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Clevver Style

Clevver Style

Published on 2 months ago

We're putting H&M's Y2K collection to the test in this huge try on haul! Does it remind us of our childhood? Then, tune in as we try on the craziest mesh clothing from Fashion Nova! ►► https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/Bn3jkR1e5tA
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What We Wore!
Printed Crop T-Shirt - https://fave.co/3k2Z8d3
Crop Top - https://fave.co/3ssdiIz
Printed T-Shirt - https://fave.co/3k0xr4y
Wide High Jeans - https://fave.co/3iYER9i
Wide-Leg Twill Pants - https://fave.co/3iXvDKk
Flare High Waist Jeans - https://fave.co/3iZ0Xs9
Halterneck Crop Top - https://fave.co/3xZOSqI
Reflective Pants - https://fave.co/3D26uGc
Ruffle-trimmed Ribbed Cardigan - https://fave.co/3D1W3T0
Ribbed Jazz Pants - https://fave.co/3CXFI1O
Crop Shirt - https://fave.co/3iZTzwQ
Fitted Jersey Skirt - https://fave.co/3k6bLEb
Fitted Denim Dress - https://fave.co/3sBk8LN
Halterneck Dress - https://fave.co/3yYQ6ny
Lace-trimmed Dress - https://fave.co/3y2j18W

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We #tryon the H&M #Y2K collection!

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Comments :

Clevver Style

Clevver Style . 2 months ago

Who was your Y2K style icon?

Loa Lane

Loa Lane . 2 weeks ago

I am thinking of gap crew neck top sage green with sweat pants color charcoal grey

Katia Cleroux

Katia Cleroux . 2 weeks ago

For some reason, the top bottom on Sinead gave me Kim possible vibes

Sweet Cicely

Sweet Cicely . 3 weeks ago

Tamera is a comedian!!!!!!


HeyItsAlli . 1 month ago

Lmao I love them all so much but Tamera is a whole vibe that everyone needs to be around 😂

Valery Rivera

Valery Rivera . 1 month ago

I'm not a pink person! OMG you are my spirit animal. !! THANK YOU


mc23243 . 1 month ago

2000s fashion was terrible, I hope it never comes back


CG P . 1 month ago

I think it is called y2k because it is still a mix of late 90s to early/mid 2000s. They are mixing styles that weren't popular the same time, but all fashion trends over a span of 5-8 years.


Bec . 1 month ago

Umm I wear gauchos. But I'm a 35 year old.


Macey . 2 months ago

Tamera! Keep her! Her vibe is amazing! Love her!!! More of her! 💙💙💙


RoseRage95 . 2 months ago

Wow I feel old lol

Faith Schweizer

Faith Schweizer . 2 months ago

madelines dress reminds me of the step mom in the lindsay lohan version of the parent trap and i’m living for it


knightaggie . 2 months ago

Tamera’s dress was super cute but I’d be terrified to wear it out because it looks a little like lingerie

Alexandrea Holder

Alexandrea Holder . 2 months ago

We stan Tamera 🙌🏾

randie tramel

randie tramel . 2 months ago

💜 Tamera!

Lorna Bates

Lorna Bates . 2 months ago

Love how excited madeline gets 🤣 she can't help herself I love it


MinnesotanSyrup . 2 months ago

Please hire Tamera. We've been asking for more body exclusive content and she would be a perfect addition. We love when Bridget is in an video for that reason. No offense to the other girls but it's refreshing to see someone that's considered plus size.

Savannah Ellis

Savannah Ellis . 2 months ago

Madelines dress didn't scream y2k but it whispered y2k lol


TheFashionChase . 2 months ago

I wanna be on clever style! Love this Channel

Sienna Luke

Sienna Luke . 2 months ago

Honestly if clever doesn't in Tamera I going to stop watching

Chelsea Lee

Chelsea Lee . 2 months ago

Sinead in the athletic set was totally Y2K! MAJOR Sporty Spice vibes!!

Chrissie Harrison

Chrissie Harrison . 2 months ago

I love Tamera. Please can she be on way more often she's great. Plus more my size and she looks great. X

Nia Parris

Nia Parris . 2 months ago

Sinaed's outfit here (8:00) reminded me of Kim Possible for some reason lol

Jess S

Jess S . 2 months ago

The fashion is really cute, but not y2k at all!! At least not for me. I was wearing low rise flairs and low rise cheep gouchos made out of legging material. I was wearing tight tops that cut under my belly button, but looked cropped because my pants were sooo low. We weren't wearing crop tops. The high rise is sooo far off, but sooo much better!

lior reich

lior reich . 2 months ago

If we’re saying y2k means 90’s to early 2000 The “Fresh Prince of bel-air” was a 90’s show and it was incredibly colorful so the t-shirt Sinead is trying on is pretty accurate🤔😅🧐

M Moody

M Moody . 2 months ago

The Blades of Glory clip was perfectly placed

Leena Alghamdi

Leena Alghamdi . 2 months ago

Tamaraaaa loveeee herr😩❤️❤️❤️

Lola Blake

Lola Blake . 2 months ago

Yes I keep seeing the band tees


ohthatcamille . 2 months ago

It’s so good to see Tamera back!!! Love her 💕

The Ginger Witch

The Ginger Witch . 2 months ago

Without the low low low waistband on the jeans it isnt y2k as far as I am concerned!


B . 2 months ago

I have a 5 year old I had bought him JNCO shorts to be like funny/cute until he fell in love with them and outgrew them and I had to find a new pair thankful for eBay

Ismo Rekha

Ismo Rekha . 2 months ago

Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls try sabyasachi × hm

Nola De la Cruz

Nola De la Cruz . 2 months ago

I love Tamera’s energy 🤩 the clothing haul is giving gen z y2k fashion!

Tara Kennedy

Tara Kennedy . 2 months ago

The first shirt Madeline is wearing is exactly something I wore in Y2k. She was barely alive then I was in junior high/high school 😅 Most of the pictures of celebs they showed were 2005 and on. Not "Y2k" and yes we did say Y2k.

On the trails

On the trails . 2 months ago


Emealia Hollis

Emealia Hollis . 2 months ago

I love that y’all brought Tamera back. I hope to see her in more videos 🙌🏾🤗

Chelsea Corkum

Chelsea Corkum . 2 months ago

How old were all of you in actual Y2K (2000)?

Serena Larsen

Serena Larsen . 2 months ago

whatever happened to Loryn? I miss seeing her "wreck" clothing and/or change them up

Alex Stanley-Stretch

Alex Stanley-Stretch . 2 months ago

More videos with Tamera please! Love her!


K . 2 months ago

stop showing the clothes before the vid starts 😭

Violet Bruno

Violet Bruno . 2 months ago

Really liked this video, I agree with what they were saying and these three are good vibes

Spera Meron

Spera Meron . 2 months ago

Please try KPOP styles


drycell183 . 2 months ago

Sinead looks so cute in that blue outfit

Jacqueline Casey

Jacqueline Casey . 2 months ago

Love when Tamera is on!

Kenna Scott

Kenna Scott . 2 months ago

What is Y2K? I was born in 2008 lol😂

Unicorn Life

Unicorn Life . 2 months ago

madeline looks like karen from mean girls, she is my favourite in mean girls so i mean no hate


LoveKanye2000 . 2 months ago

Yes sinead lol y2k reminds me of late 90s futurism like TLC during their fanmail era


ItsHailey . 2 months ago

Can we see some collab videos????

Michael Gambrell

Michael Gambrell . 2 months ago

As a 22yo gay man, why do I love the edited TV clips, but I hate the way their talking “mannerisms” ? Now don’t get me wrong these girls are pretty & funny, but maybe I’m biased cuz my 2 younger sisters (17 & 11) talk like this & I find it really annoying. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sofi Cardoso

Sofi Cardoso . 2 months ago

Tamera is giving us more body diversity but also HER PERSONALITYYY✨ please i need a video of her with Drew and Jackie.. I WOULD DIE TO SEE THATTTTTTTT AAAAAAAA

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