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The Morons Of Coronavirus



Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

Abdin boni

Abdin boni . 10 minutes ago



bebebj137 . 17 minutes ago

If people were more inquisitive they would have realized the active ingredient of hand sanitizer is 70% alcohol which is mixed with a lotion. For me aloe works great. And by the way, why not sequester the endangered population and not everyone? What do you think is going to "spread" after millions loose their jobs? Just asking edited remark: I see you now h3h3. Nice try!

Your Average Artist

Your Average Artist . 35 minutes ago

It’s a shame that COVID-19 doesn’t kill based on brain cells.

John Ruud

John Ruud . 47 minutes ago

H3h3? More like 3cuck3.

Jon D

Jon D . 1 hour ago

everything kacey tron says isnt serious pretty much, look man im not white knighting her but if you look at what she does, she just gets brain dead high and says stuff that would be funny to her, one of those is dry humor, its easy to tell she is joking but I can definitely understand someone who doesn't watch her take it the wrong way.

Shadowbn X

Shadowbn X . 1 hour ago

Hows the baby?

Александр Болбат

Александр Болбат . 1 hour ago

I just cannot like this video enough...


devontodetroit . 2 hours ago

Ethan might just be the most unfunny, cringeworthy guy that just needs to stop. what an idiot


LuciousNarwhal . 2 hours ago

Papa john is superior to the First Lady!

Stephanie Downey

Stephanie Downey . 3 hours ago

way yo

Anthony Christopher Cesenaro

Anthony Christopher Cesenaro . 4 hours ago

WAYO!!! lololol

Vulpines Legacy

Vulpines Legacy . 4 hours ago

Strains of corona virus? I didn't know we were smoking

Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg . 4 hours ago

This channel has a lot of hand rubbing in it.

Fish Ed

Fish Ed . 5 hours ago

Why the fk does that pastor look like he's wearing a halloween skin mask

Dat Boi

Dat Boi . 5 hours ago

ethan in a hoodie is a fat fucking vibe

Susie Ballard

Susie Ballard . 5 hours ago

Damn I thought lizzo knew better


BiteME!!XD . 5 hours ago

0:16 Michelle Obama's : great moves keep it up was much better I miss that.


J Z . 5 hours ago

The good ol days when H3 was the moral high ground of yt. Too bad fame got into Ethans head.

You Thought

You Thought . 6 hours ago



Aaron . 6 hours ago

I live in Nashville I hate it here

Gamer Tropics

Gamer Tropics . 7 hours ago

Lol I actually missed these videos.

fileemail theking

fileemail theking . 7 hours ago

Ethan is lookin like a damn beefcake

Andrew Ziegler

Andrew Ziegler . 7 hours ago

2:20 so funny. Great video man

Larry SAL

Larry SAL . 8 hours ago

The luxurius life we are having just made so many people absolutely retarded


alexanderalexandrou . 8 hours ago

Even idiots get something right by accident once in a while. Keep it up.


DownRight . 8 hours ago

America has a cockroach problem

Dr. Waffle

Dr. Waffle . 8 hours ago

okay boomer

Vera York

Vera York . 8 hours ago

Papas in the house


KoreanPanda . 8 hours ago

After almost a year, my homies be out here uploading once more!

James Wilson

James Wilson . 9 hours ago

Dammit I'm supposed to hate you! But j-just a little watching wont hurt right?😅

Na W.

Na W. . 9 hours ago

I say we eat tide pods, 2nd time is the charm!

peter koma

peter koma . 10 hours ago

oh and now america is confiscating medical supplies that other countries ordered. Damn that fits that rotten country

Nathan Green

Nathan Green . 10 hours ago

The hand sanitizer guy makes me ducking sick.

Nathan Green

Nathan Green . 10 hours ago

I kept making this joke out of satire and irony for these fucking goblins I refuse to call “people”.


Goom . 11 hours ago

Ethan is coughing, haha so funny, haha!

Multidimensional Ludko

Multidimensional Ludko . 12 hours ago

Not caring about old people is a way of boosting our evolution tbh This thing was designed by the greater power exactly for the purpose of clearing out the old, to make room for the new. It's an inevitable part of evolution, and we should get our heads out of our assess and accept that.

Strahinja Strajla

Strahinja Strajla . 12 hours ago

13:02 straight Satan look

Some Random Edgy Guy

Some Random Edgy Guy . 13 hours ago

Let's be honest here: The UK is not a fair representation of Europe. They're just the goofy brother of the U.S. who is geographically stuck in that region. Let's take Germa....nvm, we also have enough proof of people meeting at the river or park to drink


Trollzzey . 13 hours ago



Retro4K . 13 hours ago

Damn. I needed this. Thanks for coming back.

Aspen Shipowick

Aspen Shipowick . 13 hours ago

Ladies if you need a rectal thermometer please don't worry, I can just come over and do it. I have watched a lot of videos on it. Trust me.

carona various

carona various . 13 hours ago


Marek Ivanovic

Marek Ivanovic . 14 hours ago

WAIT when did they get papa john to notice them I NEED ANSWERS THIS IS EPIC

Gina Doll

Gina Doll . 14 hours ago

Although Corona has put me & the rest of the world in the corner on a time-out & placed us all on punishment for months. This video was funny as hell & had me LMAO.


ThickAc . 14 hours ago

Having Papa in the intro is the culmination of Ethan's career.

Nick Hagen

Nick Hagen . 14 hours ago

I miss this channel.


Coco . 15 hours ago

Moves not great. Try harder

Kassidy Porlier

Kassidy Porlier . 15 hours ago

I love the updated intro, takes me back to highschool. Keep it!!!

Cedric Ngotho

Cedric Ngotho . 15 hours ago

I'm a Christian right but I hate when some world wide disaster starts all religions just go ITS THE DEVIL like maybe God's trynna tell us that we using the Earth a bit to much

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