Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian

Published on 5 days ago

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Hi my friends! Happy Monday hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I wanted to talk about vampires, yay. Lol. Fascinating story. My costume was a flop but hey, thats okay! Its just makeup and it washes off haha.
Let me know who you want me to talk about next week! I love and appreciate you so much, and I hope to be seeing you very soon!!
Make Good Choices
Bailey Sarian


: : CHAPTERS : :

20:45 HOWARD
43:33 THE GANG



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Comments :

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian . 5 days ago

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Aries . 18 minutes ago

Effing weirdos, hope they all d word. With a capital D. Especially for what they did to those poor animals and people.


Boleyn . 29 minutes ago

This was great! My first time watching one of these & I really appreciate how you memorised all that. The title got me cuz I love vampire novels & films - poppy z brite, Anne rice, bram stoker ect so your channel is a new one for me 🖤


Tay_The_Queen18 . 59 minutes ago

Lol I thought the custome was a cat it’s super cute ❤️❤️❤️

Megan Prichard

Megan Prichard . 1 hour ago

As soon as I heard murray I dropped my drink 🍸 hello paranoia

Mireya Ramos

Mireya Ramos . 1 hour ago

What setting powder is this?

Martha Marisol Vila

Martha Marisol Vila . 2 hours ago

I Love you! And you said Martha! Lol

Frankie Francois

Frankie Francois . 2 hours ago

I thought u were supposed to b a cat……the ears were my giveaway but I love it!! And do Jon bonet and pop smoke next!

La belladonna

La belladonna . 2 hours ago

Oh, Heather also drew Rod a map of the layout of her house.


Pearl . 2 hours ago

Would love to see you cover the Chanda Turner case.


Emma . 3 hours ago

Baileys energy just gives me so much motivation to get up and get things done

alle schne

alle schne . 3 hours ago

The word you’re looking for is necrophilia. 🤢

Gyn Reimer

Gyn Reimer . 3 hours ago

46:15 has got me laughing so hard rn 🤣🤣🤣

Destiny Schmidt

Destiny Schmidt . 3 hours ago

Hi Bailey! New HUGE fan of the work you do! Just saw something on this and was hoping maybe you could look into it?! Alyssa Bustamante: The 15-Year-Old Who Slaughtered Her Nine-Year-Old Neighbor For The Thrill.


Poookiebby . 3 hours ago

You should do a video on Brittany murphys death !

Cleo Edwards

Cleo Edwards . 3 hours ago

Hey Bailey, Love your videos and love the makeup as usual. I just watched the Wolf Creek 2 movie and I think you should do the story about Ivan Milat. It was wild.

Alicia North

Alicia North . 4 hours ago

You are @ next level, Bailey. Excellent.


B M . 4 hours ago

Btw, The Vampire Clan movie is pretty cringe, only bought it because of Drew Fuller. Not worth.

Aki Womble

Aki Womble . 4 hours ago

I always feel like: you do adult crimes, you do adult times [in jail].

Melissa Acosta

Melissa Acosta . 4 hours ago

Its always unsettling when she mentions a place that I know of and also pretty close to me in these stories.. But Eustis is in Central FL not South FL

Purple Clove

Purple Clove . 5 hours ago

Paused to look at pics of the room...saw 1 cross....and it was right side up....people who write about this stuff really like their upside down crosses....hmmmm

Jannelle Jamandre

Jannelle Jamandre . 5 hours ago

Hi, Bailey. It would be awesome if you we could talk about the Burari Deaths in India 2018. Would love to know what would you say about it for sure. Such a bizzare and suspish thing, really. Anyway, love your video again. Yes! ✨💖

Martha K

Martha K . 5 hours ago

Why I’m tryna listen and clean and next Ik she talking bout you guess it correct MARTHA I turn around like how u know my name


Kdpl0583 . 5 hours ago

Would love to hear your take on the Natalee Holloway case. She disappeared on a trip to Aruba on 2005.

Carlie Lynch

Carlie Lynch . 6 hours ago

I listen To you on my long drives instead of listening to music I like to listen to you you’re awesome

Loreli P

Loreli P . 6 hours ago

What lash glue did you use? It looked black😍

Carlie Lynch

Carlie Lynch . 6 hours ago

Love uuuuu

Mary Fowler

Mary Fowler . 6 hours ago

Love love love you baily love you to death 💀 You are so beautiful with or without makeup 💄 ha ha ha

Priya Popea

Priya Popea . 6 hours ago

Charity’s grandma is sharp af tho

Brooklyn Sim

Brooklyn Sim . 6 hours ago

Video on Yoselyn Ortega, the murderous nanny please!!!


Ohlookapan . 6 hours ago

I'm from the very same area where this all happened. My mother actually worked with Rod's girlfriend at the time, and said that she was the sweetest person ever--that you wouldn't ever suspect her to be involved in anything odd or nefarious. She told me that she was a hugger and that she always wanted to talk to people that she worked with. I also have a friend who I am in my journalism class with, who's dad actually did interviews about Rod's case and knew him very well. So amazing to see a case from my area! Love your content! :)

Jillian Cordeiro

Jillian Cordeiro . 7 hours ago

i think the broken glass in his room may be a reference to SH habits :(


B . 7 hours ago

The random posing 46:28 😂


B . 7 hours ago

Sondra’s father never faced any charges or punishment ugh


Undīne . 8 hours ago

Why do you change your voice so much? Like purposely talk through your nostrils. Great storytelling and makeup skills, but no need to be fake


Undīne . 8 hours ago

Ngl I liked it better without the theme song 😶

Katelyn S. Bolds

Katelyn S. Bolds . 8 hours ago

Security system sponsoring Bailey is the most brilliant combo. 🤣

Stephanie Eschen

Stephanie Eschen . 8 hours ago

Hey lady! If you have the time I would highly recommend the series signs of a psychopath on Amazon Prime. Makes for excellent before bed viewing.


Nancy . 8 hours ago

Do Vlad the Impaler next👌🏼


Babydollxoxo . 8 hours ago

25:40 “it’s kinda irevalent” Bailey is so funny🤣 it’s okay I make up words too

Karolína Bláhová

Karolína Bláhová . 8 hours ago

Howard should have joined the elf clan.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones . 8 hours ago

Is there any other way to describe blood rituals other than "strange"!!??! Oh yes there is "disgusting"!!!

Tyna Miller

Tyna Miller . 8 hours ago

Please do the shauna Card story Orlando fl.1995


Misty . 8 hours ago

Bailey, have you already done the story on Susan Smith?

Faye Batwoman Price

Faye Batwoman Price . 9 hours ago

@Bailey sarian you should do a story on Danny rolling with the new SCREAM 5 coming out soon its who they loosely based the films off 🥰🥰

Genesis Luengo

Genesis Luengo . 9 hours ago

25:40 ✨irrevelant✨

Miz Mame

Miz Mame . 9 hours ago

Would you consider doing a MMMM on Marie Laveau or a Dark History on the history of New Orleans? I love my city and would like others to know about it. And NOT just the sensationalized Voodoo aspect of it.

Melissa Hajdu

Melissa Hajdu . 9 hours ago

I think she's making this up .



Where did you get you kitty cat ears headband and bumble bee costume???

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