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Published on 2 weeks ago

We add a TASK MONSTER Impostor in Among us

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Comments :


Thatoverratedguy . 28 minutes ago

The 4.2k dislikes are sus people


twhitten316 . 37 minutes ago

SSundee is so funny

Rainbow RainDrops

Rainbow RainDrops . 1 hour ago

Iโ€™m scared a lot on this video with the goo and the monster mode

Sophia Lane

Sophia Lane . 2 hours ago

Mod idea: buddy. One person has a buddy and has to do everything with them. If they donโ€™t do the same thing one of them dies then everybody nowโ€™s who the buddies were including the imposterโ€ฆ the imposters goal is to kill the buddy after one of the buddy is dead the imposter can navigate the buddy.. LIKE SO HE SEES!


mfinke811 . 3 hours ago

I don't have among us๐Ÿ˜ช


Luigiboy127 . 4 hours ago


Monika Zyffert

Monika Zyffert . 5 hours ago

in one moment lookumz left the game

Leslie Saayman

Leslie Saayman . 9 hours ago


Len Dionisio

Len Dionisio . 9 hours ago

Is it me or does ssundee always laugh?

Len Dionisio

Len Dionisio . 9 hours ago

Is it me or does ssundee always laugh?

Randรถm_Vibรซz funnny haha 98

Randรถm_Vibรซz funnny haha 98 . 11 hours ago

Pls make a king ghidora mod

Mohammad Omar

Mohammad Omar . 11 hours ago

SSunde u make such good vids

Jack Nelson

Jack Nelson . 12 hours ago

I miss the old videos

Amanda Knight

Amanda Knight . 14 hours ago


Wenny Chin

Wenny Chin . 17 hours ago

Mod idea:light angle and dark angle,the dark angle is an imposter that have a army to kill the light angle,the light angle have to protect the crewmates

Delle Lazaro

Delle Lazaro . 19 hours ago

I tap ๐Ÿ‘

GK Magalpoc

GK Magalpoc . 20 hours ago

I have my new cell phone so that why the color is white

Khin Kaung San

Khin Kaung San . 21 hours ago

do Quite place please...............

Harlean Hansen

Harlean Hansen . 24 hours ago

Before: letโ€™s take control flights After: OH I did not know you could do that BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO=_=

Kennon Weaver

Kennon Weaver . 1 day ago

My like button turns black not blue but I do mostly everyone like "if you've ever done a task in among us"


perkscafe . 1 day ago

Can you do a for

Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams . 1 day ago

I have never played among us but when I am nine I will be able to play among us and I am eight.

Michelle Bishop

Michelle Bishop . 1 day ago

There was another task monster mod and it was kinda boring ngl but this I can tell its much better

Isaac iu

Isaac iu . 1 day ago


Minecraft Sam

Minecraft Sam . 1 day ago

My like button turned black

. 1 day ago

Hey Ssundee why dont you do another youtuber mod except different youtubers?

Candace Brown

Candace Brown . 1 day ago

Why do you always have to be an imposter

Sandy Weiss

Sandy Weiss . 1 day ago

idea the krew mod itsfunneh can turn people into a pudle and can zap people gold can turn people into gold draco can place a leaf trap wich will make people slow lunar can make the moon crash down and rainbow can make cake rain if you are in itsfunneh form you can not be voted out

Fortnite killer98

Fortnite killer98 . 1 day ago



chillacs . 1 day ago


Gust_The_Man 8000

Gust_The_Man 8000 . 1 day ago

The task monster was too scary that Lookumz left the game at 3:58

Damian E shorts

Damian E shorts . 1 day ago

Who plays idle tuber it is the best ssundee is my best tuber and patp is my editer

Karla Harrison

Karla Harrison . 2 days ago

The like button doesn't turn blue for me

Yoann Palii

Yoann Palii . 2 days ago

Omg itโ€™s soo oooooooppp

Hunter Soto

Hunter Soto . 2 days ago

Like button is gray

Monkey boy

Monkey boy . 2 days ago

I once went on free play and used the computer in airship map to activate ALL tasks it took an hour

Amy Clark

Amy Clark . 2 days ago

Sundae Iโ€™m playing with you right now on among us

Luke Jones

Luke Jones . 2 days ago

Mine turned black but I play among us all the time

Kimberlee Nelson

Kimberlee Nelson . 2 days ago

it turned white I lied

Heather Gasquet

Heather Gasquet . 2 days ago


Jason Bradley

Jason Bradley . 2 days ago

Why do he be the imposter 2nd time I think he,s cheting

Jason Bradley

Jason Bradley . 2 days ago

The like button never thorns blue

Ayden & Allie

Ayden & Allie . 2 days ago

When I watched 311K people done a task in Among Us ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Daniel O'Brien

Daniel O'Brien . 2 days ago

Why can every mod go invisible?

Cory Cover

Cory Cover . 2 days ago

it turned black

Nicola Shann

Nicola Shann . 2 days ago


Nicola Shann

Nicola Shann . 2 days ago

I love your videos

Nielsen Louis Jeune

Nielsen Louis Jeune . 2 days ago

The like button always turn blue it's so stupid when u say it all the time


RoseBudG . 2 days ago

Mod idea- The wilbur soot Crew mates- philza Tommy tubbo Phil Tommy and tubbo have powers Phil can kill wilbur Tommy and revive Tubbo can go in vis Imposter- Wilbur can play the guitar He can force someone to play it and when a crew mate plays it they die from a string coming off of the guitar Wilbur can also sumon Dream XD And Dream XD can give him a power Wich is a eye of ender and the WHOLE crew gose to the end and dose a maze but eveyone is is 2 pairs so 2 people will die nit just 1. (BTW the Imposter is like a normal one in looks but and transform) Only 3 players get the philza Tommy and tubbo role the rest are normal. ๐Ÿ˜ Hope u like the idea!!!!

Bryan and Keesha

Bryan and Keesha . 2 days ago


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