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Gohar Khan

Gohar Khan

Published on 1 week ago

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Comments :

Darkphase 7

Darkphase 7 . 1 minute ago

Ill take the apple. Why? Because bananas don’t have small non lethal amounts of cyanide in them that you can extract from the fruit. Also just to spite banana lovers.

meet lemo

meet lemo . 2 minutes ago

I'll take the apple because it's shiny


ityo . 14 minutes ago

It's red

Kawaii Dere

Kawaii Dere . 16 minutes ago

I’ll take the banana. Why? I want the banana

Anamika Shom

Anamika Shom . 17 minutes ago

Thank you so much for the advice as I am in highschool and I am going to a college in 1 and a half months

Ramla I

Ramla I . 34 minutes ago

"I"ll take apple" "Why?" "Cause I hate Banana" "So is the banana" "Huh?'


Yeerrto . 37 minutes ago

Me: "I'll just take both."


와이나 . 42 minutes ago

"I'll take the apple" "Why" "Because it keeps the doctor away"


TwoGamerWolf60 . 54 minutes ago

I like bananas more than apples

Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap . 55 minutes ago

"I will take the apple" "Why?" "I prefer apples, now give me the apple"

le brancher du net

le brancher du net . 59 minutes ago

i'll take the apple beacause i want to


Haha . 59 minutes ago

“The apple please” “Why not the banana?” “Because i like apples more.” “Why not the banana?” “I just don’t love bananas.” “Why not the banana?”

Calypso Selene

Calypso Selene . 1 hour ago

Neither because I'm allergic to both💀

Ayan Ibna Omar

Ayan Ibna Omar . 1 hour ago

Can i still get the apple?

Big Chungus

Big Chungus . 1 hour ago

Me juicy and crunchy

+(-kawaii bear chan-)+

+(-kawaii bear chan-)+ . 1 hour ago

Me want banana why? Cuz curious George is dying and he prefers banana


Scoperzot . 1 hour ago

Me: I'll take the apple. Him: Why? Me:It's healthy. Him:So is the banana. Me: It has more volume of consumable parts that my body may digest.


KTR1218 . 1 hour ago


blue wolf

blue wolf . 1 hour ago

"I'll take the apple" "why" "that Mf is the reason why gravity exist so it deserves to get eaten and die" "understandable."

sil Ksh

sil Ksh . 1 hour ago

Apple because apple has harder texture . Banna has softer one which makes me feel like puking.


Echo . 1 hour ago

So if I say because I like this college would it work?

Smiling Witch

Smiling Witch . 2 hours ago

“I’ll take the apple” “Why” “Because it starts with an A” “So is the banana” “??????”

The Driver

The Driver . 2 hours ago

"I'll take the banana" "Why?" "Because I like it more than the apple"


the_Artemis_Malfoy . 2 hours ago

I'll take the Apple because I hate bananas..


Lucia . 2 hours ago

"i'll take the apple" "Why?" "I don't like bananas" That's how You make it short ✋🏻 But don't say that in an essay xD

Cecy Martínez

Cecy Martínez . 2 hours ago

Apple why it’s sweet and the apple has my favorite colors 🔴🟡🟢


Ye . 2 hours ago

“I’ll take the apple” “Why?” “I don’t like bananas” “Fair enough”

I Hate Dio

I Hate Dio . 2 hours ago

“I’ll take the banana.” “Why?” “Apples remove my braces.”


The NPC . 2 hours ago

"I take the apple" "Why?" "Cus I like"

Yawen Z.

Yawen Z. . 2 hours ago

I like apples more than bananas so I’ll take the apple


Hasifah . 2 hours ago

I take the apple bcuz i like how it taste. The banana is delicious too but i feel like i want apple over banana.

Ricardo Ambriz

Ricardo Ambriz . 2 hours ago

An 🍎 a day keeps the doctor away

Lee Kay

Lee Kay . 2 hours ago

I want apple Why I hate banana

Just A Random User

Just A Random User . 2 hours ago

“I’ll take the apple” “Why?” “I like apples” “Fair enough”

Kaitlyn Giller

Kaitlyn Giller . 2 hours ago

Thx i have a essay next week

Abby Pilz

Abby Pilz . 2 hours ago

I'll take the apple Why? Because I like it So? I don't like banana 😥


DrumboAgain . 2 hours ago

I just want the apple right now, man! I don’t know why, I just do!


Erynzey . 2 hours ago

I love banana

Orange Hazza 19

Orange Hazza 19 . 2 hours ago

Banana because of Potassium

Hanka Hamidović

Hanka Hamidović . 3 hours ago

"I'll take the apple" "Why?" "Because I prefer it" "So is the banana" Huh?


joenjungkook . 3 hours ago

I will take the banana Why:because it keeps me more full than a apple


Jaydè🪐💜 . 3 hours ago

“I’ll take the banana” “Why?” “Because it’s long and yellow” “So is the Apple.” 🧐


Bun-Chan . 3 hours ago

I want a banana I don't like apples but I like bananas


Cedar . 3 hours ago

"I'll take the apple" "Why?" "I hate banannas" "You can like bananas--"

Clarissa Rose

Clarissa Rose . 3 hours ago

I don't like bananas


AmRiTaa . 3 hours ago

“i’ll take the apple” why? “because I HAT BANNANAS DUMBO

Gangster Playz

Gangster Playz . 3 hours ago

He still didn’t give me it


snowy_fox . 3 hours ago

I"ll take the banana Because I like banana

Shannon Gonzalez

Shannon Gonzalez . 3 hours ago

I want the apple becuse there one of my favorite fruits! 😋

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