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Stephen A. reacts to LeBron vs. Zion | First Take



Published on 1 month ago

LeBron vs. Zion highlights: https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/Oi7st8JzUVs
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson facing Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James for the first time.
#FirstTake #NBA
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Comments :

Noe Cazares

Noe Cazares . 4 weeks ago

Zion is a huge dose of humility to all them proud ballers.

Jay Tay

Jay Tay . 4 weeks ago

Pelicans still need another center

RIP Kobe

RIP Kobe . 4 weeks ago

What does Kawhi have to do with anything? Regular season games don't matter. LeBron is better than Kawhi.

Zo Mayo

Zo Mayo . 4 weeks ago

These guy's is showing LBJ in there mind have you ever seen these guy's interview LBJ no and you will never see it smh

Jonathan Blaze

Jonathan Blaze . 4 weeks ago

True, you can't be the big dog on the block beating up the little pups. But when another big dog comes around, you wet the bed. LeBron needs to show up against Kawhi. Agree with Stephen A. 100%.

William Ole School Arendt

William Ole School Arendt . 4 weeks ago

Zion and Brandon Ingram are scoring machines!!!! They will get the Pelicans back to the playoffs! The Pelicans just keep getting better and maybe not this season but watch them next season!!!

LakerJay LasVegas

LakerJay LasVegas . 4 weeks ago


Ensbert Harnois

Ensbert Harnois . 4 weeks ago

honestly, first take has a bunch of idiots who talks with their own opinions without considering facts about each players..this is one of the most none sense shows regarding sports today..-facts

dolimi jotoo

dolimi jotoo . 4 weeks ago

Don't let that distract you from the fact that The GOAT Alex Caruso murdered Lonzo Ball with that block.

nieooj gotoy

nieooj gotoy . 4 weeks ago

Don't let that distract you from the fact that The GOAT Alex Caruso murdered Lonzo Ball with that block.

Gaming Dame

Gaming Dame . 4 weeks ago

Stephen A just hating at this point


Worrystone . 4 weeks ago

Did this guy fr say that kawhi is the best player in the world?😂 2:46

Harris Ford

Harris Ford . 4 weeks ago

I want to see the Real Clippers cut that patch of fuzz off that dome. Weak azz ho. How you have a opinion when you is uncapable doing it urself. When Lakers win the chip this cocksucka, this ho will come back crawling...

Jay Swing

Jay Swing . 4 weeks ago

Omg molly is still on this show


S T X R M . 4 weeks ago

Max Kellerman gets my eternal respect for quoting Lupe.

Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson . 4 weeks ago

Blasphemous ‼️

oiuet souiu

oiuet souiu . 4 weeks ago

The header on screen literally reads what did Lebron prove vs Zion. SAS: you're wrong and here's KA-WHY

King Lakid

King Lakid . 4 weeks ago

Is that MOLLY?? 🍆 ....🙁 🌽

Malik Muhammad

Malik Muhammad . 4 weeks ago

On Christmas Day Kawhi Leonard was the furthest thing on Lebron James mind It was his basketball mortality and fate(the injury from last Christmas)that concerned him And the lakers gave that game away they were not dominated the 1st game was opening night who cares By the time the playoffs are here we will see Who truly is running scared who is the best . It's a chess match watch and learn

noKAPP dopeboiro

noKAPP dopeboiro . 4 weeks ago


Mike Pantaleo

Mike Pantaleo . 4 weeks ago

Behold LeZion !

Gabriel Pierre

Gabriel Pierre . 4 weeks ago

Kawhi was not the best player on the court. KD was gonna give him that work on one leg until he got hurt again.

WestCoast Cob

WestCoast Cob . 4 weeks ago

Wow unbelievable

doliio volay

doliio volay . 4 weeks ago

Have they ever talked about the Lakers with out bring up the clippers and vice versa


Nobody . 4 weeks ago

Max is right Zion is different.

fantar sprite

fantar sprite . 1 month ago

ja morant goat

by baess

by baess . 1 month ago

5:05 im dead 😂

Tony Toledo

Tony Toledo . 1 month ago

i absolutely agree with Max Kellermen this was MJ vs Kobe II


elemenopee . 1 month ago

"You can't teach 280!" Yes, actually, you most certainly can. What you can't eat your way to is "speed."

Carlton Martin

Carlton Martin . 1 month ago

Honestly SAS said what I was thinking. That being said Kawhi is legitimately the best player in the league besides Giannis I say they are 1a 1b the Lebron @2 and KD @3. People forget Kawhi before his injury in San Antonio was single handedly was beating the Warriors. Even though it was before KD that was still impressive that being said he led the spurs to like 67 wins and only got overshadowed because curry

Arsalon X

Arsalon X . 1 month ago

This guy is so delusional sometimes lol like of course he is gonna bring it just watch him in the playoffs. This is LeBron we're talking about, he makes playoffs and he is a different animal. Kawhi Shmawhi, he is about to put Harden and everyone else on notice too. Playoff LeBron is not one to be messed with, he will play his real game

Ricardo Anderson

Ricardo Anderson . 1 month ago


Steven Schuster

Steven Schuster . 1 month ago

Lebron has nothing to prove

Kris V

Kris V . 1 month ago

“ Klay Thompson gets injured at the end of the last game of the series.” Steven A.:” If the Warriors has Klay, they would have beaten the Raptors.”

king Aj

king Aj . 1 month ago

I see where stephen A. Coming from but james still a king


IBRAHIMA WAGUE . 1 month ago

4 38 lebron eat takis now

Emilio Paz

Emilio Paz . 1 month ago

These fools are making me laugh. There's only one thing that Zion can do - attack the rim. That's all.

Cecil So Dope

Cecil So Dope . 1 month ago

Lebron doesnt have to work as hard o the glass this year so he can def guard kahwi

NBA PlayNow

NBA PlayNow . 1 month ago

Max with the Lupe Fiasco quote

Damian Stephens

Damian Stephens . 1 month ago

I saw lebron drop 50 on kd curry an them boys...kawhi will get his @the rite time...


Shewonderswhy99 . 1 month ago

Topic : Lebron Vs Zion Stephen A Smith: KAWHI Comments: INGRAM!!!!


Shewonderswhy99 . 1 month ago

"You gon' do this against kawai?" Idk Stephen A is kawhi gonna play??


xXKINGx DIJONXx . 1 month ago

Lebron still the KANG around here *Uncle Elroy voice *

nathan nixon

nathan nixon . 1 month ago

Naaahhh man... WE LOST the 2nd game...we ain't get smoked!!


J W . 1 month ago

Road Block


BluntsOfKush1 . 1 month ago

Lupe fiasco

Trell Hatch

Trell Hatch . 1 month ago

Wait Kawhi ??? Lebron didn’t even Show up KDurant yet 🤷🏾‍♂️

Lewis Anderson

Lewis Anderson . 1 month ago

19 ft for zion and lebron got just 2 shows how bad the nba refs are if u watch the layups lebron did he got hit on almost every one. Lebron gets same treatment that shaq did and they wont call falls for him most times he is fouled. It is the only reason he doesnt avg 30 pts or more a game do to not getting calls. If he got as many ft as jordan did he avg more points than jordan did.


10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS . 1 month ago

No one: Stephen A. Smith: *Kawaa Lennid*


10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS . 1 month ago

Stephen A. Smith should make a reaction channel

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