta Kanelopoulos . 3 months ago

Stafford is the Goat

torrestheman _

torrestheman _ . 3 months ago

The last time the lions won the division was 1993

Chad M

Chad M . 3 months ago

Nope. Still a tragedy. Trading away Q Diggs because he was acting like a leader and Matt breaking his back holding up the team will do that.

Bill Mcsill

Bill Mcsill . 3 months ago

0:00 happens Me: Road games have joined the chat.

Rafay Goondall

Rafay Goondall . 3 months ago

Matt Staff: “Hello, Rodgers.” Aaron: “Whoa who is that, I thought it was the bears?” Coach LaFleur: “😅😅😅😅 Nice 1 Aaron!!!!” Aaron: “SHUT UP LAFLEUR!!!!!!!!” Me: “Aaron what the wonka, y? (But blasting full of laughter consciousnesses).

Mathys Gaudreau-Roy

Mathys Gaudreau-Roy . 3 months ago

It's so funny megatron is the best


MGJMiller1995 . 4 months ago

Why didn't Stafford shop around when his last contract was up? It was post-Manning, surely the Broncos would have talked to him?


LBJ GOAT . 4 months ago

Did anybody else notice that Trubisky Rodgers and Cousins all have the same voice actor?

Mohamoud Mohamed

Mohamoud Mohamed . 4 months ago

I lovve how Megatron is on this show sometimes.

Adam Balaz

Adam Balaz . 4 months ago

Hahaha of course they made Mitch the worst Joker hahahahaha

Ian May

Ian May . 4 months ago

Disappointed they made the Joker episode about Stafford and not AB

Donovan Parkinson

Donovan Parkinson . 4 months ago

Lions aren’t bad

Tristan Robbins

Tristan Robbins . 4 months ago

I get tribisky hes the shiteist


Blastoff . 4 months ago

pad stafford XD

Dr Phot

Dr Phot . 4 months ago

"Pad Statford" now that's comedy!

Double You

Double You . 4 months ago

This and The Grouch are the best Joker Parodies ever

Aaron Crooms

Aaron Crooms . 4 months ago

Can someone tell me what it says on the wall in red 49 seconds

Andre Vartanian

Andre Vartanian . 4 months ago

These GD ads are annoying

Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller . 4 months ago

Damn I wish my lions were good

Mr. Sideous

Mr. Sideous . 4 months ago

Calling Trubisky Mediocre is pretty generous...

Samu nonyabuisness

Samu nonyabuisness . 4 months ago

Bro, this is so savage. True, but savage

Vince Foster

Vince Foster . 4 months ago

The sarcasm is so thick in this episode that it's like it is raining …..errrr snowing!

Lettuce Bruh

Lettuce Bruh . 4 months ago

Well that was a little harsh

Yolanda Moreno

Yolanda Moreno . 4 months ago

Anyone here after the Packers Game?

Natalie Phillips

Natalie Phillips . 4 months ago

This was so real it wasn't even funny. Poor Matt :,(

Salty Sean Water

Salty Sean Water . 4 months ago

Lol yo go sub my channel!

Monie Nielsen

Monie Nielsen . 4 months ago

0:54 0:55 0:56

Virginia Ybarbo

Virginia Ybarbo . 4 months ago

0:46 Don’t laugh at the GOAT LaFleur

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