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Published on 4 days ago

The copper golem is built out of copper. But by whom? By you! Just like all other copper structures, it oxidizes over time and it also enjoys randomly pushing copper buttons. Vote for the copper golem during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

Comments :

ElSaqueador 20

ElSaqueador 20 . 1 minute ago

Estaria genial que si esta alado de un para rayos haga que el golen pueda tener atacaques de electricidad. Y que aveses en la lluvia se obcide y cuando sea completa mente verde no pueda moverse hasta que le quites lo verde con una pala o ect

Jasnoor Kaur

Jasnoor Kaur . 6 minutes ago



007kingifrit . 7 minutes ago

i would have voted for this one but i didn't know this was a thing

Edulan Gonzales

Edulan Gonzales . 23 minutes ago

No gano 😢

Solihin Lihin

Solihin Lihin . 31 minutes ago

i'm vote copper golem


qaira . 33 minutes ago

Its actually cool not gonna lie! Finally something we can use for copper

Not Gully

Not Gully . 37 minutes ago

Im just waiting for the copper golems to press a self destruct button in dantdms lab


Pasirplox30 . 41 minutes ago

It's official without the copper golem the copper ore is the most useless ore beside for spyglass and rod

CT 2954

CT 2954 . 60 minutes ago

I want to vote for it but I don’t have Twitter

Shakulangot YT

Shakulangot YT . 60 minutes ago

Copper Golem And GoodBye Iron Golem Ur Useless Now

nicolo robes

nicolo robes . 1 hour ago

I wish copper golem won so i can make a factory :(


LightPlayzz . 1 hour ago

Why not just do them all

La-Jeh Jhasuo, 2nd Grand Company

La-Jeh Jhasuo, 2nd Grand Company . 1 hour ago

People will regret voting for Allay in like a year for sure. Copper Golem > Allay

La-Jeh Jhasuo, 2nd Grand Company

La-Jeh Jhasuo, 2nd Grand Company . 1 hour ago


santiago imitola

santiago imitola . 2 hours ago

there Mojang add it, it's supposed to be your game and you choose what to put or not, allay won because of dream again

Antoine MismaQue

Antoine MismaQue . 2 hours ago

Copper golem


ShoweryChunk5 . 2 hours ago

I hope it gets added someday despite losing the vote. I mean 45% wanted it. That was over 500,000 votes for it.


aerol1384 . 2 hours ago

*vote for the copper golem* Me: that didn't age well


Neiys . 2 hours ago

Copper Golem, I love you ...

Charles Zambra

Charles Zambra . 2 hours ago

Let's gooo COPPER GOLEM!!!!


FunnyFroggy . 2 hours ago

Copper golem!


HellexTRU . 2 hours ago

F’s in chat gamers the Copper Golem will forever live in our hearts.

ayano aishi

ayano aishi . 2 hours ago

like copper golem

Hydro PlayzMC

Hydro PlayzMC . 2 hours ago

Ngl.. but this mob vote is the most hard to vote because all of them are pretty useless :/

my animation

my animation . 2 hours ago

I will vote copper golem

Udeshya Bidari

Udeshya Bidari . 2 hours ago

Vote copper golem

Idc Bacon

Idc Bacon . 2 hours ago

Please make them all in I can't live with just one

Alexander Ruby

Alexander Ruby . 2 hours ago

i dont really like the coper golem

Itsrevenge 227

Itsrevenge 227 . 2 hours ago

Copper golem😭... I will never forget you

Mr. Skeltal

Mr. Skeltal . 2 hours ago


Uğur Sadık

Uğur Sadık . 2 hours ago

Goodbye copper golem :'(

Fight Knight

Fight Knight . 2 hours ago

Yeah it should be in the game


Moobloom . 2 hours ago


Night man

Night man . 2 hours ago

I vote this copper golem

Winged Viper10

Winged Viper10 . 2 hours ago

copper golem would've been so cool but instead people want a vex that collects dropped items :(

Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones . 2 hours ago

I like the copper golem

Chicken Nuggs

Chicken Nuggs . 2 hours ago

i like the allay the best

Lâm Hoàng Huy

Lâm Hoàng Huy . 2 hours ago

BYE BYE My Vote :(( Copper Golem 💦

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma . 3 hours ago

Copper golem


Gemer . 3 hours ago


Shayan Khan

Shayan Khan . 3 hours ago

I vote copper golem

Abel Gemechu

Abel Gemechu . 3 hours ago

Can you wax it

under man _/

under man _/ . 3 hours ago

We should of gotten this

Vicktor Rivas

Vicktor Rivas . 3 hours ago


Youtube Memes

Youtube Memes . 3 hours ago

F in the comments for copper golem.

David Starlight

David Starlight . 3 hours ago

I'm sorry copper golem...i wish i coud be there to save you...R.I.P you little cutie....

enzo uzumaki

enzo uzumaki . 3 hours ago

is best for farm

enzo uzumaki

enzo uzumaki . 3 hours ago

my vote for copper golem is best decoration for bases is for house my vote for copper golem

M Efendi_17

M Efendi_17 . 3 hours ago

Im vote copper golem

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