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Published on 2 days ago


Iki Island Expansion only available in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Out 8/20/21

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Partial Nudity Users Interact

Comments :


Jbone302 . 2 hours ago

Why does something always happen to his poor horse? Don’t tell me he’s going to lose a second one

Clarence DeBerry

Clarence DeBerry . 3 hours ago

Wish I could buy it as a dlc.

Big Link Is fine

Big Link Is fine . 5 hours ago

Dang it! Sony, just take my money...

miko foin

miko foin . 5 hours ago

This game was so therapeutic last year, can't wait to jump back in its almost like a Holiday.


S K . 5 hours ago

So do I have to upgrade to directors cut to play iki or will there just be an expansion?

Backpacker 91

Backpacker 91 . 6 hours ago

Beautiful… *searches for PS5*…. Dammit.

The Notorious

The Notorious . 7 hours ago

0:09 Wow. Khabib became so popular that now he’s in a videogame!

Alfa Omega

Alfa Omega . 8 hours ago

Roll on August 20th…😉 Just started my second play through of this amazing game, getting myself proper prepared! 👊🏾 Respect Sucker Punch 🙏🏾

John Wuik

John Wuik . 9 hours ago

Is this the new DLC?


Myth . 9 hours ago

Is this a update or do we have to buy it?


Sooby . 10 hours ago

I am excited for this, ghost of tsushima is easily one of the best games I have ever played.


TheBebop . 11 hours ago

$30 for probably 4 or less hours of content

Malinee Sharma

Malinee Sharma . 11 hours ago

Hii everyone 🥰

Amirul Azhar

Amirul Azhar . 12 hours ago

cant wait for ikishima

Amandeep Singh

Amandeep Singh . 14 hours ago

That playstation intro sounds like the ps1 intro

Apple Grenade

Apple Grenade . 14 hours ago

I love how funny the new samurai helmet looked


Pumba . 15 hours ago

The research, the acting just everything about this game is executed so well


Dr__Hennessy . 16 hours ago

Take my money already

the hardcore game master

the hardcore game master . 16 hours ago

square should did this with FFVR Intergrade instead of put as a PS5 exclusive not everyone has a PS5 and wants to pay $70 for a game that has a 4 hour DLC

Douglas Thomas

Douglas Thomas . 16 hours ago

Is tne dlc based mid game or after?

Marco Cantera

Marco Cantera . 17 hours ago

Who else is smoking that shimura pack all the way to iki island?🤣


Aza'gorod . 17 hours ago

I think Jin would probably face his dark past or other horrific occasional events in the iki Island and so on.


silenthero27 . 18 hours ago

Sorry, SP. I already lost Kage. I won't let you take Sora away just like that.


K D . 18 hours ago

Glad is on ps4 too🥲

Rounak Kabir

Rounak Kabir . 18 hours ago

PC port when?

Inhale Burrito

Inhale Burrito . 18 hours ago

Thank you for alienating the people that do not have PS5s. Ff7r all over again.

Steel Paragon

Steel Paragon . 19 hours ago

How many hours of gameplay will this “iki island” be?

Luis E Morales Falcon

Luis E Morales Falcon . 19 hours ago

I am not to crazy about being charged for the upgrade to PS5 if we own the base version but I agree to pay for the island.

Alver K

Alver K . 19 hours ago

Please don't take my kage again.

Little Jimmy

Little Jimmy . 19 hours ago

I just had a moment... I need a nap now


Kryo . 19 hours ago

Is this like a dlc

The amazing life of Derek

The amazing life of Derek . 19 hours ago



MR K COOLMAN201 . 19 hours ago

we want zoro VA


J . 19 hours ago

Everyone getting hyped for a DLC they cannot play unless they buy the game again 🤦‍♂️


J . 19 hours ago

Shame the expansion is not available for the players who made the game as big as it is.


Ryuken . 19 hours ago

PlayStation LITERALLY never stop releasing bangers

Ahmad Dzaki

Ahmad Dzaki . 20 hours ago

Captured on PS4 Pro 😐

Antonio Lattocco

Antonio Lattocco . 20 hours ago

ah yes Inazuma


Pape . 20 hours ago

So I have to buy the game again just to play this expansion. Lame

Reed Maverick

Reed Maverick . 20 hours ago

But... the most important... It will come to PC sometime?

Agim Rexhepi

Agim Rexhepi . 20 hours ago

When will this be released?

professional motion

professional motion . 20 hours ago

Abso-freakin-lutely getting this!


Athens . 20 hours ago

Already excited for this

Jack McMahon

Jack McMahon . 21 hours ago

Really hope we gets lots of cosmetics with lots of dyes!

Erick Smith

Erick Smith . 21 hours ago

PS5? You mean PS4. Got it.

Дмитрий Коршак

Дмитрий Коршак . 22 hours ago

Thanks for ps4 version!!! Not like in death strending.


Jg235 . 22 hours ago

They should talk japanese and have english subtitles, it would raise the realism level quite a bit.

Vesemir Boży

Vesemir Boży . 22 hours ago



Sleezyeazy . 22 hours ago

So if I have the ghost of Tsushima game not the director cut I can’t play the expansion pack


EDGOD08 . 22 hours ago

Oooooooh, yeaaaaahhh, past-gen game for full price, and if u have this on ps4, u can't get it for free, ty sony, we so much love u

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