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Block Facts

Block Facts

Published on 3 days ago

A Minecraft SMP can be difficult, but these Minecraft tips and tricks will make your life so much easier when you next play Minecraft multiplayer! They should probably use some of these Minecraft life hacks on the Dream SMP! If you want to know how to get ahead in Minecraft SMPs, these are the best tricks to learn. They're also great for learning ways to mess with your friends in Minecraft.

If you liked 32 Minecraft Blocks You're Using Wrong, you'll like this video!

Some footage recorded on
Dream SMP (im not actually on it lol, just a recreation)
1House SMP
The Yeah Jaron 100 by 100 SMP

#minecraft #minecraftfacts

Comments :

Block Facts

Block Facts . 3 days ago

Sorry this vid took so long! It's still just me making these videos alone!

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali . 9 minutes ago



Y-i-k-s . 53 minutes ago



sebee . 56 minutes ago

you can actually get 2 dragon eggs per world

Kids Drews

Kids Drews . 56 minutes ago

is it just me or was herobrian in it

Conrado Manlanat

Conrado Manlanat . 1 hour ago

1:49 imagine ur hardcore world. Ahh shit here we go again

simeon assegid

simeon assegid . 1 hour ago

You can spot the the powder snow by putting og texture pack

Cristina Hazarabedian de Souza Lopes

Cristina Hazarabedian de Souza Lopes . 2 hours ago

We can get together sometime soon and we will be together

Algot Skoog

Algot Skoog . 2 hours ago

2:16 I like that you used fitmc in endcrystal hack

Liquid Mustard

Liquid Mustard . 2 hours ago

You misspelled trick in your thumbnail just a heads up but noone really cares.


lookpvp . 3 hours ago



AwesomeJTM . 3 hours ago

Yo aj’s skin is in this nice

Decman Joe

Decman Joe . 3 hours ago

Kelp water is lie


Tommy:] . 3 hours ago

The fact that I saw LoverFella is just so poggers.


AllThingsIan . 3 hours ago

“You can build 128 blocks above the nether roof” Bedrock players:

Crazy World TV

Crazy World TV . 4 hours ago

I use block 36 to trap my egg

Elias Lundh

Elias Lundh . 4 hours ago

It is the Swedish flag on the shield


avocado . 4 hours ago

Do more of your name

Nekuro Shouichi (I love Ayame)

Nekuro Shouichi (I love Ayame) . 5 hours ago

the flaming arrow and tnt is interesting

✨🌿𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚅𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚢🌿✨

✨🌿𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚅𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚢🌿✨ . 5 hours ago

When sombody hits you your fox will attack that person

Epic Warcrimes

Epic Warcrimes . 5 hours ago

7:09 Gordon foreman is an expert at trip wires because of the hecu


SirMoogleDaKing . 6 hours ago

Am I the only one that realized that he uses the console edition "tumble" minigame music?

๒ึProgamer robloxian๒ึ

๒ึProgamer robloxian๒ึ . 7 hours ago


Rey Alde Garcia

Rey Alde Garcia . 7 hours ago

Rip tommyinnit hotel

Rey Alde Garcia

Rey Alde Garcia . 7 hours ago

Rip dream smp


Mimicker . 8 hours ago

Block facts: another reason to neglect your dog. Me: hippity hippity your soul is now my property


Bracken40 . 8 hours ago

sadly this was posted on the 20th, not the 21st i cant remember the 21st night of july


Zen . 9 hours ago

Why do we need a furnace if we got fire sword

Szymon Janik

Szymon Janik . 9 hours ago

7:32 you can also use Vannila Tweaks and no overlay with pumpkin

Marcell William

Marcell William . 9 hours ago

1:53 kids who trapped that in survival keep inventory:


Nelson . 9 hours ago

1:39 This is why we love block facts


Templemasterlink123 . 9 hours ago

We do a little trolling

Amber Moseley

Amber Moseley . 10 hours ago

Dont break the chain Starting from now HI

Justin Matavia

Justin Matavia . 10 hours ago


Nils Cherubin

Nils Cherubin . 10 hours ago

"2 Slabs can be stronger than a normal block - this even saves materials" - Erm.... Nope, it doesnt xD 2 Slabs are made of one Block... so its exactly the same Material Cost.

Bendy Mask

Bendy Mask . 10 hours ago

Can you do the Minecraft Fact again???!!!

Nomita Barla

Nomita Barla . 10 hours ago

Face reveal

12-Nikunj Neb 7E

12-Nikunj Neb 7E . 10 hours ago

Thanks for these amazing facts :)

Charlotte Cheung

Charlotte Cheung . 11 hours ago

2:10 i spot skip

P-Star Gamer

P-Star Gamer . 11 hours ago

6:01, Hi mr troller.

Kshitij Reddy

Kshitij Reddy . 11 hours ago

2:40 People with subtitles: no u

aram john rosal

aram john rosal . 11 hours ago

cool facts

Caleb Doan

Caleb Doan . 11 hours ago

My favourite part is the end where he says learn how to do this in the next video and this proceeds to show a small clip placing snow next to the cacti

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