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20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios

Published on 3 days ago

Watch the new trailer for "The Last Duel" a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

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Comments :

Rhea Galsim

Rhea Galsim . 8 minutes ago

Came here for Jodie honestly.

Lili Asch

Lili Asch . 9 minutes ago

Je n'y crois pas. Une histoire de France entièrement jouée par des acteurs anglo-saxons et états-uniens. Une distribution avec Batman, Jason Bourne et Star Wars; il ne manque que Iron Man

Scott Werner

Scott Werner . 27 minutes ago

Fun fact, Ridley Scott’s first major film was called the duelists.

Red bear

Red bear . 33 minutes ago

Надеюсь это будет, как Расемон, когда каждый говорит свою правду, а в итоге вообще твист. И надеюсь все не скатится к плохим мужчинам и хорошей девушке, которую убьют не за что, как мученицу и тп. если так, то это говно, хватит уже подлизывать идиотам.

Pratik Vyas

Pratik Vyas . 37 minutes ago

Finally, the "Padmaavat" (Padmavati) of hollywood XD XD!!!!


kn8crawl3r . 40 minutes ago

Every war ever happened was for a woman. Of course, for OIL too.

Santiago 5to 2da Franco

Santiago 5to 2da Franco . 45 minutes ago

Jason Bourne, Kylo Ren and Batman in the times of Lord Of The Rings.

I.girl.I 101

I.girl.I 101 . 1 hour ago

14th century studios

Sadmir Salkic

Sadmir Salkic . 1 hour ago

I finally something fresh..I hope they will stick to historical accuracy,and not bring political correctness or feminism in to the movie..


Raskolnikov . 1 hour ago

It's Robert bresson's lancelot du lac on steroids.

3313 Abhishek Kumar

3313 Abhishek Kumar . 1 hour ago

Matt damon , ben Affleck I'm in

Helena Giszter

Helena Giszter . 2 hours ago

Looks like a modest flop. We will see ;-)

Quentin Le Grix de la Salle

Quentin Le Grix de la Salle . 2 hours ago

As a descendant of Jacques Legris I can't wait to see this movie. Well I know is a rapist but whatever.


Sarah . 2 hours ago

The cast 😍

F G2000

F G2000 . 2 hours ago

Finally a big historical movie again! It looks good

Tefo Init

Tefo Init . 2 hours ago

Cool looking film and I love a good medieval epic and will probably enjoy this with my son. Unfortunately, people still don't believe women when they say they've been raped so, although these matters aren't settled by fights (or God as they say in the trailer), they still aren't settled by getting at the truth either.


Knax . 3 hours ago

And that my friends looks "EPIC".

Prasanna PRSN

Prasanna PRSN . 3 hours ago

Ridley Scott 🔥


oldskool . 3 hours ago

This could be bloody amazing. Or bloated garbage.

Christopher V

Christopher V . 3 hours ago

Simps. Since the beginning of time.

Bobby Boom Master

Bobby Boom Master . 3 hours ago

More medieval movies please preferably set during the Hundred Years war would be great

C Montes

C Montes . 3 hours ago

Jason Bourne vs Kylo Ren!!


DocFaust . 3 hours ago

Adam Driver is distracting. Something about his look just doesn’t sit well with me.

Ahmad Qawwam

Ahmad Qawwam . 3 hours ago

This is Emmy nomination level....


Kenosis . 3 hours ago

Jodie Comer is such a superb actress...

Super G V2

Super G V2 . 4 hours ago

One last dance for Damon and Affleck together 🔥

Love Love

Love Love . 4 hours ago

I cannot wait for this - read the book before if you get time, its going to be interesting seeing how they bring it to life

Ross- A -Roni

Ross- A -Roni . 4 hours ago

Looks stupid.

Rome Blanchard

Rome Blanchard . 4 hours ago

All I ever wanted is to be married for love and now I’m left with no choice -The White Princess

Brandon May

Brandon May . 4 hours ago


Epic Apex Plays

Epic Apex Plays . 5 hours ago

hell yeah!

Eren Stormborn Atreides

Eren Stormborn Atreides . 5 hours ago

Is Ridley Scott back at it again?!

Karl Johan

Karl Johan . 5 hours ago

Ah, it's feminist. And here I thought we were finally getting a proper 2000s-style big-budget epic historical movie with a famous director and all-star cast, a type of movie Hollywood hasn't made in a long time, but I forgot it's 2021 and all historical movies and shows set in Europe have to fulfill some propagandistic subversive purpose.

M.R.Sathish Rajamani

M.R.Sathish Rajamani . 5 hours ago

Luk Jon Cena in goateee😂😂😂

Dave Wood

Dave Wood . 5 hours ago

Theaters are DONE!


wowbobwow37 . 5 hours ago

Adam Driver in a Ridley Scott film. Sign me up. Plus, Scott comes full circle to his directorial debut The Duelists.

Harita Rao

Harita Rao . 5 hours ago

What is movie about? I read a lot of books on the medieval history. I neve seen Matt Damon and Ben Affleck play in a medieval movie.


Playtime . 5 hours ago

I like this type of war history movies ,and its becoming very rare nowadays which is so sad😥

JDE095 #

JDE095 # . 5 hours ago

Matt Damon releasing his inner Theo Von

Cormac AlClian

Cormac AlClian . 6 hours ago

Another "whamen power" crap and "american view" of history...


SpotterCorp . 6 hours ago

Ridley Scott & Matt Damon after The Martian okay I'm sold 🔥❤ solid cast!

Quincy Quincy

Quincy Quincy . 6 hours ago

Let's GO!!!!!!!

Min Thant Swe

Min Thant Swe . 7 hours ago

2021 is already good year for me because of Ridley Scott The Last Duel and Denis Villeneuve Dune.🔥❤️

Suigetsu Rian

Suigetsu Rian . 7 hours ago

From the title, i thought it was yugioh live action

José Simancas

José Simancas . 7 hours ago

Affleck and Damon attempting British accents? This should be hilarious!


SUPERPOD Gaming . 7 hours ago

Thought for a minute this movie was about a woman putting on armor to pretend to be a knight.. In this day of history reformation, i woudnt be surprised.

Tushar Kundhiya

Tushar Kundhiya . 7 hours ago

It's Like Non Fictional GOT👌

tatt____ TV

tatt____ TV . 7 hours ago

Trailer shows the whole movie omg.

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